Chapter 1

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  "Athena, get your ass off the mat." Jason yells.         I get up but this time I roundhouse kick him in the jaw. He stumbles back. He wipes the blood from his mouth. He looks up at me with a menacing smirk. I was anticipating what he was going to do next. I watched as he got back in a defensive position. His smirk never left his face. I saw that his left leg was trembling slightly. It was his weakness and if I wasn't a werewolf I wouldn't have noticed. He lunged at me so I side stepped him. He landed face first on the mat.       He growls getting up and turning toward me. His eyes were changing between his icy blue eyes and his wolf's black ones. I knew at this point his wolf was trying to take over because he was getting tired of getting beat up. Jason got a hold of his wolf and sat down on the mat after grabbing a bottle of water.        Jason is my best friend in the whole world. He stands at 6'3 and his built. He has muscles where I didn't know that you could have muscle. He takes training seriously. He says he has goals in his life. He wants to be someone his mate will be proud of. We both haven't found our mates yet. I guess, we all have our dreams.        He looks at me with a smile and an glint in his eye. Jason and I have always had a connection even from birth. We were born on the same day a few minutes apart, Jason being the older one of the two of us. Mom told me that her and his mom gave birth in the same delivery room. And Jason didn't stop crying until I was out and cried for the first time. It was a good thing that mom and his are best friends as well. We grew up right next door to each other. We even had our nurseries were a window a way from each other. He has always been there for me.  Jason Haze is like a brother to me.    "That was great. You really give me a run for my money." He tells me as he is still trying to catch his breath. His dark blue eyes amaze me.    "Well, you told me to go hard so.." I shrug.    "We should probably get home and shower since the Alpha has called a meeting." He says   He gets up and grabs me hand. We head out of the training gym. We are both warrior children. There is a lot riding on our futures. I don't want to make being a warrior as a life long career. I want to work with children. I try to get by the orphanage when I can but it's been hard lately. My mom has been pulling for me to come work with her at the Alpha's company as a secretary. But my dad wats me to continue to train because I am one of the best warriors the pack has.      It's mostly because my father has trained me in weapons since I was 10. I started track in junior high because my father wants me to be fast. Then I was trained in self-defense. When I shifted that's when the training got more intense. I had to learn how to fight in human and wolf form. By the time Jason and I were in high school, we were better trained than anyone else that started training with the pack warriors.     We got into Jason's car and took off down the road. I stare out the window. The silence in the car gives me solace. Jason always knows when I am deep in thought so he leaves me alone. It's fall time here in Springville, New Hampshire. It's in the southern part of the state. But the colors changing from green to yellow, red, and orange. It's beautiful this time of the year. Our pack is small we only have a bout 200 people. But we do make sure that the land is taken care of. The Alpha has a bonfire this time of year along with a carnival. He has doe it every year since the future Alpha was born. Alpha Damon was only a couple of years older than Jason and I.       He pulls into his drive. I get out of his red 1992 Ford Ranger. It's a work in progress I have to admit. Jason is around the truck walking me over to my door. My parents worked hard to get this house. It's beautiful with the cream color brick with dark wood trim all the way around the house. I can see mom and dad are still probably at work. I bid farewell to Jason because he is going to the pack house with his parents. I have to take myself because mine are going straight there after work.         I get into the house. It's a small entryway with a small wall table with a bowl on it. I throw my keys in the bowl and head towards the kitchen. I go through the dining room that has white walls and wood beams across the ceiling. We have a dark oak wood table that sits four. I make my way into mom's modern kitchen. It's beautiful don't get me wrong but I would rather have a country kitchen with the smell of baked goods and a homey feeling. This just screams trying to hard to impress. I am not one to be flashy. I walk over to the fridge and grab a Gatorade out.         I walk up to my room and grab clothes. I go down the hall to the bathroom. It's nothing fancy. I has a glass stand up shower in the corner with a vanity sink next to it. I turn on the hot water and let it warm up. I strip my clothes and do my business. The bathroom starts to steam up so I know it is warm enough for me to get it. I let the hot water hit my sore muscles.      I have been working out and training for years and I am 18 now. I am trying to make my dad proud. He didn't get the son he should have when they had me. Mom couldn't have anymore after me so he was kind of stuck with me. I have spent my life trying to make him proud. I wash my hair with my peach shampoo and conditioner. I grabbed my wash rag putting my honey and milk body wash on it. I lathered myself up and rinsed myself off. I shut the shower off, stepping out on my grey fluffy rug. I grab my fluffy towel wrapping it around myself. I go to the vanity and I wipe the mirror off.     I can see what the training has doe to my facial structure. My cheeks were full and I had a strong jawline. My eyes were stormy grey. I brush my teeth. I then bring my blow dryer out. I dry off and get dressed. I picked out a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a white turtleneck sweater with cute black ankle boots.             I walk into my room and I look over at my alarm clock. It's 5:30pm which means I need to get to going if I want to get a decent parking spot. Usually, I am a little late and I have to do extra training because I interrupt the Alpha.         "We need to go now." My wolf Shadow says anxiously.        "What's wrong, Shadow?" I ask worried at how he anxiousness is seeping through to me.       "I don't know but I feel like we need to go to the pack house now. I just can't explain it, Athena. I feel this static current going through me and I feel like something is going to happen." She explained the best she could in between whines. I feel her scamper to the back of my mind and close me out.       I try to shake my nervousness now because Shadow never gets this way. I have learned over the years to trust Shadow. She is apart of me. We started to work together when our father knocked us down for like the hundredth time. We may not have beat him that day but I wasn't the only one leaving our downstairs gym with bruises and cuts on me. Thank the Goddess that we are werewolves because I know that he cracked a few of my ribs that day. if she wouldn't have made us with a faster healing rate, my ribs probably would have hurt a lot worse.         I grab my purse and through my wallet in it, from my gym bag. I run down stairs, grabbing my keys then locking the door as I went out the door. I unlock my 2003 Jeep Wrangler. I was specific on what the color had to be. I search four different dealers before one of them finally said they had one. It had to be silver. It's one of my favorite colors.      As I drive into the middle of town, I notice shops closing up and people getting in their cars. This must be serious if shops and stores are closing up. Alpha Drake must need the packs full attention. With seeing this, I start to get even more nervous and anxious that I let out a small whine. Something is wrong. I can feel it. Shadow comes out of hiding but she is only pacing. She is only adding on to my feelings. I move through traffic towards the pack house.
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