Chapter 2

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Athena's POV: It's as if I blocked everything out on my way to the pack house because the next thing I know I was pulling up to the parking lot to the pack house. It looks like there is more parking tonight compare to the usual pack meetings. I pull into a parking spot. I can hear Shadow's whimper. "What is it girl?" I ask her as I park the car. "I don't know. I can just sense that something is going to happen tonight." She replies with confusion. I get out of my Jeep and lock the door. The pack house is gorgeous stone architecture. The balcony that is placed with iron railing. The windows allow you to see all the lights are on. It's is a huge house. It houses unmated males and females that live here. And the high ranking families. I walk in side and the big foyer has stone flooring with a gold running rug. The steps are the same stone as the floors. It's beautiful. I make my way to the meeting hall. The closer I got the more a queasy I got. I feel as if my stomach is doing back flips. I desperately was hoping this was just over the meeting. I walk into the hall and spot Jason right away. I make my way over to him and sit in the open seat. He always saves me a seat if he can. The hall was filled with the chatter of the pack. This is an impromptu pack meeting. We sit waiting for what seemed like forever. When, static comes through the speakers. "Ladies and Gentleman. May I have your attention please." A young lady had announced. I recognize her as the Alpha's assistant. I watched as the Alpha approached the podium. Everyone was still chattering. No one had acknowledged the young assistant. "Blue Moon Pack. I would like your attention!" Alpha Drake's voice bellowed through the speakers. Everyone instantly got quiet. "Thank you. Now to get down to business. In the next few weeks you future Alpha will be taking over. That being said he already has who he has pick for his head warrior. You will find out by him in the next few weeks who you are. But that is not why we are here tonight. We have an unexpected guest that would like your attention. I would like to introduce you to our New King of Alpha's, King Atlas." Shadow was howling in my mind and jumping around. I don't know what has gotten into her but all I feel is her excitement. And I started to get excited to see the New King. The kingdom has been locked down for years so the fact that the King is here, is a bit strange. I look to the stage with anticipation on what the new King looked like. A man approach the Alpha. From the back, you could see that his muscles were defined and huge. But it's when he turned around that my breath hitched and I was frozen to my seat. He was a Greek God. He was deviously handsome. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I watched as he stepped up to the podium. His presence was dominating and fierce. You can feel the power he radiates. And I am sitting in the fifth row from the stage. I look around me and see as everyone is craning their necks. I don't know why but I am not affected. I am turn back towards the stage. My eyes fall upon his caramelized brown one. I feel the world falling away from me. It is like we are the only two in the world. Shadow is bouncing around my head yapping about something but I couldn't hear what she was saying. All I knew was that I was frozen in my place. My trance is broken when Jason grabs my face and brings it to face his. "Are you okay? You look like you zoned out." He worriedly looks at me. "I'm fine. Just tired. I think I might leave a bit early if I can sneak away." I tell him. Before Jason could say anything. The King spoke. "Blue Moon Pack! I am sorry that my Coronation was held without a party. My father former King Oren has passed onto our Moon Goddess. I am in search for my mate. I will need my Queen. I also am here to recruit warriors from each pack. They will be trained to be apart of the Royal Guard. I am only looking for the best so tomorrow I will watch you train." His velvety voice sends a shiver down my spine. Why would I be affected by the King when I have a mate out there? I have to get out of here before I make a fool out of myself. Shadow whines at the thought of me leaving. What is her problem? "Shadow, what is it?" I ask her. She is never like this. She doesn't answer me. In fact, if it's even possible, she cowers even further in my mind. Shadow is my confident side. She also is my anger and frustration side. She is down to kick anyone's ass if need be. She is energetic, lively even. I have never seen her cower from anything. What's even weirder, is that she won't talk to me. We have been together for along time ow. I know when something is bothering her. I start to exit my seat when a thunderous growl shook the meeting hall. "Mate!" the person says behind me. It sounded like it came from the stage. I freeze as I stood in the aisle. I can feel all eyes on me. I hate attention. But it's the burning gaze, that lights something up inside of me. It makes me feel something inside that causes butterflies in my stomach. I am completely stuck. I'm not even sure I want to turn around. I feel someone's presence behind me and it sets my nerves on a frenzy. My heart starts beating faster. I feel the electrodes between me and the person behind me. "Turn around and look at mate, Athena" She whimpers "Oh, so now you want to come out of hiding." My voice leaking with sarcasm. "I'm sorry but I was trying to connect with our mate." She scoffed. I allow her some control but not enough for anyone would know. This is how I get my confidence. I connect with my wolf better than anyone. I just have never told anyone why I have a bond with her better than most people do with their wolf. I am trying to compose my breathing. But I just know my life is about to change when his hand landed on my shoulder. My breathing hitched. I turn around and bow my head. I could tell that he was strong. His presence is intense and it was sending sparks all through my body. My body feels alive. Even my hair was standing up on the back of my neck. "My mate, you do not bow to me." The King tilts my chin up to look at him. As soon as our eyes lock, my world explodes. It's as if my future is being shown to me through his caramelized brown eyes with a hint of gold. I realize now that his square jawline highlights his high cheekbones. His tan skin is brought out by his dark blue suit with a pale blue shirt underneath. He is delicious. I lick my lips and his eyes dart down to my lips. He looks back up at me and his eyes are now more gold which means his wolf is just at the surface. His gold orbs were swirling with desire and lust. "What's your name, little mate?" His husky voice, just shows me how I affect him. "Athena Blackwell, your highness." I shyly say to him. "My love, you are my equal, my queen, and my mate. You do not use titles with me. My name is Atlas" He sternly says. I just nod. Finally aware of all the eyes on us, my face turns bright red. I have never blushed this bad. I can feel the heat on my face down to my neck. I look at my mate and he has the biggest grin his face. He grabs my hand and slips his arm around my waist possessively. Well if I thought that Alpha's were possessive, the King might just be worse. My heart thumps against my chest as we get closer to the stage. I am not ready for this. I wanted my mate but I didn't think he would be the King of Werewolves. Like come on, I couldn't have lead a normal life. I just want someone like Jason. A normal wolf that was trying to make a career for himself. I wasn't looking to climb the hierarchy. I was just wanting a normal life. I am not prepared to become a Queen let a lone a Luna of a pack. What have I gotten myself into?
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