Chapter Four

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PART ONE Johnny's P.O.V I can't believe she just walked out on me! She literally just ended us and left! What, Has she suddenly developed a conscious? She didn't care about any of that when she was bent over my desk while I pounded her, Or when her mother was asleep upstairs and I f****d her in the shower last night! She thinks I don't care about her, She's just an easy little tart for when my wife isn't around, I've never really proved otherwise, But It wasn't true. I remember the night we met, and the night we first slept together.. the night she gave me her virginity; *********FLASH-BACK 18 MONTHS AGO********* I really thought tonight would be boring. My boss and, some-what close friend, Mike, had invited me to a housewarming party, No-doubt at the request of his wife, And I couldn't exactly say no. So, I dragged Ollie along with me. Free booze I suppose is enough of a reason. We hadn't been here that long when one of my work colleagues, Jeremy, Had made me a bet that I wouldn't hook up with the little mousy girl in the corner. We all just figured she was a friend of Mike's wife. I mean, She was certainly a looker. Not usually what I'd go for, but, I don't know, there was something about her. She had the biggest brown eyes I'd ever seen, the plumpest lips.. but not in a fake way, and her body? Damn, She was chunky, but in all the right places. 'So, is your boyfriend here with you tonight?' I asked her, Super lame pick-up line, but when she let out a small giggle, I knew instantly, this was gonna be even easier than I first thought. I'd have done the bet for free, but Jeremy offered me $50, and it was going to be the easiest money I'd ever made. 'Well, I don't have a boyfriend, So..' Ah, even better. Though, A boyfriend has never been a probably for me before. 'I'm just here with my mother, I kinda had to come. This is my Uncle's party'. Oh s**t, This was Mikes niece? Smiling, I politely made a reason to leave and headed back over to my friends. Nah, I respected Mike, I wasn't going to bang his niece for some entertainment. As I made my way back, they all laughed, Clearly thinking I had stricken out. 'What Can't even nail a basic plain-Jane now Johnny? Mate, you're losing your touch aren't you'. They all laughed again, which, This time I joined in sarcastically, Just waiting for my moment. 'Yeah, yeah, I know. But, One question Jeremy, Do you wanna take a crack at trying to bed your boss's underage niece?' That quickily shut them all up as they simultaneously looked over at her. 'Yeah, Didn't think so'. 'Damn, She's way to hot to be realised to Mike Edwards'. Laughing genuinely, The guys went back to there own business. Grabbing a drink, I went and sat down in the corner. For some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off her. There was just... something about her. I jumped slightly when someone put their hand on my shoulder. It was Jeremy. 'Look away bud, Ain't nothing there but trouble'. I knew he was right, but still. She interested me. As I continued to stare, She looked up quickily, as If she felt my gaze. When she locked eyes with me, I smiled a sexy, crooked smile and she blushed and looked away quickily, Just as her Uncle Mike approached her. He said something to her before the pair came over towards me and the guys. 'Gentlemen, This is my niece Catherine'. He told us happily before introducing us to her. ''...And this is Johnny Beckett'. As he addressed me, She smiled again and looked away, slightly blushing, clearly shy or embarrassed. It was kinda cute. Suddenly, From a different room, there was a bit of commotion. We all turned to look what it was. 'Excuse me guys, I have to go and see what's going on'. He left Catherine with us 'Hey, Catherine Its nice to meet you'. Ollie spoke first, breaking the silence and offering his hand to her, She took it instantly and shook it. 'Hello, Oliver'. 'Call me Ollie'. She just smiled at him 'I hate Oliver'. 'Well then, in that case, Call me Cathie, I hate Catherine'. I was about to open my mouth to speak when Mike came back over, Looking a bit flustered. 'Hey, Cathie, I have to take your mum home, Do you want to stay here tonight?' 'Yeah, Sure, Why, Is she ok?' 'Yeah, She's had a bit too much to drink'. I noticed her expression change, She was embarrassed. Bless her. 'Can you guys just keep an eye on her while I'm gone, I won't be long'. 'Yeah, sure no problem'. This time, I spoke before she or anyone could object. WIth nothing more, He just smiled and left, leaving us all alone with Cathie. When he was gone, I turned my attention back to the sweet innocent-looking girl in front of me. 'Do you wanna go and get a drink?' 'Yeah, Sure'. As she wandered over to the drink table, I turned to Jeremy and smiled. 'Get my $50 ready'. Before he could respond, I walked across the room to join her. Fast forwarding an hour or so later, and Mike still wasn't back. Almost everyone had gone home, and it was just me, Her, Jeremy and Ollie left. Mike's wife was off somewhere sorting out the cleaners for the morning. Sitting on the sofa, I had a very drunk young girl on my lap. In all fairness, We were all pretty drunk, But If our boss was to come home, I doubt it would be much of a defence. Ah, well, I guess it's time to win my bet. 'So, Beautiful, I guess I should get you to bed, Where's your room?' She giggled drunkenly and slid off my lap, Heading for the stairs before I could even stand up. When I did, I followed after her. When I reached the top of the stairs, She was waiting for me, Leaning against the door. 'This is my room'. She told me, Opening the door and walked inside, Leaving it wide open, Was this an invitation Smiling cockily, I headed inside and closed the door behind myself...
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