Chapter Three

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I can't believe he just stood there and watched what Ollie and I just did. I couldn't deny what had happened, but why did I need to? He wasn't my boyfriend, I wasn't his, Why should he care what I do? He was still sleeping with my mother! 'I come here to take you home and here you are, On your back like some cheap slut!' His words cut through me, It wasn't like that... was it? I began to doubt myself. Was I a slut? 'Look, Johnny-' 'You!' He turned his attention to Ollie now, 'Don't you dare even f*****g talk to me, You're meant to be my best friend and here, I find you f*****g around with my girlfriend!' 'Girlfriend?! That is laughable. She's not your girlfriend Johnny, She's your f**k toy, and she deserves so much better than you'. I could see this was just going to result in a punch-up, So, I quickily stood up and went to stand between him. I placed one hand on Johnny's chest and One on Ollie's, trying to keep them apart. 'Come on guys, Just forget it'. 'Forget it?' Snorting, Johnny just shook his head and pushed my hand away, a little too harshly. 'Yeah, You're not f*****g worth it'. He snarled and turned his back to leave. 'We're leaving. Your mother needs to talk to you'. With nothing more, He left the room. Turning to look at Ollie, I frowned apologetically. 'I'm sorry, I didn't want to cause trouble I-' 'Don't worry about it, Ok?' Sighing, I nodded and turned to leave, Following Johnny out the door. 'I'll talk to you later'. Ollie called after me, Which made me smile. Closing the front door behind myself, I swallowed the lump in my throat as I walked to the car. Johnny was waiting for me, Blocking me from opening the car door. I didn't want to talk to him, I just wanted to go home, Find out what my mother wanted and go to my room. 'If that way you want to break up with me? Because you're f*****g around with him'. I just rolled my eyes and attempted to get in the car, But he slammed the door shut and pinned me against it. 'I asked you a question'. 'Just leave me alone! You don't want me, So why do you care if someone else does?' 'You really think he wants you?' He was starting to get nasty, This is what he does, When his pride was hurt, He turned vile. 'Why would he want you? You're nothing'. My eyes fell to the floor, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing he was hurting my feelings. If I just kept quiet, He would give up and take me home...I hoped. 'You are nothing but an easy-lay, and he knows it.' I bit the inside of me cheek, Stopping myself from answering him. 'And you just proved it'. He moved closer and his cold went up my skirt, I tried to move away, but I had nowhere to go, He had me pinned car. I just closed my eyes, What was he going to do? Putting his knee between my thighs, he forced them apart and cupped my bare p***y, before immediately moving away again. 'See, Not even wearing panties. Typical w***e'. Laughing, He walked away, Back around to his side of the car and climbed in. I sighed sadly and did the same before he started the car and headed for home. It didn't take long to get back, and the whole ride was silent. He didn't want to talk to me, and I certainly didn't want to talk to him. Walking into the kitchen, Mum was stood at the sink, Washing the vegetables for dinner, Johnny went over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, Kissing her cheek. I knew he was purposely showing her affection to hurt me... and he was succeeding. Rolling my eyes, I went over to sit at the table, I just wanted to get upstairs, shower and put on some nice cosy Pjarmers, But, Fat chance of that happening any time soon. I did my best to ignore them as they shared another kiss, More passionately this time. 'Mum, Johnny said you need to talk to me, I have stuff I need to go and do so... Can you tell me already?' Yes, I did give her a bit of attitude, but, For god sake, Even if I wasn't sleeping with her husband, What kid wants to see her mum getting it on? 'Ok, Alright'. Coming over to sit with me, she looked over at Johnny and smiled. 'Well, We have some news'. 'Ok...' Well, Obviously. Leaning over the table, She grabbed his hand and turned to smile at me. I was getting a bad feeling. 'Well, You're going to be a big sister'. 'What!?' 'I'm pregnant'. My eyes instantly shot to Johnny as my heart completely crumbled in my chest. He wasn't smiling, He wasn't doing anything except looking back at me. Completely emotionless. I didn't know what to bloody say. She was Pregnant! PREGNANT!
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