Chapter Two

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I ran all the way to Ollie's house, Which, Luckily, Wasn't that far at all. As I rounded the corner, I noticed the front gate was open and Missy's car wasn't there. I liked his wife, But she was a bit of a ... b***h. But, I guess, Love's blind, and I was in no position to judge anyone or their relationships. I stopped for a minute and leaned against the wall to catch my breath, Damn! I don't think I've ever moved so quickily before, But, I just needed to get away from him. Taking a slow walk up the driveway, I admired the garden. Ollie took pride in his home looking nice, Inside and out. When I reached the door, I knocked a few times and waited. There was movement on the other side, But no one answered, So, I knocked again. 'Ollie?' I called, Maybe it was my imagination and the house was actually empty, but, I swear I could hear someone inside. 'It's me, Cathie'. I was about to give up and leave, When the door opened, and there he stood. I was always slightly attracted to Oliver, We even slept together once, But that was just a drunken mistake. You'd have to be blind not to find him good-looking, He was tall, Standing at 6'4'' and just slightly younger than Johnny. He had Piercings and Tattoos scribbled all over his big, Muscly arms. Of course, When at work, They were well hidden under a suit, But outside of the office, Like now, He often wore tight t-shirts that clung to his body and arms, Accentuating his upper-body. 'Cathie, What's wrong?' 'I-I ending it', My voice broke, and tears began to fall down my face. I felt so pathetic, Crying over a man who didn't care about me. Giving me a sympathetic look, Ollie opened his arms and pulled me into a tight hug. He was always so supportive. I often opened up to him about personal things, He was just an amazing listener and a great shoulder to cry on. Pulling apart from the hug, He stepped to one side and allowed me to walk in, before closing the door behind me. 'Is it ended for good this time?' He questioned, Looking sceptical. I didn't blame him, This was about the Twentieth time I had attempted it. 'Yes...I think'. Rolling his eyes in a slightly annoyed manner, He gestured for me to sit down as we entered the living room. 'I mean, Yes, It is'. I corrected myself 'You know it's for the best Cath'. I just nodded in agreement, Causing a few more tears to escape my waterline and trickle down my cheeks. Noticing them, Ollie quickily wiped them away with his thumb. 'It wasn't fair on anyone'. 'You mean, It wasn't fair to my mother'. I defended myself, Even though it was true. 'Well, Yeah, It wasn't, But It's not fair to you either. You're young, You should be out with a kid your own age, Enjoying life, Not having to worry about being someone's dirty little secret'. 'I know'. But the truth was, I didn't want anyone else. 'I know you love him Cath, But he's married to your mother'. Huffing, I sat back, Almost like a child being scolded for bad behaviour. 'He was mine first!' I mumbled quietly. He either didn't hear me Or chose not to respond. 'I just want what's best for you, You're such a sweet, beautiful girl, Any guy would be lucky to have you'. Blushing slightly, I retreated my gaze. 'Aww, look at you, going all shy'. He playfully poked my cheeks, Giggling loudly, I quickily turned and buried my face in the pillows, But that didn't stop him, Moving closer, His hands instantly found my most ticklish spots and he started to attack him. My giggles turned into almost screams of laughter. 'Ollie... No!' I squeezed my eyes shut, Trying to control myself, I couldn't breathe, It was too much. As an automatic defence mechanism, I threw myself backwards, hoping to escape, but he just came with me, Tickling more, Running his fingers up my sides. Evil. Pure evil. Opening my eyes quickily, I tried even harder to move away. 'If I pee all over your sofa, It's your own fault!' I threatened, Which quickily made his tickle attack decrease, And for the first time, I realised... He was on top of me. He must have realised it too and stopped completely. Our breathing deepened. I couldn't exactly move, but... I wasn't sure If I'd want to anyway. Then, As if it happened in slow motion, His face lowered, His lips inching closer to mine, I didn't know what to do, but I made no attempt to move away... And then, It happened. Our lips connected. Like a switch flicked in my head, My hands moved up his body, One finding their way into his hair, Taking a fistful, Holding him to me, While the other rested on his shoulder, Inturn, His left hand found its way to my cheek, and cupped it softly. I felt his tongue brush against my bottom lip, Asking for entrance, Which, I instantly granted and our tongues fought for dominance, His ultimately winning. Raising my body ever so slightly up to meet his, I felt him grind against me slightly, His growing erection evident by the slight bulge pressing against my thigh. I opened my legs, allowing him to fall between them and rest more comfortably, Which, In turn, repositioned his erection into a more intimate position. The sudden shift, made his hand move, and I felt the coldness of his wedding band brush against my cheek. What was I doing?! Pushing him away quickily, Shocking him a little, I Scrambled to sit up. He pulled back, Still half on top of me, and stared at me, worried. 'What the hell was that?!' I was still pretty breathless due to the hot and heavy make-out session, but the reality was, Oliver had a wife. 'I'm already ruining one marriage, I won't be responsible for destroying two'. Understanding washed over his face, and he moved to sit back down on the sofa, and off me. 'Don't worry about it, There isn't any Marriage to ruin or destroy. Missy did that all on her own'. I looked at him, Confused. 'What do you mean?' Letting out a sad sigh, He started nervously fiddling with his wedding band before sliding it off his finger and placing it carefully on the table next to him. 'We're getting a divorce. Turns out, Missy has been having an affair with the gardener while I've been at work. How f*****g cliche is that. Bored housewife getting it on with the hired help'. I felt so bad, Here I was bitching about being the mistress when his wife actually had a lover. 'I should go, I'm sorry, You have your own problems'. I stood up to leave, But he grabbed hold of my hand. Looking down at him, I could see the sadness and longing in his gaze. 'Please don't. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable by kissing you I just-' 'No! No, Of course, you didn't, I liked it. I just feel bad that I was here, Dumping on you and you have your own stuff going on. I'm sorry'. Sitting back down next to him, I placed my hand's on top of his, Comforting him. He just smiled sadly. 'It's ok, It's a welcomed distraction. She moved out a few days ago and I just haven't found the willpower to do anything'. He admitted. It was strange seeing Ollie so... vulnerable. 'You deserve better, She was a b***h'. It just sort of slipped out. It was the truth, but still, It wasn't something I should have said, Especially not now, But he just smiled again. 'Yeah, I guess she was... You know, You deserve better too'. This time, It was my turn to smile sadly. 'Its true, You're so amazing, and you allow him to treat you like s**t'. 'It's not like that'. I felt like I almost had to defend Johnny, But Ollie was his best friend, He knew him better than anyone. 'Weren't you ever worried about something going wrong?' 'What do you mean?' I was confused. 'Well... Being caught... Getting pregnant... I don't know.. Just something going wrong'. 'Oh..Um.. no.. Not being caught anyway, We were always careful'. 'Getting pregnant?' Why was he suddenly so interested. 'Ollie, Why are you asking, Can we just not talking about it, Please?' Nodding quickily, He turned away again, Mumbling a sorry. There was awkward silence for a little while Before I decided it was probably best to leave and let him have some time alone. Standing, I smoothed down my skirt. 'Well, I should get home, Mum will be back soon'. Standing up with me, and towering above my head, Ollie just stared down at me. 'What?' He didn't answer, Instead, he stepped forward and quickily wrapped an arm around my waist, Pulling me to him once more, and crashed out lips together. I didn't even have time to react. It was like my brain stopped working for a minute. Then, As if automatically, My body started moving with his as he placed me back down on the sofa, and climbed on top of me once again. Like before, I opened my legs allowing him to sit comfortably between him. As our lips danced together, his hand moved down and rested on my thigh, Making my skirt ride up a little. His c**k hardening between us once more. His hand slid higher and higher until the hem of my skirt was against my hips and his fingers were lightly playing with the elastic band of my underwear. I pulled my lips away from his, But only for a second, To look him in the eye. 'Are you sure?' A smile cracked wide across his face. 'Yes... Are you?' Biting my lip, A little unsure at first, before a small smile appeared on mine and I nodded, Pulling his head back down, Reattaching our lips to each other. I could feel his fingers move ever-so-slowly inside my underwear and creep towards my private area. I felt.. nervous, which was strange considering we had already done this. Granted it was a while ago, and we were drunk, But still. As they inched closer, My breathing deepened. He moved his body back a little and feel to one side slightly, allowing his hand to nest comfortably between us... between my legs. His fingertips were slightly cold as they brushed up and down my p***y lips. He was teasing me. A small moan escaped my throat and I felt his lips curve into a smirk. Butterflies were attacking my stomach, And then he did it. He found my clit and he pushed his fingers against it before he started rubbing, ever so slowly. I already knew I was wet, and so did he. I felt his digits move down to my entrance and run circles around it, Why was he being such a tease, he could clearly see how badly my body wanted him. He pulled his lips away from mine and trailed kisses across my jaw towards my ear. My head rolled to the side, exposing my neck to him. 'Mmmm, Someone is ready for me, Aren't they?' Running his wet-coated fingers back up to my clit, He started rubbing it, Harder this time, And it felt amazing. I raised my body again, Angling it more into his hand, as his mouth started its attack on my neck, Nibbling it, Sucking it, Kissing it. I felt like my body was responding to him in a way it never did to Johnny. 'Oh, God, Ollieee'. I purred as his fingers started to move quicker, My body jolted against him as he toyed with my small bundle of nerves. Then, when I least expected it, He quickily moved his fingers down and rammed them deep inside me. 'Oh!' 'You like this baby?' He moaned softly into my ear, I couldn't even speak, I could barely do anything. The pleasure felt so good, I almost wanted to cry. I just nodded, It was all I could give him as a response. 'Does it feel good?' Angling his fingers up into a hook-shape, He started pressing them against my g-spot, Which was a whole new experience in itself, I could feel my body getting ready to lock up around him and explode. No, I didn't want it to end yet. 'S-stop, I'm gonna c*m'. Listening to me, He did stop, But only long enough to remove my panties and reposition himself, Shimming down my body, which resulted in him half hanging off the sofa now, He was face-level with my p***y. Oh god, Was he going to- I couldn't even finish my train of thought Before he moves forward and buried his tongue deep inside my hole. My hands instantly flew to grip hold of the sofa, Digging my fingers in so hard, I thought I'd make rips in the fabric. 'Oh, f**k! Oh my god!'. He slid one of his hands under me, Under my ass and gripped onto my waist, To stop me from moving away from him... Like I ever would! While the other started stroking up and down my inner thigh. Pulling his tongue out of my p***y, It started focusing on my clit, and his fingers drove back inside, Re-finding my g-spot and teased it some more. It didn't take long for me to get back to the edge of my orgasm. Letting go of the sofa, My hands grabbed two fistfuls of Ollie's hair and held his face between my thighs. His tongue licking me up and down and all over, as if I was some sort of ice cream, While his fingers moved so quickily inside of me. I started grinding against his face, But he didn't seem to mind, In fact, It only encouraged him to work harder and all to soon, He pushed me over the edge. Letting out a loud scream, I c*m, Completely coming apart under him, Shaking, Gilting, Moaning, Arching my back as he moved his face away to watch me ride out my Orgasm, but kept his fingers inside me, Working me. 'Yes... Yes... Oh god! Ollie!!'. It took me a minute or two to calm down, but when I did, He crawled back up my spent body, Making eye contact with me as he placed his c*m covered finger in his mouth, Letting out a satisfied ''Mmm'' as he sucked them. it was so erotic to watch, Parting my lips, He removed his fingers from his mouth and placed them in mine. My eyelids felt heavy, as I sucked on them, Tasting myself. When I finished, He leaned down again and placed a light kiss on my lips. 'That was amazing'. I whispered breathlessly. 'We're just getting started'. He leaned down for another kiss When we heard a noise and looked up. 'I don't f*****g think you are!'. I froze in fear, Johnny was stood in front of us. I had never seen him so angry before... He had seen everything.
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