Where it all began

219 Words
The bell rang throughout the halls , signaling the end of class, the students rushed out everyone excited for the weekend. And Maria ,even though no one could tell, was not at all happy about going home for the weekend , school had become her only escape from the crazy things happening at her home. At least she was glad she made it to senior year but she had too much on her plate to be happy about anything , not only had her father gone bankrupt and they had to struggle hard to make a living , but at school where her finals were soon approaching and she was nowhere near ready. She sat absentmindedly staring at the board In front of her, she didn’t realize how fast time was flying and before she knew it time had passed and she was the only one left in the class room, judging from how quiet the walls around her seemed, she might be alone in the entire school. Sighing deeply she stood up to quickly gather her things only to drop everything after been startled by the the figure lurking in the shadows not too far from her “Jesus you startled me who’s there”? She asked with a light chuckle and a slightly rising heartbeat .
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