Where it all began 2

338 Words
Carl stepped out of the dimly lit hallway into the classroom giving her one of his signature smirks that made all the girls swoon over him, not her tho , she found him attractive obviously who wouldn’t but she didn’t have the strength to fight half the school over him Besides she’d never stand a chance anyway , she’s the chubbiest and the youngest girl in her class and no boy had ever taken interest in her , she didn’t mind tho she didn’t want boys anyway they were all mean and seem to just want to do things she didn’t even want to think about . And Carl who was tall and good looking even at 16 , with his wealthy family background and the boyish yet manly looks he had was way out of her league.so why bother Carl stood eyeing Marie all the way up and down list filling his eyes when he looked at her in that little uniform doing nothing to hide her curves and round yet full breasts he swallowed hard and tried to stay calm so he doesn’t scare her .he was going to try once again to get her to give him a chance to show her how much he craved her , that’s how he really felt about her . Maria broke his train of thought with her words “ what are you doing standing there starring at me like a creep , what do you want I need to get going It’s getting late and I need to get going” “I want you Maria , for the love of God it’s not a prank or some sick bet like you keep thinking I really do have feeling for you and if you’ll just give me a chance to prove it to you ,I’m tired of having to chase you around all the time he said in pleading yet frustrated voice.But as usual she replied sassily “go away Carl I don’t have the time for this
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