Stolen innocence

219 Words
That did it,he could have any girl he wanted ,yet he chose her and she kept rejecting him , he knew of Maria’s current situation at home how could he not ,he’s heard the girls laughing about it behind her back ,his family was wealthy he could change her situation if only she would agree to be with him ,yet she kept rejecting him and that made him furious and he hated it . He would have her anyway with or without her consent . He took angry long strides towards her and grabbed her firmly ,at this point he saw nothing The need to have her was beyond his control. Seeing the look in his eyes maria started to panic, she struggled to get out of his grip but to no avail, only for her to be slammed against the desk , she heard her clothes ripping and she broke out into loud sobs at the realization of what was going to happen to her . She was being raped.she cried and begged Carl to stop but he didn’t even look like him at that point . Carl couldn’t hear a thing with his dream girl bent over the desk in his arms with her clothes shred to pieces He couldn’t hear any single one of her pleas

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