Episode 1: Her Destiny

1000 Words
I was born with a mark that decide what my life would be when I turned eighteen. People around me had sugarcoated everything when I asked about the meaning of my birthmark. They would smile at me, and assured me that I would live a bed roses life because of the mark in my palm. I believed them long time ago when I was just a kid, and was fascinated by the stories of Lycan's, werewolves, vampires, and other lies they told me. However, when I reached seventeen, I learned the whole truth. What was my birthmark mean, and how it would change my life when I reached eighteen. "That birthmark of yours will make your life fortunate, and better, Mikka," my mother would say in a her soft soothing voice. I would smile at her innocently. But now, I would listen to her lies, and smile fakely, because I had known the truth. They fooled me, because I was young, and didn't know anything. "Father, can I go outside?" I asked permission even though I know already the response. My father turned his gaze at me. He put down the bow he's been using for hunting. "It's really cold outside, Mikka. Stay in your room, you can go outside tomorrow," he said. I had promised Luke to meet him outside because according to him, he had prepared a gift for me. My eighteenth birthday is tomorrow, and I had told him what will happen that day. "Are you going somewhere far?" He asked. I remembered the melancholic look on his face when I told him the truth about my birthmark. His ocean eyes screamed sadness, and despair, as I told him everything. "I don't know," I replied. "But, no matter what will happen to me, I will never forget you, Luke." I stared at his beautiful face. The view I have been watching for fifteen years. "I'll leave my parents to you." "If you vanish, Mikka, I'll come find you by any means," he said seriously. It somehow reassured me, Luke has been true to his words. He never failed to do everything he said, that's why I believe him when he said he'll come find me. "Father, it won't take long. I'll just want to see Luke for the last time," I said begging. "Tomorrow is the day, and I don't know if will see him again after tomorrow." My father shoot his pained look at me. It breaks me to see him like this. I have known him as strong hunter, and he never showed me any emotion about my birthmark. "You don't have to mention...." He struggled. "You can go outside, don't be too late." I ran out from our small house, and ventured to the forest to the place of our rendezvous. We always meet at the forest back when we were kids, we used to play there, and talk about our dreams. The fores is near my house, and my family can hear our laughters from which was the reason why they loved Luke. "I thought you're not gonna make it," Luke said smiling. He's sitting on the top of the big rock, a small box was put in his lap. He grinned when he saw my eyes landed on the tiny box. "This is the present I talked about," he uttered. He jumped from the top of the rock, and landed in front of me. He rake his hand through his hair, and handed me the box. He looked handsome in his green tunic, contemplating his dark green eyes. His not so thick eyebrows are wiggling as he watched me open the box. "This is..." I gasped, and covered my eyes because of the light coming from the box. I heard him chuckled, amused because of my reaction. "Luke, this is a green diamond!" I said in horror. "You can't obtain it easily, you have to fight with your life on the line just to get a hold of it. What did you do?" I asked pulling the hem of his tunic. A green diamond is a rare diamond, and you can't get it easily. You have to fight the brave warriors of the werewolves in the Kingdom of Arabaste. "You went to Arabaste?" I asks. He nodded. "I'm giving you this diamond because it will help you when the time comes, and it will help me find you someday, Mikka, I can't lose you to that Lycan." He grabbed my waist. "If he'll come for you tomorrow, wherever he goes, I'll go find you. I promised." I bid my farewell to Luke, because I know I won't see him again tomorrow. We won't meet again on our rendezvous where we shared so many memories. As I ventured my feet to the path on my way home, the wind suddenly blew, it almost take me away, but luckily I was able to hold a branch of tree near me. "That's why I ordered you to stay inside," the voice of my father appeared behind me. "Father!" I exclaimed. He put his thick coat around me. The coat I bought for him three years ago on his birthday. "You still have this." I smiled. "This coat is my treasure, Mikka." I felt a sudden pain inside my heart when I heard him say that. I became emotional these days because probably of what will happen tomorrow. How I wish tomorrow never comes. I wish I didn't have a birthday to celebrate. My father brought me to my room, and tuck me into the bed. He pulled up the blanket to my chest, and planted a kiss on my forehead. "Mikka, I apologize because I can't do anything for you." He sigh deeply. "Your mother doesn't want to let you go, but we can't do anything. It's your destiny." I hugged my father tightly. "I don't want to go," I replied honestly. He nodded understandingly, crying. "I'm sorry because you were born for the Lycan."
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