Episode 2: The Dawn

1000 Words
"The Prince will die at the day of your wedding, that's the prophecy!" A woman in her long black dress, and long hair, screamed at me. I took a step back to protect myself from her rage. "What do you mean he will die? He can't be!" She looked at me, sadness in her eyes. "That's what I saw, you were born for him, but he will die for you." I woke up panting heavily, I reached for the glass near my bed. My mother used to put a glass of water on the table beside my bed because I'm constantly having a bad dream. I clutch my chest tightly because of the sudden burst of my heart. What kind of dream was that? In that dream, it looks like I'm in love with the Lycan, when in fact I loathed him to the core. If I hadn't born with this mark that tied with him, I should have live a normal life. I should have been free to marry someone I love, but it's not because of him. Probably he is a kind of Prince that is ruthless, cruel, and arrogant. He's probably ugly, and I loathed all of him. I don't know what would my reaction be if I will finally see him. A sudden gust of the wind entered my room. The curtains were dancing as the wind strikes touching my face. I pulled up the blanket to shield myself from the harsh cold, but in my horror I saw a man shadows standing bravely in my window, his left hand holding the window pane as his support. A thought struck me. It's already my birthday—I turned eighteen, the destined day has come. It's still dawn, but still, this is the day that I don't want to come. "My apologies if I wake you up," a baritone voice came out from the window. "I have come to take you." He announced. "Are you the Lycan?" I bravely ask. "My name is Elliot, the servant of the Prince, and my tasked was to bring you to him when you turned eighteen," he replied. The moon behind him makes his face visible to me. He has a long hair, serious black eyes, and a well defined face. He has a look of the Prince, handsome and presentable. I can't believe he is a servant. "What will happen if I won't come with you?" I challenge. He jumped from my window, and appeared at the edge of my bed which made me startled. "From the day you were born, you don't have the freedom to opposed your destiny. You are born for him, and you shall come with me, or would you rather see this town in fire? You choose." With what he said, I confirmed how cruel the Prince would be. If his servant is like this, then how about the Prince? Perhaps, his more cruel that this Elliot guy. Elliot pulled something out from his brown tunic, it was a scarf, knitted perfectly. "You need to wear this, it's cold outside," he said. "We need to leave before the sun rises, or do you want your parents to watch your departure? And that white looking guy named Luke?" He c***s his head. "How do you know, Luke?" "I've been watching you since you were seventeen, of course I'd know him." Elliot lifted me from my bed after I put the scarf around my neck. He jumped out from the window, and landed to the ground of snow. It started snowing heavily, it's really the day. He put me down on the ground as he started looking at the moon, and suddenly I heard a cracking of bones, and was stunned to see Elliot transforming into a werewolf. I stepped back as his dark eyes look at me sharply. Elliot is handsome in his human form, but in his werewolf form his intimidating, and big. He look like he would devour every creature he will bump into. "Ride on my back," he ordered. "I don't want the Prince to wait longer, we shall arrive at the Kingdom of Grando Linyo before the sun set." I looked back at my small house with my parents sleeping inside. Did they hear my silent cry? My eyes drifted into the forest thinking about Luke. "You said your farewell to Luke, now come on, make haste!" I heard Elliot. I jumped into his back, and turned my gaze back to the house. My home. A sudden pain penetrate my heart as I saw my parents standing in their window watching me. My father meet my gaze, and for the last time he smiled at me sadly. My mother was on his side, watching me with her apologetic eyes. We didn't say a word to each other but I can hear their silent apologize, and their urged to not let me go. They don't want me to offer myself to the Lycan, but it's my destiny. My mark suddenly get hot, and started to itch. I looked down, and saw that it's started to red. "We should go," Elliot said, and start walking slowly. I didn't look back to where my parents are, it will just hurt me more. Instead, I lingered my sight to the forest. "Are you waiting for him?" Elliot ask. "I love him," I said. "You don't love him." "You don't know my feelings, how can you be so sure?" I urged. "I've been watching you since you were seventeen, of course, I can tell. You don't love him, but he loves you, and that's certain," he said. "How can you say that he loves me?" He suddenly stopped walking. He move his big head to catch a sight of me, before he averted it to the front. He didn't say a word. "Elliot, answer me." "He's giving you the same look when I watches you from afar, above the trees, hiding behind the leaves, and the branches."
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