Episode 3: Mysterious Elliot

1000 Words
The whole time I'm riding on Elliot's back, he was silent. All I can hear was the shattering sounds of the leaves he's walking, the twitting of the birds above, and the voice of the gusting wind. It's still snowing, but for some reason I didn't feel cold, probably because of the scarf I'm wearing. "Are you hungry?" He ask. "I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat," I replied weakly. Thinking of my parents as I watch the sun slowly coming out vanished the hunger in me. "You need to eat, you need an energy," he said. "If you're tired of walking we can rest." I rolled my eyes. He stopped walking under an apple tree. I jumped from his back, and distance myself away from him. He's now in his human form. I searched for something to sit, my eyes drifted on the rock just beside the growing root of the apple tree. Beside the rock, the fallen apples are there starting to rotten, and the leaves are dying. "I'll find something to eat," Elliot announced pushing his front hair. "Just rest here, and wait." He didn't hesitate to leave me alone. Does he think I won't leave this place? Or was he that confident that I'll stay here, waiting for his return? As if he reads my mind he said, "It's futile if you plan on escaping, I could still track you everywhere." I fall asleep waiting for Elliot. Probably, the sadness, and despair conspired and let me sleep to forget that this is really happening. I don't want will happen to me when I reach that certain place where my destiny lies in. Am I going to get married to him, since I was born for him? Or am I going to be an offer for him—as his freshly picken fruit from the tree? Which one would be? A gentle pat on my head wakes me up. I rubbed my eyes, and saw Elliot squatting in front of me. His hair is covering his dark eyes, but he pushed them back, his eyes lingered on me. He cleared his throat, and looked away immediately. "The food is ready," he said not looking at me. Then suddenly, a crisp smell registered in my nose. Behind Elliot's back, I saw a smoke, and a fire. There's a two branches of tree from the opposite side, and at the center, there's a four stick of fish, freshly grilled. "It's all I could find," he said apologetically. "You can eat them all." "How about you?" I ask. "I'm good." I shook my head. "You can have the two, and I'll have the other two. It's fair don't you think?" I said. He looked down, but I can still see his small smile. "Yeah... it's fair." He nodded. He got up from his feet, and went to get the fish he's been grilling. The scrumptious smell made my stomach grumbled, and my tongue is craving to taste it. "Elliot, why are you nice to me?" I queried biting the fish. He sat next to me, but he left a wide distance. As if he's afraid to sit closer to me. "You're my Majesty's soon-to-be bride," he replied. "I should treat you well." My eyes widened because of his revelation. I almost choke on my food, but he quickly gave me a water from the bowl. I didn't know where did he get it. "What?! I'm going to marry the Lycan?" I asks. Elliot looked at me as if I'm asking an obvious question. "Why do you think you have a mark on you?" "To be an offer to the Lycan? To be his food?" Elliot chuckled finishing his food. "I don't think he wants you to be his food," he said. "But you can be his food in some way." He smirked. A sudden heat rises on my cheeks. I almost throw the stick to Elliot who's now laughing boisterously. I have read from a book about things like that. Of course, I know what's the meaning of his words. And thinking me doing things like that with the man I loathed the most made me think I would rather be dead, than shared a steamy night with him in his luxurious bed. "Rest a bit, and then we'll continue our journey," Elliot said, and then he vanished. I didn't have the chance to ask him where he would go. He clicked his hand, and made a clicking sound, then vanished in a thin air. I stole a quick nap while Elliot was away. I need an amount of energy to face the Lycan. My rage for him is enough to take my energy away. The gust of the wind touch my face, and a snowflakes landed into my eyes, the coldness made my eyes squint, I have to open it immediately. What surprises me was when I opened my eyes, I didn't saw the apple tree. It was Elliot's face, with a small sweats on his forehead. He's panting heavily as he moved. I can feel his broad, strong biceps around me. He's carrying me! "Elliot," I called his name. He looked at me down, with his gentle eyes. "I didn't wake you since you were sleeping heavily," he explained. "Put me down," I commanded. "I'm afraid I can't do that," he said in a heavy voice. "We're almost there." He stopped walking in front of a small grassy hill. He move his fingers, and wrote visible words in front of it. In a seconds, a light appears making a circle, inviting us to enter. "Normally, it would take us thirty days to reach the Grando Linyo, but since you're special, we have the authority to enter the portal to reach the Kingdom in just a day," he explained. "Only few are allowed to use this." He glance down at me sadly. The gentle, warm, and lively eyes Elliot had earlier vanished as we venture inside the portal.
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