Chapter 2: Flame

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The man was holding a thick stack of documents, leaning his back against the glass wall next to where Aurora was sitting. She saw his tired face but was relieved when she suddenly remembered how hard she had to work on the street. He was old, and Aurora wondered if her parents had ever been so tired. The guy with the man turned around and didn't say a word of thanks to the store staff but went straight out with the words: "Next time, let's go to another store! The toilet here is a public trash can. I don't understand how these employees can live in such a dirty environment?" His scornful attitude and condescending voice caused the man to rush to follow him to the point that he dropped a document at Aurora's feet. He didn't know, and neither did Aurora. The shiny black car left the yard with the irritated eyes of the store clerks and Aurora. Although his beauty is perfect, no one can accept that bossy and miserable attitude. Convenience stores returned to their original atmosphere when there were only signs and complaints from employees about the chain of stores that might be sold to a company or multinational corporation. It also means that Aurora's future and all its employees have become more uncertain. Aurora is easily driven to despair by the store clerk's lamentations. Aurora swayed her legs, just about to stand up, and suddenly discovered under the chair a document with the logo of Thunder Electronics Corporation. Aurora wanted to pick up the paper to satisfy her curiosity, but she suddenly stopped and silently looked around. It was not difficult for Aurora to find a dead corner of the security camera at the store and then quickly turn around and pick up the document. She kept the paper on the ground, stealthily took a picture with her phone, and left it in its original position. Aurora turned around, moved from her place, and pretended nothing had happened, walking straight into the convenience store's restroom. Aurora looked at the phone screen and began to feel curiosity rushing inside her body. The image in the document is 'Top Secret' of Thunder Electronics Corporation with the content of transforming the business form into the field of medicine and health sciences. But what shocked Aurora was the following information in this dangerous document. According to the document 'Top Secret' contents, Thunder Electronics Corporation will conduct experiments in the near future. That experiment involved a lot of new drugs in humans and expected these experiments to be hazardous, not as safe as the corporation announced in the press. The document also clearly instructs the relevant employees to be thoroughly 'handled and handled'. Aurora turned off her phone, put it back in her pocket, and looked silly in the mirror on the wall. She doesn't know what will happen shortly, but the terrible content of this text is certainly enough to create a vast aftershock wave on social networks. Aurora secretly thought that if she risked her life to put her life on a document like this, she would be no different from the movie idiots she had seen. Aurora suddenly realized something she had forgotten: how the poor people who signed up for the test would suffer the consequences. “Damn it! What's going on… is like a crazy execution. The poor will then continue to sink deeper into the mire of suffering. But this document alone is too vague…not relevant enough to investigate Thunder Electronics Corporation.” Aurora muttered in her mouth. Aurora's train of thought was interrupted when a store employee outside knocked on the door: "Aurora, you can go home! Maybe the two guys at the company headquarters will disappear soon.” After hearing that, she hummed in response and walked out. Aurora meets Helen again outside the store. She blames her for not calling to inform her to return. Aurora apologized, smiling wryly. She took off her uniform, handed it to Helen, thought quickly, and then sped across the street before the shiny black car turned back there. As soon as Aurora saw the car, she crouched behind an old trailer, hunched over like a drunk older man. “Dang! Dang! Dang!” The sound of gunfire mixed with the hum of the engines of the trailers. But it was enough to shock Aurora at what was happening inside the convenience store. Aurora widened her eyes and disappeared into the small alleys. The sky was gray, and the darkness swallowed her in the blink of an eye. However, the smoke was curling and rising like a butcher looking for his pitiful, innocent victims. At that moment, the young man and the man, in anger, dug up the convenience store across the street. The young man in his hand, still holding the gun, firmly pointed toward the store employees lying in a pool of blood with two bullet holes in the center of their chests. A whole corner of the shop was covered in blood, glowing red under the neon lights. The young man slung the gun into his belt and slowly turned to face the man: “Stephen McCarthy, you saw it! Because of your carelessness, many innocent people have to die. Now, I need you to clean up this place. I don't want to get my hands dirty anymore." The man is Stephen McCarthy - Deputy General Director of Thunder Electronics Corporation. Of course, his gentle, loving attitude towards the boy opposite was enough to guess that he was not an ordinary person at all. Stephen McCarthy responded slowly to Jake Hunt: “I'm sorry. I will quickly arrange it. Please go to the car and wait for me… just a moment.” That guy is none other than Jake Hunt - New Chairman of Thunder Electronics Corporation. He was dubbed the 'Black Evil' by the New York oligarchs. Stephen went into the management room, quickly pulled out the security camera data drive, and gave it to him. Jake Hunt looked into Stephen Mccarthy's eyes menacingly and left the store without forgetting to flip the 'CLOSED' sign. He sat in the car leisurely without forgetting to tell the driver to give him the laptop and then insert the data disc into the drive slot. Jake's indifferent attitude makes the tragic deaths at the convenience store strangely meaningless. Right now, he can only stare at the laptop screen. Images appeared quickly, and Aurora's thin, somewhat sluggish, bored figure caught his attention. She was sprawled out on the table, letting her long hair fall loosely. Jake Hunt watched and was confused about Aurora despite her usual departure from the store and returning very quickly. And the document received almost no interest from her. But who knows, the person who returned to the store and was killed by him was Helen, not Aurora. When Uncle Stephen McCarthy got into the car, the car moved in an instant before the police could sniff it out. Jake Hunt passed his laptop to him with a narrative question: "Uncle Stephen, how do you plan to dispose of those bodies?" Stephen Mccarthy was silent, looking at the laptop screen, typing a few times, trying to 'zoom' on the image of Aurora, then smiled at Jake Hunt: "Thunderbolt Room will take care of this." He raised an eyebrow, turned the screen to Jake Hunt, and pointed his finger at Aurora's back when he dropped his arm in the chair and then suddenly sat up and stared at his phone. Jake Hunt laughed: "Isn't this girl strange to look at? Sometimes she's tired. Sometimes she's cheerful." “I checked the data. The store still has a manager and two more employees. But it seems they didn't show up this morning." Stephen Mccarthy snorted at Jake Hunt and calmly wiped the blood from his cuffs with a tissue as if nothing had happened. The driver was still staring ahead. Perhaps he didn't notice the Jake Hunt and Stephen Mccarthy story or was familiar with it. "Stephen Mccarthy, I don't care what you do, but you must be more careful. What happened today? If it got to my father's ears, he'd shoot your ass!" Jake Hunt finished talking, leaned back, and closed his eyes, a mysterious smile on his lips as the explosion rang out from the convenience store. Jake Hunt's car sped along the lane and then sank into the glamor of the gray afternoon, forgetting a pair of eyes was following them in the distance. From across the street, Aurora found out about everything and was shocked to see the flames rising high in the convenience store. Aurora more than knew what was going on inside, but she couldn't run inside the store. She feared the shiny black car would return and throw her into the raging flames. Aurora clenched her fists, looked towards the fire, and said: “I'm sorry! Sorry, everyone!"
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