Chapter 3: The sound

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It took more than half an hour for the police and firefighters to appear so slowly that she realized that they seemed to be deliberately creating favorable conditions to erase all traces inside. Aurora quickly ran home, rushed to bed, and lay still for more than half an hour to re-pair the next steps appearing in her head, even though the phone outside was still suddenly ringing. Aurora picked up the phone, and the Store Manager's voice asked where she was. Aurora hastily said she overslept today and pretended to apologize to him. Store Head in the voice sounded much more secure. He advised her to stay home for a few days because the store had an electrical problem and a fire broke out. But Aurora knew well that there was something much more troubling. Aurora began to study more closely the document she had captured from the top secret text of Thunder Electronics Corporation. Thinking of this, Aurora recalled more about this cruel Corporation that suddenly cut all New York City Orphanage subsidies. Although she did not fully understand the reason, it was an act that contained cruelty and put the orphanage in a challenging situation. The more she read, the more she thought about it, and the more she realized that the news online and the content of this document were extremely closely related. Initially, on several private forums, she had read no less than a few times about corporations using humans to conduct biological experiments for medical or military purposes. But Aurora never thought that was true. How many conspiracy theories have been incorporated into her thoughts by Aurora? The phone rang suddenly. She was startled to awake from the mysterious dream that she had drawn. The store manager's message reminds Aurora of the day she goes back to work. She breathed a sigh of relief. What had just happened was enough to suffocate her heart at any moment. Aurora realized that this story would certainly not stop if she was still digging into the top secret documents of Thunder Electronics Corporation. Although it was just an ordinary A4 paper like any other, it was the source of four deaths and the destruction of a three-hundred-thousand dollar convenience store. That was enough for Aurora to hesitate in front of the computer for a long time. A message pops up on the computer screen, drawing Aurora's attention. The dark blue text stands out against the light yellow background: "The orphanage is very difficult right now. Is there any way we can help the teachers?" Aurora was dazed for a long time, then tapped on the keyboard: “I'll do my best. I've also been struggling a lot lately, but I'll definitely contribute. We are children raised in a hospital, after all. How about you? Do you have any other plans?" The computer screen went silent and unconscious. Aurora's eyelids drooped. She recalled her last time at the hospital… to be more precise, the New York City Orphanage. Aurora is an orphan who was raised from an early age until she was eighteen, when she left the hospital to enter the world. Like many children raised here, Aurora had a pretty happy childhood, if not to mention the times she was punished for standing in the hallway for being mischievous. Aurora has never met her biological parents and has never been adopted by any family. But because of that, Aurora has become a strong and resilient girl now. She kept thinking about how to raise money for the New York City Orphanage's charity. Aurora suddenly looked at her phone. The words 'Thunder Electronics Corporation' appeared before her eyes and imprinted on her subconscious. Aurora grinned dangerously. The keyboard sound clicked, and the computer screen flashed with endless strings of characters. Aurora Ward frowned at the electronic clock. The numbers were running continuously, time chasing her closely. The ticking sound echoed incessantly from the other side of the wall, the air in the room thick. Aurora Ward's breathing suddenly echoed in her chest. The error message windows do not match, the access denied continuously appears on the screen, and she is impatient, adding new code that intentionally inserts a malicious code in the hope of quickly breaking the layered security. The clock kept ticking back, sweat beaded on her forehead, her eyes shining with the blue color of the computer screen. Aurora Ward took a deep breath. Sweat rolled down her face and fell onto the table. Aurora Ward smiled, her pupils dilated continuously: “With this much, can you make it difficult for me? Ridiculous. Thunder Electronics Corporation is ridiculous.” On the computer screen, it displays the words “TRANSACTION SUCCESSFUL”. Aurora then typed in one last code, looking at the digital clock showing "12:15". Aurora smiled, satisfied. “Forty-five seconds for five hundred thousand dollars.” She turned off the computer, leaned back, and cracked her knuckles. Immediately, a bank message appeared on Aurora Ward's phone. Aurora Ward looked around her simple little apartment, the stacks of books one after another like an elongated wall. The window was closed indifferently, letting the wind flow through the room. The large door was plastered with old newspapers but still enough to let the light through the cracks through the small columns on the floor. The sound of the fan whispers like rain, and it rotates like an older man exercising in the park. Aurora Ward held the phone at eye level, manipulated it quickly, and transferred the money to the New York City Orphanage account. The amount in her account quickly decreased by five hundred USD. A smile soon bloomed but quickly faded on her lips. She dropped the phone on the table with a soft sound, and her hair fell to the side, covering half of her face. She sighed, her eyes fixed on the ceiling, an oppressive feeling filling her insides. She felt exhausted and depressed when she used her hands and brain for these things, but if she did not, the New York City Orphanage would have to close. The helpless children who had just found a home had to return to their old circumstances, wandering, thinking about this. Her tears were about to overflow. New York City Orphanage, for her, is not only her memory and childhood but also her family, her everything. No one is allowed to take it away. However, the people of Thunder Electronics Corporation suddenly withdrew the sponsorship money, making the teachers and children miserable in despair and despair. This tormented her until one day, and she decided to rob money from these rich people to support the New York City Orphanage. This is not the first time Aurora has made this move. Every time you access the accounts of the rich to steal money, the danger increases each time. Aurora has to hide from the police and hide from the rich. Both bright and dark sides are constantly searching for her whereabouts. If she fell into the hands of the police, she would have to live her life in prison, and if Aurora fell into the hands of the rich, she would undoubtedly have no energy left to live. As an orphan from a young age, she was picked up from an abandoned house by the teachers at the New York City Orphanage. She grew up in the immense love of the teachers for her and all the New York City Orphanage children. But there was never a moment when they felt like orphans. She was raised as a human until now. Although she was not trained in a regular school, if there is anything she is most proud of, it is her survival skills and superior computer skills, but this pride makes her proud. She was fed up with herself. Aurora thought she could apply this knowledge to do something meaningful in life, but in the end, she chose to be a "gray hat hacker" - a thief. For Aurora Ward, it was a wise torment. The obsession between good and evil kept fighting incessantly in the mind of a twenty-two-year-old young girl full of yearning for family happiness. Every night, she asked herself whether what she did was right or wrong? Then the results were as vague, precarious, and full of difficulties as her own life. Aurora's eyes gradually closed in fatigue… it was time for her to sleep deeply to nourish the last bit of her withered soul before facing the cruel reality out there waiting for her. From Jake Hunt's mansion, bonsai trees are placed in a straight line like a palace hidden behind giant trees. The campus of the mansion is tens of hectares, expansive, but it still ensures a swimming pool, miniature landscape, and grand landscape. The architectural lines in the European artistic style and delicate carvings on each brick and stone show an extraordinarily soft and unique aesthetic point of view. Somewhere, bodyguards are continuously walking on the polished granite floor with small murmurs. Suddenly, the sound of broken glass creates a shrill sound, tearing through the quiet space.
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