Chapter 4: I quit

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“Why did they lose five hundred thousand dollars? My account was hacked, and you said you didn't know?" Jake Hunt sat in the salon, yelled at the assistant, he lowered his head. He wears a dark blue YSL suit, his hair is slightly curly, and his face is angular. Jake Hunt's handsome looks seemed the opposite of his highly indignant expression. “Find out that hacker! If you can't find it, go away, don't come back here." Jake Hunt snapped. The assistant hunched over and retreated out of the living room. He holds the phone in his hand, and the message shows that the account has been deducted five hundred thousand US dollars. A boiling emotion welled up inside him. Jake Hunt encountered such a professional hacker for the first time in his life. Although Jake's account is set up with three layers of security because this is the source of the corporation's black funds, the other 'hacker' can still compromise and attack. If it were a personal account, he would probably have asked the police for help, but this treacherous hacker knows how to target a particular target, making him suffer indignantly. His burning eyes looked straight at the phone, and he would catch that person. Since taking over the family business of Thunder Electronics Corporation, he has been aggressively pioneering on all fronts of the trade war. However, it seems that the massive outer shell of the corporation that his father built is still intact. The forbidden zone that Jake Hunt himself was not been able to touch. Although he is the corporation's chairman, he still feels like a small piece on a chessboard that has been arranged for a long time. This is what makes him more aggressive and rough than ever. A knock on the door suddenly sounded. Jake Hunt signaled to a bodyguard standing near, and he opened the door. From the outside, a woman in her forties, neatly stumbling, her face etched with the dust of life, dark brown eyes, tightly pressed hair, tightly tied, carefully entered, presented to Jake Hunt an iridescent dark green cardboard. Jake Hunt took it and coldly opened it to see the contents. He raised an eyebrow, nodded in agreement, and returned the cardboard to the woman, who carefully took it. Then she moved outside. Her heels slamming against the marble floor echoed throughout the house and died out as her footsteps approached the shiny black car. Jake Hunt smiles, pours wine into a glass, lifts it, shakes it, and sniffs. Aurora could only focus on resting and turning off her phone in the following days until she visited the funerals of four ill-fated colleagues. During the funeral, Aurora accidentally sees a few strange people walking around in the distance as if wanting to investigate and probe. And then she realized they were trying to see if all three survivors were a bit out of the ordinary. Nearly a week later, the shop had also been repaired as before; of course, many areas still were. Of to be closed. Aurora Ward awakens with a tired shock as she goes through the same terrible nightmare again. She got up from her chair, quickly changed into her staff uniform, and moved to work. Along the way, the cars hurriedly ran like a loom. Aurora took a leisurely step, and a food truck slapped down on the sidewalk in the distance. That car was halfway through, but it also brought a strangely rich flavor to the streets of New York. Convenience store Y with closely spaced shelves appeared on the main street in upstate New York. This store has always been a destination for students from the high school next door. When it was time to leave school, they were crowded, and the checkout process and the constant loading of goods made the staff want to stop breathing because of the extreme work pressure. Aurora Ward greets Mr. Teddie Berry - the lovely Store Manager. Next to it is Jasmine Hill - a hot-tempered but kind colleague. The two of them and Aurora were the three remaining survivors of the terrible fire the day before. But no one knew that Aurora was at the store at that time. It was just that she was luckier than the other four bad guys. Jasmine and Teddie tried to be as normal as possible because no one dared to mention that sad story. Aurora Ward hastily rushed onto the battlefield with buckets of water and crates of cakes all over the aisle, blocking the way of customers. She quickly carried each box to the warehouse, more than ten times to complete. Her forehead was sweaty. Teddie Berry helped her and then had to run back to the counter to help Jasmine Hill pay the customers. The procession of guests stretched on and on. Jasmine's hand did not slow down. Teddie also briskly put goods into paper bags for customers. Both seem to be working at total capacity. Aurora is busy putting small boxes of goods on display on store shelves. The crowd had just ended, and only a few people were left to enjoy cup noodles. Teddie Berry held out two bottles of mineral water to Jasmine Hill. "Count the money. I'll buy it for you two!" Teddie Berry grinned. "Don't dare to buy soft drinks anymore, just spring water?" Jasmine Hill pouted. "Thank you!" Aurora took the barcoded water bottle and smiled brightly at Teddie Berry. “Only Aurora is the coolest person in this store.” Teddie patted Aurora Ward on the shoulder. They all burst into laughter at the surprise of the rest of the customers at the convenience store. This is Aurora Ward's second and most recognizable face, the Y Convenience Store employee - the person she wants everyone to see the most. Aurora Ward ended a hard day at work. At eleven o'clock in the evening, she looked at her watch and walked out of the store. Outside, Mr. Teddie Berry was puffing on an unfinished cigarette at the neatly arranged tables and chairs. She went to the side, pulled out a chair, and sat down, and Teddie Berry quickly extinguished the light and threw the cigarette in the trash. She rolled her eyes and asked: "Aren't you back yet?" “No, I was going to ask you out for a drink. It… that… happened so suddenly… these past few days, I can't sleep thinking about the four of them.” Teddie Berry smiled as if crying, raised her hand, and curled it like she was holding an excellent beer. “OK!” Aurora Ward winked. The two climbed into Teddie Berry's car and quickly sped out of sight. Teddie Berry wandered around the typical shops, chose a sporadic, empty shop for herself, and turned in. "I don't care if the restaurant is empty, delicious, or not, but it's comfortable and quiet." The restaurant has quite a large area and is also very trendy, with rows of yellow LED lights running on the portable rolling roof and Edison LED bulbs dancing in front of the lobby. The inside is empty, but the smell of food and coal smoke is also good. Suspiciously. Aurora Ward rubbed her stomach and looked at Teddie Berry. Both laughed and went straight upstairs, choosing a table close to the railing to enjoy food on the New York car lane in the evening. Aurora Ward chose a few grilled dishes full of pork. Teddie Berry pulled in a few more strange words, and Aurora felt a little surprised at the capacity of her boss. I raised my glass, Aurora Ward's face was red, and her mouth was still a little drawn. Teddie occasionally glanced at the people around him and then got up to go to the bathroom. When he returned, Aurora realized that his face was no better. "I'm about to quit my job." Teddie Berry put the beer bottle on the table, sad face, wavy hair that seemed to cover his eyes, lips quivering with yeast. "Why? Do you have a new job?” Aurora Ward was surprised. The beer stopped halfway, and she noticed every expression on Teddie Berry's face. “Actually, for almost two weeks now, the inventory, sales, and sales figures at the store have been skewed continuously. At first, he thought it was theft, but it was not. I checked the camera very carefully. I've made up nearly a thousand dollars already." "If this continues, I have to quit. If the company finds out, they will suspect that I interfered with the data, and if I continue to compensate, I don't know when it will be enough. I'm haunted by seeing the four of them hanging around the store. I keep blaming myself… maybe… I'm the one who killed them.” He sighed as the beer foam shattered in the air. Teddie Berry turned his eyes to the other side of the road, the cars chasing each other without stopping. He sighed again. The two sank into a heavy moody space. Aurora Ward knows the company's regulations are stringent, not to mention that the sales management software operations are provided with a separate password to ensure security, but this is really suspicious. She was silent, burying her mind in her thoughts. Suddenly, the sound of a nearby employee called out. Both of them turned to see the man sitting alone at the dining table at the corner of the stairs, collapsed on the floor, convulsive convulsions. The staff and manager rushed in. Everyone panicked and did not know how to handle it. Aurora Ward rushed over. She turned him upside down and tilted his face to the side, using a rigid stainless steel spoon to insert his jaw. Aurora Ward turned and shouted, pointing to an employee standing nearby. "Everybody scattered. One called an ambulance. One brought me a lemon. One took his phone to call his family. Hurry up!"
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