Chapter 1

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Lucas paced back and forth, his paws crunching in the snow, as he thought. He was going to make peace treaties with the nearby packs, in hope to unite the packs under him and maybe even find a mate. He knew it was unlikely, many and most Alphas never found their mate, and had accepted the loneliness. Despite this, he never quit longing for the connection. Or the love. He wanted to shift back to his human form but he'd be n***d in the freezing weather. He heard foot prints coming close, leading to the small pond and creek near the Alpha's house, and peeked through the lining of trees. He sees her. A young girl, maybe sixteen at most, with long black hair that reached her rounded butt. She wore tight jeans, a white coat, and white boots that rhythmically crunched the snow. He felt a sensation in his body. His stomach tightened, and his chest ached. His head throbbed, but not in a painful way. He'd felt the feeling before, through his Beta and best friend when he met his mate, Shannon. He'd found his mate. He saw the girl, his mate, sit in the snow and look up at the cloudy sky. "Mom? I miss you. I know you can't hear me, but I need you back. I'm so different. I just need you here." He moved and could finally see her eyes. One was blue and the other was brown. The blue one was piercing and cold. The brown was soft and kind. Both shone with tears. It hurt him to see this. His mate hurting. She didn't even know him, but he knew she was his. He approached and saw her shock. He watched as her face changing, showing the feeling he'd felt when his eyes first claimed her. He flumped down next to her, and inhaled her scent. It was sweet, like brown sugar and vanilla. "Luna, come. The alpha might like to shift in piece." Alpha of the Apollo wolves called. His name was Richard. His wife's name was Alexandra "Yes, father." She said and stood, face becoming pained. "Sorry, Lucas. Here's some clothes." Richard said. I yelped in response and waited for him to leave. I shifted back, shaking the snow from my cropped hair. Luna hurried inside, following her father. Her stepmother, Alexandra, was cooking dinner. Luna's mother had died two years ago. She walked to Alexandra, not knowing how to ask what it felt like to be mated. She'd never known the feeling, but she was sure this was it. Luna approached her stepmother, seeing Alexandra's stomach swollen with the youngest wolf. "Mother?" Luna despised calling Alexandra that. "Yes, Lu-Lu?" Ugh, that nickname, the thought ran through Luna's fifteen year old mind. "Um...never mind." "If you have a question, ask." Alexandra said. "What did it feel like to be mated?" "When I was mated, my chest and stomach felt weird. I knew who I was. I was his. I was complete. Why?" "No reason." "Go get ready for dinner. And put on something nice. You're about to meet the most important Alpha there is. Go." Luna hurried to her room. Tears wanted to spill from her eyes. She couldn't be mated, yet! She was only fifteen and a half. She'd just shifted for the first time last week! She did as she was told and made herself look nice. "Luna! Dinner!" Her dad's deep voice called up the stairs. "Yes, father." She called and smoothed the tan skirt she wore. her white blouse was buttoned as much it could. She was petite, but had a full figure. She didn't even look fifteen. She looked innocent and young. Her eyes were blue and brown, her skin pale and clear. She had full lips, a straight small nose, and small hands and feet to match. She was curvy, a fact she liked, yet she still seemed small. She walked down the stairs and took her seat at the table, looking down. There was a knock at the door. "That's probably the Alpha. Answer the door, Luna." Her father said. She nodded and nervously walked to the door and opened it. It was him. He had cropped black hair that wasn't as dark as hers, bright green eyes, and a large and muscular body. "Hello." She said breathlessly. His gazed reflected how she felt. "Hi." His voice was just as breathless. "I'm Luna." She said, offering her hand. She wanted an excuse to touch him. "I'm Lucas." She wanted to feel his lips against hers. To feel his body pressed against hers, warm and muscular. God, what was she thinking? He was an Alpha! There was no way they were mates. "Come in." She moved out of the way for him. She shut the door before leading him to the dining room. She sat, looking down as she blushed, when Lucas sat beside her. Her parents and him talked as he unconsciously took her hand. Lucas drank in the contact of Luna's milky skin. She was so perfect. She knew she was his, it was obvious by the way she left him take her hand. "Luna, maybe you should go upstairs." Richard said. Luna whimpered. Lucas didn't want his mate to leave. "Please, Father." "What? Why does this matter to you?" Richard's pregnant wife looked between Luna and Lucas as her husband spoke. "Richard." Alexandra said. "Yes, dear?" "I think Luna's found her mate." Richard's face flushed. Luna pressed closer to Lucas, hiding from her father's glare. "Mr. Lucas?" "I've found my mate. Your daughter." Richard sighed, seeing the seriousness of the subject. "Do you even know how old she is?" Alexandra asked. "No. It doesn't matter. She's my mate." There was a possessive ring to his voice. "Fifteen. What do you plan to do?" "She can come with me back to my pack. She'll be safer there. Or the academy my pack runs." "You mean you run." "Technically. Luna?" Her face was flushed, looking embarrassed. "Yes?" "Do you want to leave with me?" She nodded hesitantly and shook. Her body shook violently, looking like she'd shift. Lucas knew that after first shifting, you had to remain calm or you'd change. He turned to her and moved her black curls from her milk colored face. "It's okay. Nothing bad will happen to you." He stroked her smooth cheek and marveled at the eyes of his mate. His mate. He already was possessive. Luna felt the change coming, probably from the excitement, but didn't change. Lucas had kept her in her skin. Her mate. He was her mate. The fact blew her mind. How did she know he was telling the truth? She could feel it. In the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes, she could feel it. She was his. And there was no changing that.
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