Chapter 2

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Luna went to bed that night happily. She missed even the simple touch of Lucas and knew he was just down the hall. She got out of her bed, the cold air raising goose bumps on her legs. She quietly knocked on the thick door and pushed it open. Lucas laid awake on the bed and put his phone down. "Hi." She said quietly. His grin spread over his face, large and happy. "Hi. Is something wrong?" He asked, peeling the blankets of the bed back for him. "No." She trailed. "Missed me?" He asked. "Yeah." "I missed you too." Luna climbed in bed next to him and laid on his chest. "Are you okay?" He asked, taking his mate's hand. "Why wouldn't I be?" Luna looked into his green eyes, staring into the depths. "You found your mate. From what I hear, that's not an everyday thing." He teased. She blushed. "It's just new. I don't know anything about you, but I feel like...I'm yours." "You are." He rolled on top of her, keeping space between them. He looked into her eyes. "What do you want to know about me?" "How old are you?" "Twenty eight." "Birthday?" "June seventh." "Full name?" "Lucas Avery Butler." "Virgin?" "Yes." "Smoker?" "No." "Music? Drugs?" "Rock and no." Luna became aware that her core was getting hot. She knew he could probably tell. He was so close. She wanted her mate to make her his. She wanted to belong to him. And to have his mark on her forever. "Favorite color?" "Blue. Is it my turn yet?" She rolled them over to look down at him. His hands rested on her hips. She wondered what he was thinking. If he would mark and mate with her she'd know. Would he? Did he feel that way about her yet? Lucas's mate rested on top of his hips. She was aroused, but he pretended he didn't notice. He didn't want to embarrass her. He wondered how long he should wait to make her permanently his. How do you time these things? He wanted to bite into her flesh, leaving his mark on that perfect skin before letting her mark him. "Yes, it's your turn." She said and moved her hips just enough to turn to look outside when she heard a twig snap. Probably a wolf. The small turn brought their cores closer and had him wanting more. He restrained himself though. "Birthday?" His small mate smiled. "March twentieth." "Full name?" "Luna Apollo Parks." His hands rubbed up and down her sides. She was curvy though the large sleeping shirt concealed it. "Virgin?" "Yes." She blushed, cheeks becoming pink. "Music?" "Metal." "Smoker? Drugs?" She shook her head, curly black hair falling. "Do you love me?" He asked with a smile. "I don't know." The statement looked like it devastated her. "Don't worry, Luna. You'll know when I mark you." He whispered teasingly. "When will that be? Do you even want me?" She looked at him with tears in her eyes. "How can you ask that? You're my mate, I want all of you." Lucas was surprised at her insecurity. "I'm not even sixteen, Lucas. There's no way..." In a passionate fury, he grabbed a handful of her hair and crashed her mouth on his. "Luna, you're my mate. I love you." He growled when they pulled away. Her multicolored eyes were shocked. "" Lucas rolled them so that his mate laid beneath him. "What do you mean? How do I love you? How do I want you?" She nodded. "Because you're mine." Lucas answered with a smile. "But..." His canines came out. "Do you want me to mark you? To prove to you?" He asked threateningly. Her eyes pooled with tears. "What?" He asked. "I want you to mark me when you know you love me. Not just to prove something." He realized why she was so up and down. She was in heat. Female wolves usually went into heat within a week of shifting for the first time. "I do love you. Can I mark you? I want you to be mine permanently and vise versa." He informed kindly. He moved her hair and waited for her to nod. "Do it." She sounded scared. He bit into the tender but fleshy skin of her neck and tasted the blood of his mate. He pulled back and smiled. He could already feel her thoughts. "Do you want me to mark you too?" She asked. Lucas smiled, knowing she felt his love swirling in that bite. "Yes, my Luna." She smiled, canines growing, before pulling him down. There was no space between them. She wrapped her slender, but well shaped legs around his waist and carefully bit his neck. Leaving her mark on his skin and soul. They'd both been marked. Lucas rolled off of Luna, pulling her into his arms as he yawned. His mate lay in his arms tiredly. I love you, Luna. He said through the link that was forming between the young mates. I love you too. I think. He chuckled and kissed her cheek. In the morning, Luna woke to feel her mate's strong arms around her. She was still tired, but knew she'd have to pack. She opened her eyes and smiled at her mate. Lucas stared into her eyes and smiled back. "Good morning, Luna." He said and kissed her nose. "Good morning, Lucas." She responded. She heard voices downstairs, not all happy, and growled. "I think they told the Pack." She huffed and got out of bed. Her hair was a mess and she only wore shorts and along with a sleeping shirt. "And?" "Everyone in the pack hates me." She said with a nervous pout. "Why?" "I don't know. And now I'm mated to you so all the girls will hate me more." Lucas laughed and pulled his small mate into his arms, relieving her stress. "My Luna, my moon, they can all go shove a pinecone down their throats because you're mine and I'm yours." He teased, making Luna laugh. "You're very possessive, you know." Luna teased. "You haven't even seen the half of it." He said huskily. She giggled before inhaling deeply, letting her wolf senses come out. She could smell breakfast. "Breakfast is ready." She said hungrily and pulled Lucas from the room. He only wore pajama pants and a band shirt. "Luna, Lucas, we understand that you're excited to have found your mate, but you shouldn't be sleeping in the same room. Luna, you should know better." Luna shrank under her father's anger. "Yes, father." "Richard, I'm sorry. Nothing s****l occurred last night if that's what you're worried about though. I missed Luna and she'd missed me." Lucas assured politely. The entire pack was in the large foyer. "I take you at your word, Lucas, but I do see that you've marked my daughter." "As is traditional in my pack. We mark our mates as soon as we can to seal the link between hearts and souls." Lucas said, not even glancing at the other females in the room. "I am aware of the Crescent's ways, but Apollo's usually wait until they mate." "Luna said she was fine with it, so I did as I was raised to. I am sorry." Luna's father nodded and looked to the pack. Luna felt self conscious under the jealous glare of many of the other females. "So, Mr. Lucas, have you found your mate yet?" Tanya asked. Tanya was the prettiest girl in the pack. Luna knew she didn't compare. Don't say that. She's got nothing on you. Lucas send through the link between them before wrapping his arms around Luna's waist. "Luna is my mate." Tanya burst into laughter. Luna felt herself shaking, about to shift. "Little Luna? Don't you want someone...older? Or more experienced?" "I want my Luna. She's perfect and the most amazing person." The violent shaking subsided before Lucas sat, pulling Luna onto his lap. The table was a different one, a lot bigger. Everyone in the pack sat down to eat. "Luna, are you going to the school with Lucas? Or the house of the pack?" Alexandra asked. "Wherever Lucas wants to go." Luna shrugged. "Little Luna, do you even know who he is?" Tanya asked. Lucas tightened his arms around Luna as she shook. "Tanya." Luna's father warned. "Yes, Alpha?" "Luna is a new shifter. She can't control it yet." "Lucas, I'm going to shift." Luna warned, shaking so violently she couldn't move otherwise. He lifted her up, carrying her outside before she changed. Lucas watched as his Luna erupted from her clothes, changing into a snow white wolf. White was a rare color for a wolf. She shook out her fur, long and soft looking, and howled. Lucas could reach into her mind and saw how she regarded him. She did love him. Everyone was in awe at the beauty of Luna's wolf. She managed to calm down and sat down. "Everyone, inside so she can shift. Lucas?" Richard asked. "I'll stay." Lucas said and pulled off his shirt once everyone left the window. He watched as Luna shifted back to her human form and blushed when Lucas took in her n***d form. His wolf wanted her. He wanted to take her now. "Lucas?" Luna asked, trying to cover herself. "Yes?" "Can I have the shirt?" She laughed nervously. Lucas handed it to her and caught a glimpse of her perfectly rounded breasts. The wolf was practically clawing at his body to find a way to get her upstairs and r****h her entire body. She slipped inside, him following, before they both went upstairs. They got dressed in silence before he kissed her, relieving some of the burning need for her. "Lucas." She moaned as he kissed her recently marked neck. "Yeah?" He grunted, getting her to lay down on the bed. Her legs wrapped around him as he kissed her roughly. "What are you doing?" She moaned again, arching her entire body into him. He needed her so badly. He needed to be one with her. He needed to finish the link. He was slowly rubbing against her core, hoping she wouldn't want him to stop. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked when her kisses slowed. "No, keep going." Luna nearly begged before Lucas smiled and kissed his mate. He slipped his hand into her shirt and groped those perfect breasts he'd seen earlier. He groaned in pleasure as he unzipped his shorts, kicking them off. He kissed down her neck and then down her chest until he pulled her skirt off. "Lucas..." Luna moaned his name, eyes burning with l**t and desire. "I love you, Luna." He whispered huskily and pulled her pink panties down. "I love you too." She spread her legs under him, allowing him full access to her wet, entrance. She pulled his shirt off, knowing that she was ready for this, and smiled. His boxers landed on the floor before he began to position himself over her. The tip of his manhood was barely touching her and he was about to press in when Luna's father called up the stairs. Lucas groaned, and quickly moved off of Luna who blushed, probably realizing how close they were to mating. They both got dressed, and made themselves presentable before walking downstairs. "Sorry for the wait. Luna's wolf is strong. She was still shaking." Lucas lied easily. Richard nodded. "Would Luna be safe from rogues if she left with you?" Richard asked, twiddling with his wedding band. Lucas wondered how Richard had two mates in his lifetime. He was aware that Luna's mother was Richard's true mate, but that Alexandra was his mate, too. "Very. My pack is very strong and will keep her safe. And the pack house is more like a mansion. The academy is strict, but she wouldn't need to attend. My pack would treat her as well as they treat me." Lucas glanced at his beautiful mate. "What would she do instead?" Alexandra asked. "Stay with me. If she wants to study I won't stop her. I just want her happy." Lucas knew he had her parents approval. Luna watched as her mate, father, and step mother talked back and forth. "Is this what you want, Luna?" Her father asked. "Yes, father." Luna said, sure and positive. He nodded with a weary sigh. "I'll go get some boxes from the attic. Pack up your room." Her father said. "Yes, father." Luna saw tears in her father's eyes. He nodded and left. The entire pack watched her, some with envy and kindness, others with jealousy, hate, and anger. "Little Luna, where is his mark?" Dahlia asked. Luna blushed and moved her hair, exposing the bite and bruise. "Did it hurt?" Kameryn was Luna's only friend. "A little." Luna sheepishly admitted. Lucas nodded and chuckled. "Lucas, was little Luna enough to even bit?" Tanya asked. A growl Rose in Luna's throat. It escaped her lips, low and feral. Lucas moved the sweatshirt he wore to show off the mark from Luna. She smiled at her handiwork. "I bet it didn't even hurt." Tanya laughed coldly. "I didn't think it would, but my mate has a very painful bite." Luna's father slumped down the stairs. He handed Luna a bundle of boxes, and sent Luna up to pack. Lucas helped her pack. Soon, they were done. "Are you ready?" Lucas asked, the last box in his arms, ready to go to the packed car. Luna nodded. They went downstairs. Everyone stared and said their goodbyes to Luna and Lucas. When Luna and her father locked eyes, tears started to leak from her eyes. "I love you, dad." She said as he hugged her. "I love you too, Luna. Be careful. And I have something for you." Her teary eyed father said and reached into his shirt. He pulled out a silver chain and unclasped it. Resting on the chain was her mother's wedding band and engagement ring. She cried more. Her father put the necklace around Luna's neck and smiled, resting a hand on her cheek. "Be careful. And call." She nodded before her father hugged her again. She was about to leave the only thing she ever knew.
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