marry me ep 1 (brightwin) wait the ep 7 ??❤️

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Marry me (brightwin ) I meed everyone to pay attention to the whole story cuz there's a-lot of catches inside and the first part might surprise you cuz it'll take a short glimpse of what will happen later . Hope you enjoy my new story Let's start Bright's pov Lately I've been getting into trouble because of the rumours about my relationship statues and actually I'm not in a relationship at all and I'm not willing to commit in a relationship whatsoever . I've been in the entertainment industry over 7 years now and rumours keep falling on me like rain because i quit dating after i broke up with my ex girlfriend navy ,it was a tough time but i managed to let go and move on . Being an artist in the entertainment industry can be harder than you think , i mean I've been here for seven years , i know what comes inside and what goes out from our company . For my entire life I've had only one friend which is win , he's a close friend for me and he's like my little brother , Ofcourse he's just a producer and cameraman but he's more than that to me . It was a Sunday morning when i was called out to a meeting ,it was about 8 am i just woke up from an 5 hours sleep after we had a party last night . I walked in wearing a mask and a hat with a pair of black sunglasses just to get everyone's eyes off me and avoid any connection with the press . I was there standing at the meeting room waiting when new came in after a while "Hey man , you're here for the meeting too?" "Yeah i was called too , what's going on ?" "I don't know , i guess we'll find out later about it " New giggled and tapped on my shoulder then invited me to sit on the chair until the producers and all of the cast comes in . There's win who just walked in with a shy smile on his face greeting new "Hello p'new " "Ohh hi - what's your name again?" "W-win krub " Win was a newbie here so he's barley known in our company and most of them barley know his name . "Ohh , great to see you again " He glinched his teeth and invited win to sit down "Win cone sit here beside me " I said pointing at the chair beside me "Ok phi!" He put his head down as he shrugged his shoulders shyly locking fingers . I guess he was a bit nervous since it's his first meeting "So , win for how long have you been working here ?" " ummm for a month now " "Oh -newbie " "Yes ..." "You must learn alot from this then" "Ofcourse i will " "And if you need anything just tell me ok?" "Sure phi , thank you " "Anytime win" I was just sitting there watching them talk The meeting was over finally at 12 pm , it was almost lunch time "A'win , are you having lunch out ?" "Nope , i have work to do " "You do ? I thought we could hang out for lunch" "Sorry but I can't , I'm a newbie i can't really skip my tutoring session " "But you need to eat !" "I will have some sandwiches that i got from home " "Ok then " "Alright seeya phi " "Seeya " I remembered then before he turned his back to me "Wait win !" "Yes phi " He turned towards me With a smile "I need to talk to you when you finish your work , what time will you finish ?" "Umm probably around 4 o'clock" "Alright then I'll see you around that time " He left after he waved as he walked away It was hard for me to wait these few hours while shooting the final episode of my new series "And cut " The director said and clapped Then continued "Great job everyone ,and bright you did great as usual " "Thank you phi " "You can leave now , and don't forget tomorrow night you're invited to the last shoot dinner " "Definitely " I smiled greeting everyone and left ,i had half an hour to meet win it was 3:30 pm . Phi eed saw me going back and forth in the room waiting for win "What's wrong bright ?" "I'm waiting for win ,i need to resolve everything" "About what?" "You'll know later " "Sounds weird , i hope you're not getting yourself into trouble " " me too phi me too " Win walked in when i nodded to phi eed to leave us alone to talk "Hey " He said in a soft tone "Come sit here " I tapped on the sofa seat and came sitting down beside me . "Here's some pastries to fill your stomach i know you didn't eat anything " "How -?" "I just know" He took a big bite when i brought the news to him "Win!" "Hmm?" He hummed cuz the food was in his mouth "Marry me win!" He choked in his food "WHAT!!!!!" I know i was too forward but I don't know how to bring it up to him ! .......... End of part 1 What do you think is the reason behind bright's request ? What will win do ? Something is really fishy ! How can a friend marry his best friend? ep 2 of marry me (brightwin) In this part everything gets clear and we'll get to see the full view of what happened in the previous part soooo let's go Enjoy ! A/p Bright sat down beside win and saw how win's face looked so pale , he knew that he didn't eat anything since morning . He gave him some pastries to eat so he won't fall unconscious again , yes it happened alot when he started working . "Have some pastries " Win took a bite when bright looked at him with a hopeful stare "Win !" "Hmm?" "I need to ask you for a favour " "What?" "You're my best friend and you're the only one i can get to when i need help , so please don't be mad and try to understand me ok?" "Alright , let's see " "Marry me win !" "What !!!!!! " Win chokes in his food Bright runs off and gives him a glass of water , when he regained his power to speak "Cone again bright ! I don't think I heard you probably " "I said marry me " He looked at win again with that hopeful look grabbing his hand with both of his hands It was warm but his looks kept begging win but win is still confused . How can he ask his best friend to marry him ! How can this even happen when they both know they're straight ? "Bright ! What are you talking about ?" "I'm saying this because i really want to end these rumours about me win , please understand me - i i can do anything for you I'll make you a great producer in no time if you just say yes!" "Wait what? How ?" "Look you know new right ?" "The actor ?" "Yes , he has a new series coming out soon and they need a producer - if you want to you'll get the chance to be in it " "I don't know bright this is a tough thing, bright marriage is not a game you play and then when you're bored you let it go and that's it ! You know how much responsibility it needs just to get married ?" "I'm not saying as a real marriage win , just a fake one you don't really have to do anything -all we can do is just live together for now then we'll talk about marriage later on, win this could save my life forever" Win was silent for few seconds before answering bright He looked into bright's eyes and said "If you're willing to help me with that i'd be willing to help you as well , but under one condition " Bright was over the moon , he can finally get rid of these reporters and end the whole thing "You say whatever conditions you make and i will say yes " "I'd rather sleeping in a separate room from yours " "That's not hard to do , i have a spare room and you know where it is so don't worry about this " Win knew that it was a (friends with benefits ) thing but it's his best friend he needed help and here he is standing for him . Well i can say it's for the best , bright knew win can save him . "Oh god you saved my day win thank you -thank you so much " He embraced his friend happily like he was on cloud nine . Win patted on bright's back "Welcome my friend " "I really own you this" Win stood up and grind "Then I'll be going home now " "Alright ,take care " Win took off home , he was still confirmed Ding * ( hey win , umm just wanted to see if you're home ) (Win: I'm home i just got here ) (Umm- get ready to pack your things tomorrow night you'll be moving in with me) (Win: ok) Win was not feeling ok about this whole situation. Ut it's his friend after all , he knew it's a fake marriage but still he can't just jump into it . .......... End if part two So what happens after win moves in with bright ? I'm sure they'll sort things out later on Let's find out on the next part ep 3 of marry me (brightwin) Few days later win moved in with bright , everything was normal both slept in separate room as win asked . One morning bright was preparing breakfast while win was asleep , he came back very late last night and just dropped on his bed and fell asleep like a baby . Bright hears footsteps and smiles "Morning bright " Win rubs his eyes as he spoke in a husky morning voice "Heyy , did you sleep well?" "No , my body is sore I can't even feel it !" "Why what happened ?" Bright placed the food on the table and sat down "Ahhh too much work , i had to stand and run and do everything while shooting " "That's alot of work indeed , hang in there " "Yeah !*sigh " "Come on , eat you look like a zombie right now " "Bright stop teasing me !!!" His eyes were hatful towards bright and hits his shoulder "I'm not teasing you I'm just saying what i see" He smiles as he takes the first bite Win also starts eating "Woah i missed home cooking " "You don't usually eat home food ?" "No actually i don't have time to cook i come back late so I can't " "That's bad ! Don't eat to much food outside " "As long as you cook for me " He teased bright as a revenge , i guess that's what he thought . Bright smiled and continued to eat "Alright , I'm going to work now " Bright stood after minute and checked the time , it was 9 am "Work ? At this time ?" "I have a meeting so i gotta go " "Umm ok , take care " "Bye" "Bye , I'll follow you to work later " "Kay" Bright left seconds later leaving win home alone , it was kind of lonely so he took a stroll around bright's house , it wasn't actually a house it was more like a mansion big and spacious had a big garden outside and a swimming pool. Before going to work , win took a bath and changed to a green v line t-shirt and some offwhite pants did his hair and went to work . It was really a normal day nothing changed "Hey win!" New greets win "Hi phi " As bright promised he got him with new as his producer fir his new project "So when dose the shoot starts ?" "We'll have to ask the director first " He picked up his phone to call aof "Hello phi , are you going to start shooting soon? , ahh ok ok be right there " "So?" "Let's go , he said to meet him upstairs!" "Ahhh ok " The shoot went well as win did a great job monitoring everything and shooting everything "Wow win you look very experienced for your young age " Aof said patting on win's shoulder "Thank you phi ,hope i was good enough " "You were better than enough , thanks " Win smiled letting his eyes land on the door after he heard someone called his name "A'win " "Phi bai !! What are you doing here ?" He came and hugged win "I'm here to drive you home " Win looked left and right smiling awkwardly "You're driving win home !?" The director said in surprise "Why ? Can't i drive my fiancé home ?" Bright exclaimed "Your - your what ?" Win said in surprise He was suppose to act that way so rumours spread about bright's asked someone to marry him ! Well that's what he thinks it'll be "You proposed to win ?!!!!!!" "Yes " He looked at win and smiled after holding his hand "How come you're - gay ?????" "So what's wrong with being gay?" "Nothing , i was just wondering why you were acting like this all the time and not get any girlfriend at all !" "Was it that surprising to come out ?" "No , not at all ! Ummm I'm just stunned " "Now if you excuse me , i have to drive my fiancé home " The director stood there in daze spacing out "Uhhh k " Bright pulled win's hand and left "Ouch stop !! Bright stop seriously " Bright was holding win's hand very hard "Let go of my hand !!" "Sorry , I'm sorry win , he -he just pissed me off by saying these words " "What's wrong with you seriously ??? Do you think this is gonna fix everything ? You think they'll say ohhh he has a fiancé now we'll stop the rumours huh?" "No ,win no it's not that !" " just shut up and drive home , you're being unreasonable right now !" Both headed to the car - there was a moment of awkward silence all the way home They arrive home and win gets into his room angrily Bright felt ashamed somehow that he acted this way yet he stood right at win's room And knocked "Get away i wanna sleep " "Win - I'm sorry I didn't mean to " "You should've acted yourself up but you clearly made it worst " "I was dumb i know please forgive me " "Whatever !" Bright went to his room , he knew he messed up with this fiancé thing and let win calm down , after a while he fell asleep It was about 7 pm when bright heard clacking sounds in the kitchen and then a shout after with a hiss He ran off to the kitchen finding win spacing out , he cut his finger This clumsy bunny "Ohhh gosh win i thought something happened to you ! You freaked me out " "Lucky for you I didn't burn the whole kitchen" "You should've been careful i***t !" Bright usually just throws the bandaid on the table and tells win to put it himself It was literally weird Win was standing right beside the counter facing bright when bright approached him suddenly to open the upper counter on the wall , he placed his hand on the counter so close to win's waist and got his first aid out of it They were so close win could hear bright's breathing on his neck ! he got startled and pushed bright away "I - i can do it myself " He snatched the bandaid from bright and went to his room . ep 4 of marry me (brightwin) Win arrived to work as well , there was new waiting for him "Sawadee krub phi new " "Ahh Sawadee krub " Wins smiles "So shall we start working ?" "Yep let's go,but before that we have to make a contact " Win flashes back what bright said before Flashback " win let me tell you something since you'll be working with phi new soon " "Umhm " Win sat down beside bright " "Look , you both have to make a contact so you can work together and for you to receive your money fairly" "Ok " "So there's more than one period of time that is in the contract so you have to choose between these three 1- three month contract 2-six month contract 3-a year " "Wow that sounds umm confusing! " "You'll have to choose anyway " "Ok, I'll go with the six month " "Why six month tho?" "Because- i don't want to work for the same person for a long time ! I want to you know work freelance not only for one person " "Well then it's up to you" Win smiles "Thank you bright. For making this happen you promised and you really made your promise " "Anything for my friend " Bright smiles and ruffles win's hair End of flashback win thinks throughly before signing the contract he took the pen and signed it New shook hands with him as an agreement for the contract has been accepted "Please take care of me " New said "I'll work hard , thank you fir giving me the opportunity to work with you " "Eyyy it's my pleasure " The meeting was over with win and new and win came home , it was about 11:30 pm Bright should be working late tonight , as win thought He walked in and growled "Arghhhhhh!" Stretching his hands and body thinking that no one was home but him Then he heard a voice from bright's room "You're back win ?" Win gasps "Ohhh god you freaked me out ! I thought you're working late " Bright walks in to the living room "I finished earlier so we can discuss tomorrow's event " "Ahh i totally forgot about it !" Win slaps his forehead closing his eyes "Sit down let's have a talk " Win sits down a but further from bright "Why are you sitting far from me ?" "Nothing i just want to" "Forget it then , let's start talking " "Ok" "You should smile more don't just maintain this poker face- and be more touchy when they ask about us ! Ahhh and there's some tiny question but it could be tricky " "What are these ?" "Like ( when and where and how did you meet ?) "Yeah ? " "You can simply answer them few months ago don't specify the date or the time , that would put them in confusion and make them stop asking " "That actually sounds good , i never knew you knew all these techniques! " "I've been in this industry for years i know what cones and goes " He smiles putting his head down , locking his fingers together Bright gets quiet for a bit then looks at win "A'win !" "Hmm?" "Will you able to act on it ?" "I'll try my best to " "Then good luck " He pats on win's shoulder as he gets up "You want something to eat ?" "Yeah I'm kinda hungry " "Then let's have dinner , I didn't have dinner as well " "Why?" "I was waiting for you , i knew you didn't eat that's your habit " Win feels ashamed ! How come his best friend knows him this much when they only lived together for over 10 days ? When they both have work to do and busy seeing each other sometimes ! "Ahh , I'm sorry " "Don't be sorry i***t , you're my friend now let's prepare dinner and eat , we have work tomorrow so we should get some sleep after " "Ok" Win follows bright to the kitchen ep 5 of marry me (brightwin) The next day Bright and win were getting ready at the hall of the conference to meet the reporters "Bright !" Phi eed calls for bright in a hurry "Yes phi !" "You should get ready , and call win right now where is he ?" "I think he's in the restroom " "Give him a call hurry we need to get ready the press conference will start soon " Bright takes out his phone and puts it on his ear and turns to look for win , when he saw win heading towards bright . "Where were you ?" "I was in the restroom , what's up ?" "We need to hurry now, the press conference will start soon !" "Oh , ok " Win says after a light sigh "Let's go " Bright taps on win's shoulder and they go get ready "Are you ready win ?" Bright exclaimed "Umhm,i think i am " " win , i meant mentally ! Physically! " " uhhhh, i - i am " He stutters "Please win this is important for both of us I can't stay like this it's really pissing me off !!" " i know phi i know but I can't handle this alone " "I'm here with you win , you're not doing this alone so stop over thinking " " ok ,hahh!" He sighed "I'm sorry win , sorry for putting you into this but i had no other way !" " i know and I'm glad i could help, what friends are for in the end ?" " win you're the best thank you so much for barring with me " " nah don't say that , I'm always here for you " Bright spreads his arms asking for a friendly hug from win as he smiles pursing his lips Win approaches and hugs bright half smiling patting on bright's back "Let's go now since you've calmed down " Win gives a thumbs up and they head to the press conference Reports have already arrived , the snapping sound of pictures never stopped as win walked in with bright Bright grabbed win's hand surprisingly which made win flinch and his eyes widened "What are you doing ?" Win whispered "As i told you , we should be holding hands !" He whispered Win didn't reply and went with the flow Both sat down on chairs and reporters started asking them questions ( so mr vachirawit , when did you guys meet for the first time ?) Bright took the microphone tapped on it then cleared his throat and said "I think it was about a year ago right honey?" Win looked at bright and nervously smiled "Umm yeah it's been a year already!" ( how did you guys fall in love ? I'm very curious) Bright spoke up patting on win's thigh "Well actually , i knew him since he came here to our company ! Yes he haven't known each other much but i happen to run into him few times . He was kind polite well mannered which made me fall more for him " ( wow that's impressive ) The questions after that were normal the interview was also normal nothing was big , until the second interview came in which was kind of bolder than the other one A reporter asked win "When was your first kiss ?" Win looks at bright and gives him the look to speak "I don't think that's something to answer , that's a private thing between me and win " "Then can you please two kiss ? We want to capture a cute moment for the press " Both look at each other win can't help but feel nervous ! They've never kissed !!! Never in their life " please show us ! A cheek kiss maybe " Bright breaths in and out coming closer to kiss win who was really nervous When win turned to bright's side which made bright's lips touch half of win's cheek and lips Win sat there without moving an inch his eyes wide open when bright broke the kiss and held win's hand " that's enough right ?" Bright asks the reporters as he pulls win and leaves immediately! Both felt nervous and maybe butterflies somehow more tension was in the car win was fidgeting his fingers while bright just looks at him analysing his gestures . "What's wrong win ? You've been like that fir an hour ?" "It's nothing I'm just hungry that's all " He knows that he's not hungry but nervous ! "Seriously win ! What's going on ?" "I told you nothing is going on I'm fine " "You're gonna make me worried ! Let's talk at home this isn't gonna work " Win kept silent and took his phone out playing games to distract himself Bright was eyeing him , win was acting weird since the interview ended . They arrived home win took his things and went to his room to change bright did the same Few minutes later Bright knocks on win's door " win ,let's talk for a bit " "I'm tired i want to sleep now " Win replied behind the door "Win it'll only take five minutes " But no answer from win , looks like he fell asleep . Is he avoiding bright cuz they asked bright to kiss him ? Did he really hate this idea so much that he started hating bright as well ? Bright kept thinking what could've made win mad and nervous ! Did he do something wrong to piss him iff like that? He didn't walk away yet stood right there and with a small tone he said " did i ever do something wrong to you ? If i did I'm sorry " He leans on the door and hears a cry ! "Win are you crying ????" "No get away !!" "Open the door win !!!" " no just go away i want to sleep !" Bright slams the wall ! What's wrong with him seriously ? He leaves to his room , he can't do anything right now ! He'll wait fir the next day when they leave to work . In the morning Bright wakes up at 7 am ,it was silent like no one was home He checks win's room , he wasn't there instead he left a note " i left early because they called me for work I'll see you later !" That's what win left before leaving Bright takes the note slip and puts it in his pocket and leaves for work . It was not long when he saw win with new Laughing like nothing happened last night ep 6 of marry me (brightwin) "Wait what the hell am i thinking ???? " He smacked his head trying to get rid of these weird thoughts And started eating like nothing happened, then he gives it a thought Why is he thinking this way ? He cannot understand himself anymore! He should be working his a*s out instead of thinking like these weird stuff . " phi !" He snapped again "Hmm?" Bright said with a mouthful in his mouth "I'll be working a-lot more in the upcoming days so I won't get to be home a lot " " ahhh ! Ok work hard susu na !!!" He gave a thumbs up then smiled pursing his lips " thanks phi " Bright continues eating and tapping on the empty plate ! He looked very nervous and overthinking . "Are you ok phi ? Should we go home ?" "I'm - ok I don't need to go home , "You keep spacing out for no reason ! I thought you might be sick " "No , I'm fine " He exclaimed waving his hands to win's face "Alright then continue eating or should i eat it instead?" Bright smiled and shook his head Win looked at his arm watch his eyes widened "Oh my !!! I'm super late phi new must be waiting " He took his things , phone , key , bag and left bright who just started eating his meal spacing out again . "Ok , bye .." He said after win has left , he checked the time as well he had shooting also so he had to run Wiping his lips with a tissue quickly and ran off to work . He came there running when phi aof saw him out of breath "Hey hey hey slow down young man !" He waved stopping bright from running "Did it start yet ?" He was speaking almost out of breath "Calm down it hasn't started yet , we're still waiting for the actress to arrive she's over 15 minutes late !" "Who's the actress?" Bright asked "Ahh i thought they told you !" "No ! Who ?" "It's davikah !!! " Someone screamed her name as she arrived to the studio "Davikah ?" "Yes ,she's playing your lover " Aof said "But !!" "i know it's to short but im gonna do my best in next episode bye see you later bye t

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