One Night Stand With My Billionaire Professor

one-night stand

She feels her body go stiff as she stares into the eyes of the man she thought she would never see again

"what is it you want?" Jenny grew the courage to ask

" to offer you a proposal"

" What kind of proposal?"

" From this moment, you will be my woman"

" excuse me!!!?"

* * *

Never in a hundred years would Jenny have ever thought she would lose her virginity at a party, and to a stranger at that. A stranger who she prays she would never see again

Fate is however cruel when Jenny's one-night stand turns out to be the new professor the whole school keeps talking about

The very same professor who doesn't seem to have any intention of forgetting their steamy night together and insists on making her life a complete hell

how will Jenny deal with this new change in her life? will she succumb to her hot professor's seduction or manage to keep her self-esteem till the very end?

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Night Party
I took in a deep breath and try to focus my attention back on my assignment. It was due the next morning and I couldn't afford to lose any more marks this semester as I knew it could lead to a carry over Unfortunately for me, the knocking on my door was persistent and I found the sound extremely annoying. Who was it that wouldn't get the message and go away? I make my way over to the door unlocking it and glared at the person angrily " what!" The person at the door smiled having expected the outburst " hey sis, how are you coping?" " Kylie I swear I will kill you if you don't leave my door in the next 5 seconds! " For some reason Kylie smile widened. It was a normal thing to be threatened so harshly by her older sister, but tonight she really did have something important to tell " come on jen jen. I have something important to tell you "she said I rolled my eyes in annoyance" that can wait till tomorrow. right now I am very busy with an important assignment which I cannot afford not to do" I prayed my sister would understand and disappear but Kylie was insistent " please let me in just for a while I promise I won't take long" I stared at my sister's desperate expression and I hesitated. God knows the last thing I need is one of Kyle's madness " fine, let's get it over with" Kylie smiled victoriously rushing into my room before I would change my mind. I locked the door behind her and turned to face her " spill" " okey, before you interrupt me in the middle of my sentence you have to promise me that you'll listen to the end " " sure sure" my only interest was in getting Kylie out of my room as soon as possible so I didn't really care about the stupid the demand she made. Kylie made a little giggle sound before continuing " my boyfriend roomie just invited us to a night party and Damian said I could bring a plus one " My hand subconsciously clenched in a fist "did you.." Kylie cut me short "you promised you will listen to the end" " fine "I rolled my eyes " as I was saying, the party is going to take place at that brand new hotel. you know the one that's the talk of the town, the one where all the rich people stay at when..." " I know what hotel you're talking about! Get to the point!!" Kylie frowned at the outburst but continued none the less "anyways, I thought since you were always cooped up in your room and do nothing but study all the time some fun will be good for you, so I have made up my mind to bring you as my plus one " Kylie took in a deep breath awaiting my reaction, judging from my expression she could see that I wasn't impressed."I'm not going " I said blankly Kylie smiled " you can't do that. Damian's roommates father is a business partner with our dad, so dad says you have to go or else he'll cut off half of your monthly budget" "What!!" "Wear something nice. Me and Damien will pick you up at 9:30 sharp "with that Kylie was dashing out of the room ignoring my loud and insistent curses " god dammit all " I rushed back to my study table. with some hope I could finish my assignment before then. Since obviously there was no way out of this, it was better to get my school work out of the way. I'll have time to kill Kylie later * * * I wasn't feeling good in the very least. The fact that Kylie has gotten me tangled in her messy life was not pleasing to me. But I knew my stepfather very well, Kylie was his princess and everything she says goes. I was certain he wouldn't hesitate to cut me off if I refuse to go along with Kylie's plans With that thought in mind, I threw on some casual wear, a sky-blue off shoulder top with pencil jeans and blue sneakers. I did my hair in a loose ponytail, I put some lip gloss and mascara a bit of blush and some perfume and I was ready to go " can't look better than this"I said blowing kisses to my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I had to give it to myself, I was one pretty chick. I could totally be a model if I wanted to I was distracted from my thoughts by a knock on my door, more of a bang than a knock anyways. Must be Kylie and her stupid boyfriend " coming" I yelled hoping it will deter those two from breaking down my door. I hurried up to grab my phone from my reading table and rushed to the door " that's what you are wearing? ". I rolled my eyes at my sister's comments. Unlike me Kylie was dressed not so modestly. I couldn't even begin to describe what she was wearing, not like there's much of it to even describe in the first place " hey jen jen " it was Damien " call me that again and I'll kick you where the sun doesn't shine" Damien laughed anxiously"man, you are one scary lady" " whatever, shall we go" I wanted to get this past and over with so I can come home and go to bed and forget this ever happened " yeah let's go" But Kylie and I followed closely behind Damien as we exited the dorms. According to Kylie she had already acquired permission from the school earlier. Long story short, our stepfather was a distant relative to the founder of the university. It was one of the many reasons Kylie got off with breaking so many school rules " my car's parked just a bit ahead" Damien informed. Kylie smiled cheerfully at that. Her feet must have started to hurt from the extreme height of the heels she wore Looking up at the sky I found it was a beautiful night. The moon shone brightening up the darkness. How I wished I was in my room reading my book or probably sleeping, either one would go well with me " jen jen?" Kylie taps my shoulders and I look at her. She was wearing an encouraging smile " it's going to be an awesome night. Don't worry about it okey?" Couldn't say the same but none the less I smiled back. " yeah. I suppose I shouldn't" if only I didn't hate night parties

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