Chapter 1

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High school hierarchy can be divided into three parts. 1) The ′Populars′ - They don’t even try and yet somehow they have everyone wanting to be around them and worship them like idols. 2) The ′Thrivers′ - They can grow and fit in where they want - when they want. 3) The ′Nobodies′ - Whether they’re there or not doesn’t matter, no one notices them and no one cares. That’s what I am, a nobody and it's what I've always been. Even though I have lived my whole life in Crest Moon Bay, I am just a nobody. I stare at myself in the mirror, looking into my hazel eyes as if something new will appear behind my iris’. But all I ever see is plain old me. Nothing new, nothing special. Just another face in the crowd. I pull my ash blonde hair into a quick ponytail and straighten my rock star hoodie before heading down to the kitchen to grab breakfast. “Good morning Eliya. Is your brother awake?” My mom is sitting in the breakfast nook drinking her coffee in her pajamas as usual. “I don’t know, I didn’t notice” I shrugged but I can feel my mom’s gaze burning a hole in my head as I open the fridge. I roll my eyes anticipating what is coming. “You know Ellie, I have the perfect shade eye shadow that will really make your eyes pop... and a lip gloss that I think you will love.” I scoff to myself. She is too predictable. Of course, she wouldn’t approve that I am not wearing any makeup and of course it would be one if the first thing she brings up. Just once I would like to hear her say ′how did you sleep?′ Or ′you look nice today’. I guess that is asking too much. She wanted the stereotypical daughter. You know the type - Popular Cheerleader that dates the high school football star with the grace of a beauty queen. I know I must be such a disappointment to her being the exact opposite: a clumsy nobody at Crest high. My twin brother, Ryder, on the other hand, is her ideal son. Captain of the soccer team and had dated a cheerleader (more than one at a time actually, but of course mom doesn’t know that about her ‘Prince’) and to top it off he has a full ride scholarship to Oregon State next year. “the more you push her, the more she will pull away, Amy” I didn’t even hear my dad coming into the kitchen dressed in a black business suit, “Besides I like that she isn’t focusing on boys or looks. It helps me sleep at night!” My dad sends me a wink before kissing my mom good morning. I shake my head as I grab an apple and my backpack. Offering a quick goodbye, I close the front door behind me. The walk to school is about ten minutes, or as I like to think of it three and a half songs. I plug my headphones into my phone and hit random before starting my journey. It may sound stupid, but my phone knows me and can sense what I want to listen to. So when P!nk's ′So What′ started playing I couldn’t help the smile and the strut that took over while I walked. I can't help the internal groan and eye roll as I walk up the front steps of the school. It's not that I don't like school, I like to learn, but it is the drama that comes with it. He said- she said all day long and I grow tired of listening to it. I know, I know - eavesdropping is bad. But riddle me this, is it really eavesdropping when they’re talking right in front of me, knowing full well I can probably hear them and still continue to talk? The answer is no, no it's not. I will say that is one of the interesting things about being a nobody - you become an observer. I can name everyone in all my classes and I know who is dating who or cheating with who. I take my phone out of my back pocket to stop the music. I glanced down for just a second and crash right into a something, falling to the ground. I quickly grab my phone from where it landed inspecting it for any damage which luckily there isn't any. "Watch where you're going!” Ashley's annoying nasally voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Ashley and her group of cheerleading clones are standing with the Populars. And I don't mean like a random group of popular... No, this is the top of the popular hierarchy; Aiden Stone and his goons. They all stand easily at 6ft and wear tight fitted V-neck shirts that leave little to the imagination when it comes to their muscle. But seriously, do they coordinate their outfits in the morning? Why are they all wearing V-necks and fitted jeans? Neither he nor his matching goons turned to see what was going on behind them and continued on talking. All of them hanging off of Aiden's every word. If he were to say Jump, they would without question. I push myself to my knees before finally standing. No, I dont need help, thanks though “This is a warning Newbie, keep away from my boyfriend” Ashley flips her platinum blonde hair over he shoulder before wrapping her arms around Aiden's bicep. I scoff at the idea of her being his girlfriend. Flavor of the week seems a more appropriate name for her, especially considering that just two weeks ago Aiden was seen with Julia Hamilton hanging off his arm like a love-struck puppy. I stare at her back fighting the urge to flip her off - I have been in the same grade as them since Kindergarten. I don’t even bother responding, it’s not like they would care if I did or not. To be honest I am surprised she even acknowledged me in the first place. I walk to my first period, which is luckily homeroom. Basically, we can do homework or read. Some people nap - but I draw. I take my normal seat in the back of the room by the window. We don’t have assigned seats, but I’m always here first to claim this one. It’s the best seat because it overlooks the Forest trees that line the back of the school. I take out my pencil and sketchbook and watch as students start to file in after the bell. I roll my eyes as Aiden and one of his Goons walk in. Lucky me, there are only two seats left - one in front of me and one beside me. Aiden sits in front of me turning quickly to face Blake (his goon) and picks up their conversation about Aiden’s party and some chick he is excited to be with. I small laugh escapes my lips at the thought of Ashley finding out about another girl with ′Her Boyfriend’. High school is awesome... note the sarcasm.
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