Chapter 2

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All Anyone is talking about is stupid Aiden and his stupid birthday party. Apparently, everyone is invited and it is going to be the biggest event of the senior class (Insert eye roll here). All I can say is that rumors are everywhere and they seem to get more ridiculous as the day progresses. Second period, Science, Leila Donivon was telling her friends about how Aiden would finally ask her to be his girlfriend as soon as he officially turned 18. I scoff - how ridiculous she is to actually believe that. Did she not see Ashley hanging off his arm this morning? Granted Aiden changes girls like he changes shirts but still, Honey, just no. In third period, history, Ryan Waters said that he was having the party so that he would have an alibi for some robbery they were planning. Seriously?! This is awesome. No one can believe this crap... right? Fourth period, math, Jordan Mcnally was saying that Aiden was only having the party in order to break a record of getting the most women in his bed in one night. OK, well that one I actually believe. I was more than grateful when the lunch bell rang. Finally a break from the stupid bullshit rumors that are flying around this stupid party. Why is it so hard to believe that he is just going to have an eighteenth birthday party where the only thing that will happen is a bunch of stupid girls will get drunk and throw themselves at the populars like they always do. I make my way through the bodies of teenagers towards the cafeteria. The noise and smell are almost overwhelming - too many people in one place that is already warm from the food, is just not a good combination. Am I really the only one bothered by this? I head straight to the soda machine and quickly pull my dollar out of my pocket and select a Coke when I feel an arm draped around me. “Hey, favorite sister in the whole wide world” Ryder smile at me and I return it with a glare. I can see the amusement dancing in his eyes that are similar to mine, except his are a little darker. His varsity jacket left open revealing one size too small white t-shirt that you can just make out his chest muscle. “What do you want Ryder?” I know him too well. He hardly ever talks to me at school. Every now and then I will get a slight head tilt (meaning ‘what’s up’) but other than that, he is on the cuff of Popular/Thriver and I am a very definite Nobody. “I forgot my wallet - Can I please borrow some dollars for lunch?” he gives me a puppy dog look “Pretty, pretty please, my favorite little sister?” “I’m your only sister and I am only little by 2 minutes” I look up at him and see that he is still giving me the puppy dog face. I reach into my backpack and dig through my bag until I find the loose $5 bill and hand it to him. He takes it quickly with a wink, mumbles thanks and heads away. I make my way out of the cafeteria carefully sidestepping all the backpacks that are thrown at the end of the table and not making eye contact with any of the groups that sit there, talking about - you guessed it Aiden’s party! I never eat in the cafeteria. I prefer fresh air, so I spend my lunch hour outside, reading against the trees that line the school. It provides just the right amount of shade during the warmer days and a shield from the breeze on the cooler ones. I love that when I read, I get sucked into the worlds the author has created. It’s like I am a fly on the wall watching as everything unfold and I am barely aware of my own world -at least for a little while. Two voices break me away from the world John Greene has written and I am instantly looking for the source. Mason and Blake were following behind their false idol, Aiden, who didn’t look happy. Actually, that was an understatement, He looks Pissed. His hands were visibly shaking as he began running towards the trees. I couldn't make out what they were saying but the minute Aiden took off, so did they. I stare at the spot they entered, maybe twenty feet from where I sat. That was probably the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Why did they go into the trees? He must be tired of all the rumors as well. Ha! He probably loves that everyone is talking about him. It helps his ego get bigger. The bell ringing cutting my thoughts short. I gathered my stuff and headed to my fifth-period class. I really couldn't care less about what those populars do. It never made sense anyway. Thankfully, the rest of the day was uneventful. Of course, the rumors still swirled around the stupid excuse to get drunk and make reckless decisions that Aiden calls a party. But I really wasn't expecting anything else. I collapse face first on my bed the minute I walk into my room. The familiar purple blanket comforts me as I snuggle into it for a little while. I woke up to my mom calling me down to dinner. Damn, I didn't mean to fall asleep. I reluctantly stand and head downstairs where the smell of spaghetti and garlic bread surrounded me and made my stomach grumble. Immediately my parents dive into a conversation about their days and the new things at work. Ryder talked about his soccer practice and how his team dominated over the other team in the scrimmage. ( his words not mine). “I'm also sleeping at Danny's house Friday night if that is cool” My mom looked over to my dad who gave a small nod. “That's fine, honey” I stare at my parents almost in shock. WHAT?! They aren't even going to ask why? Do they not even have a suspicion that it is because he is going to a party? If I were to just say that I am spending the night somewhere I would get the third degree and the five W's - Who, What, Where, When and Why. Must be nice to be the perfect child. I hope he has the worse hangover Saturday morning and that I can get a picture.
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