Chapter 3

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Friday The school is practically buzzing with excitement and it seems that I may very well be the only one not going to this party. Not that I, nor anyone else for that matter, really minds. It even seemed that I was the only one doing school work in general. Seriously, if everyone could have ditched school today they would have, even Ryder. He had already asked one of Ashley’s clones to the party. Doesn’t he know that the clones can’t think without their one shared brain cell that currently resides in Ashley? Oh, maybe that is what he wants though, an easy target. The little man w***e I couldn’t help but laugh. Obviously, I love my brother, but he tends to think with little Ryder and not his brain. I wonder if I were a guy if I would be that way? Weird thought I know, but I can’t help but think what it would be like if we were twin boys. Would I still be a nobody? or would I be like Ryder? I am pulled out of my thoughts by a bunch of giggling girls walking by talking about the event of the year. I only have one class yet and I can’t handle this stupid party anymore. I am going to do the one thing that I have never done before..... I am going to ditch last period and go home (Cue gasps). In my head, it was going to be difficult, I would have to be very careful. I can almost hear the Mission Impossible theme music in my head, as I start heading for the front doors. I would need to stick close to the walls, so if anyone pops out I can pretend to be invisible. In reality, I walked through the doors and away from school. No one stopped me, no one noticed. Damn, All that planning for nothing. I walk in the front door, relieved that I won’t have to deal with any more ‘excitement’ over the party. Finally, it will be over. All that will be left is drunken remnants of what happened. Which actually I find rather enjoyable. My only hope is that someone does something super embarrassing and it is caught on video. Well, I know what I am doing tonight, Supernatural binge on Netflix! I grab my favorite pillow from my bed and a throw blanket from the closet and make myself a little nest on the couch. Saturday It was just after noon when I decided to break from my Dean, Sam, and Castiel marathon. I was starving and the only thing that sounded really good right now was pizza rolls. I don’t remember where my parents said they were going, only that they were talking while Castiel was trying to talk to Dean and I could only focus on one thing. So I just waved from the couch as they walked out. I started the oven as I arranged the pizza rolls on the tray when the sound of the front door closing caught my attention. Now, one would think that being a seventeen-year-old girl, home alone, I would be scared to hear the front door close. But I am not. I have nothing of value and my parents keep their safe locked and only they know the code. Plus, what would anybody want with me, I am a nobody. So I continue to make my lunch, slipping the tray into the waiting oven. “Ellie - Aspirin” Ryder whined from the living room and I couldn’t help but laugh. I should have known that he would come home hungover - how could I have considered any other option. I grabbed a bottle of water and two aspirin and walked into the living room. The smell was overwhelmingly strong - stale alcohol like the party was here last night. I gagged a little as I looked Ryder over. “You look like hell” and I wasn’t lying. Ryder sat on the couch with his head back looking at the ceiling. His familiar Hazel eyes were clouded over with dark rings under them. His skin was pale and his hair was unkempt, standing up in all different directions. I hand him the pills and the water which he takes thankfully. I sit on the other end of the couch watching with amusement as he contorts his face in discomfort. Hazards of drinking, I smirk. “So how was the infamous 18th birthday party of Aiden Stone?” I didn’t really care - I was just more curious to find out if any of the rumors were true. “Soooo much alcohol” His hangover voice reminding me of a whining five-year-old. It doesn’t come as a surprise that there was alcohol at the party. I mean what is it about high school kids wanting to drink anyway? We are at the peak of our lives, so why drink it away with moments that you might not remember. “booty booty rockin everywhere” Ryder continued in a sing-song voice. Of course, that doesn’t surprise me either. Besides, if any of the rumors are true, it is that Aiden and his friends slept with as many of the girls there as they could. “Well, sounds like everyone had a grand ole time.” I stood up and walked closer to him “Come on Ry, I’ll help you upstairs” I grab his hand and begin pulling him off the couch, which isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. He is heavy and not helping me at all. “Nope” He laughed as he popped the ‘p’ over and over again. I just rolled my eyes. Maybe he wasn’t hungover but still a little drunk. “Come on” One more pull and I had him successfully off the couch, one arm slung around his waist the other holding his arm around my shoulders. “Aiden didn’t even stay for his whole party. He left after an hour or so with Mason, Blake and Luke” Was that jealousy I detected? My brother, who is practically a popular himself, couldn’t possibly be jealous that he isn’t one of Aiden’s goons, could he? Wait - they left an active party early? Why would four teenage boys leave a party early, especially if there was booty everywhere as Ryder so delicately put it? Well s**t, maybe they were planning a robbery.
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