The contract

485 Words
When Hana woke up, she was under the blackthorn tree. She has no recollection of what happened, all she can remember from her fuzzy memory was the man with the silver hair... "Maybe it was all a dream"..she told herself. Her grandma was very worried looking for her. "Where did you go? I was looking for you everywhere..." her grandma said. "I was doing my morning stroll and I got tired so I take a nap here"... she said. "I'm sorry to make you worry grandma...she added. "It's ok but don't do that again"...grandma said. "Yes grandma. I promise..." Her grandma was thankful that Hana is safe and so they went home. ******* Kieran was staring at the unconscious girl, he was captivated by the smell of her blood. It has a unique and sweet flavor that allure him to have a taste.The shadows that hiding in the dark are also waiting for their chance... "What are you doing here all alone?... Didn't your parents warned you about the danger that lurks here?...So careless, yet you're still lucky"... he said... "I'll help you since you asked me but in exchange you'll be my bride... What do you say?".. he asked... Hmmm. You can't answer nor you have a choice. So it's settled"... he said. He licked all of her wounds and instantly it was healed. He put his hand on her chest, a light appeared and slowly the mark of a flower emerged. He sealed it with his blood... "This right here (pointed at flower on her chest) is our contract."... he said. "One day I'll come and meet you.".. Then he stood up and shout.."This girl is my bride, anyone who lay a finger on her will be dead."...warned Kieran. The dark shadows got scared and disappear. Kieran is a very powerful vampire, one of the strongest of their kind. No one dares to challenge him to a fight, even thinking about it will bring shivers to anyone's bones. In the past someone who even tried are long dead in a blink of an eye... "Your scent and blood are sweet my little bride."... "I am even tempted to take a bite on that lovely neck of yours."... "But , let's wait until you become a full grown up woman."... "I have all the time in the world." ...he said. Kieran erased the memories of the events. "Forget everything that happened here but of course you'll remember a little about me."... "Don't worry, no one will harm you now."... he whispered. Kieran carried Hana in his arms, then started to walk outside the forest. He saw the blackthorn tree, he slowly put her down under the tree. "Sleep well my bride. Let's meet again soon."... He kissed her on the forehead and started to walk again into the forest until his figure can't be seen.
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