First encounter.

281 Words
Hana is living with her grandmother. The two of them living peacefully in a beautiful town. She lost her mother  while giving birth to her. A year after, her father got involved in an accident and lost his life. She grew up a cheerful and lovable kid. She is headed to the lake for her morning stroll. Watching the sunset became a habit. She was always mesmerized by the beauty of the surrounding, by the sound of the birds singing and the fresh morning air. Her grandma always reminded her not to go far inside the forest. When she was about to go home she heard someone calling her name... "Hana can we be friends?.. the voice said. I'm always alone that's why I'm sad and I don't have friends. Please?...the crying voice added"... Hana felt sorry about it so she go deeper to the forest where the voice came from. "Hello, are you still there?"...she asked. She didn't know where she was, it was dark and quiet. Hana got scared so she decided to go back but she lost her way.  She was crying then suddenly she saw a dark figure behind the tree. "Hello? Can you help me? I'm lost and I can't find my way back'... said Hana. The dark figure didn't answer and it was approaching her. Hana was scared , she ran as fast as she can. She is not even looking where she was going, she fall down and got injured by she didn't stop running. Until she got knocked down and hit her head. She was losing consciousness then she saw a man with a silver hair... "Look what we have here"...the man said. "Please help me".. Hana said before she lost consciousness.
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