Chapter two

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Waking up wondering where I am at, so I sniffed the air and to my dismay I’m in the hospital for the pack.  Growling and moving looking for a phone or a cord or something that can tell me what day, time or how long I have been asleep.  I stopped moving when I heard the fighting outside the door. One person saying she isn’t one of us. Another is saying just let her leave. The third is the alpha telling everyone to shut up. So I closed my eyes and moved to start to get my clothes on. Once the argument was done. Someone came in to check on me or poison me. Either way it doesn’t matter. I’m leaving today. “Hello, Shonna, how are you doing today?” my brother asked me. “I’m alive. How long have I been out?” I asked him without turning around getting my shoes on. “A week. Three days longer than normal.” He said to me. His tone is very businesslike. “It would of took less if someone took me home and laid me in the garden of healing like I normally do.” I grumbled. Then turned around to look at my brother in-law. “They’re right you know.” “About what?” he asked with puzzlement in his brown eyes. “I don’t belong here, this pack, this place.” I said and open my hands wide to empathize what I am saying. “Your sister…” he started as I waved to cut him off “My sister and I may be twins but she will survive me leaving and not returning. You are alpha and you need to make the decision to bring peace to the pack. I moved from pack lands used my own money to buy the land. She is happy with you and the pack. They don’t see me as part of the pack, but an outsider. You need to see this. I have been moving away from the family and pack slowly that they wouldn’t know I was gone.” I said this loud and it was comforting to hear it at the same time it hurt a lot. My brother in law loves my sister and will tear his pack apart if I don’t leave. So to drill the point home “No matter what, you, my sister, and your children will be allowed to find my property, but no one else will. And to put things to perspective for you. My wolf will not rise. She has been sleeping and might be for a long time. Any ways no amount of arguing will change that. I will stay to train the man that broke most of my bones. But then you will release me as a pack member. Is that agreeable terms?” I asked at the end of it The unshed tears in his eyes said it all. He looked away and I looked down to give him privacy. “Your sister found something about your family, and she knows that you would like to know about it. She said to tell you that twins will leave each other you will be mated by the blood moons rising. That and no matter what will happen you will always be family. Don’t see your niece or your sister gather your stuff you are…” he is crying as he said the last of his words. “You are…officially out of the pack please gather your stuff and be out of here by night fall.” He turned and walked away.   Right before he walked away “Thank you brother give them hugs from me.” I said in a soft tone as the door closed. The rest of the pack that heard this was quiet. They won, but they’d seen cost to the alpha. By the time I checked out and went to pay my bill the nurse said it was paid for. “It’s the least I can do for you. You have helped so much I’m sorry that you’re out but don’t hesitate to call me.” She said and slipped a card with her number and address on it. I turned and walked out of the hospital and walked home.                 It was about sunset when I got on my property. That’s when the howling started. Tears in my eyes I walked into my garden to let myself collapse as the first tremors to over me. “I’m finally out of the pack” I said allowed so that I can hear it, they wanted me gone and they finally got their way. Shaking my head I got up and went into my house and just by a thought, the lights came on. So I relaxed on the couch and turned up my radio up to drowned out the howls of the neighbors.                 As I slept my mind was running through a forest. White paws hitting the ground in rhythmic beats. The forest was lush and green. Lots of birds and prey around. My wolf is free and running having fun until I caught the most wonderful sent. As I got closer to this mouth-watering vanilla lavender sent, I skidded to a halt. In front of a pair of beautiful hazel eyes.  I transformed back into my human self and lips cascaded down and crashed into mine. With the voice telling me that I’m his, and he is mine. I woke up to someone hitting my wards. Growling as I grabbed my wand and a kit to spell away the poor fool. But it was the black wolf that slammed me down and broke my bones. How the hell did he find me. Using a door I made for things like this I walked through the wall like it was nothing. The rampaging wolf stopped and really looked at me. Dressed in my emerald green robe with my fire hair curling around me in an unkept mess. Along with my mahogany staff with a large moon stone on the top of it. Yes, this full moon makes me look fae. The look of pure bliss came over his face. Then he backed up so I can out of the protection of my ward. “What do you want wolf?” I asked. He took a step forward as I took one back. “I am not permitted on those grounds. As you are not permitted to be on mine. Please understand that I am not pack. Go back and leave.” With that statement he went wild. That’s when I felt the shift inside of me. She’s waking up. Damn her I thought. So I waved my hand and let him pass through the ward. Then I sealed him in with me. My legs gave way so I collapsed in my garden for the second time that night. Once in the garden he changed. I got up with the help of my staff and pulled my self into the house to get him some clothes. By the time I got back out there he was changed so I tossed him clothes.                 Once dressed he looked at me with gorgeous hazel eyes and asked me. “Why did he toss you out my love?” “The pack doesn’t like me. They think that I never should have been born.” I said simply though my wolf was howling in happiness. “Witch?” he simply asked but interest is there. “yes my sister the Alphas wife and I are twins we were adopted out when our mom and dad were killed in the war. Our birth father and our birth mother were slain but with a bit of magic she kept us alive by using the slain wolf one for each of us and binding them into us, it created a hybrid. Most of our heritage is hidden from the others. Especially after what did happen a few years ago.” I said and sat on a bench at the edge of the garden.  He took a clue to sit to hear my story. “Before you continue. I want to say my wolf has not reacted this badly before, it was like you are its… obsession.” He said with a puzzled look, and I giggled. “your wolf has found his mate. This is a normal feeling. My wolf she was asleep but now she is waking I feel that you’re to blame for this.” I said and laughed. He looked confused and so handsome. Damn I have it bad, but I continued, “I put her to rest for many reasons. One is not my story to tell. The other is that she is suicidal. Ever since the mate that she found rejected her in a big way. Once he knew I was not normal he….” I trailed off to shudder a bit the wolf that was listening to all this came up and nuzzled me.   That’s when we heard a scream. Breaking the silence that was the forest. With out Question he shifted as I shifted into an owl to fly faster. He was able to keep up that’s good. My thoughts were distracted with my sisters cry of hate and sorrow. Sister what is it? What is happening? Ash was taken and we can’t find her. Please find her the trail sent was left was him. My next thoughts were f**k, f**k, f**k. I prayed to the moon goddess for strength to find her before he hurts her. Within minutes I found the clearing where my nice was held captive.  I landed and shifted and walked out of the shadows. I hear, “It’s good to see you child.” The guy came out of the shadows. The bastard I wish I did kill him when I had the chance. When I didn’t respond he continued with “You remember my son?” he asked like I couldn’t. “Yes I do. In fact that he was to never come near me or mine. After he beat me, r***d me, and throw me to his buddies that did the same. Because of that, I came into my power as a witch.” I said standing up.  Moving to my niece and picking her up and took her to the wolf only to whisper in his mind to get her out of here. “you hear that. Son, you’ve created a witch.” He taunted his voice was low. I whispered a spell to keep my niece safe from harm and to send one to protect the pack as well. I raised my hands to the sky and when lighting answered me. I knew my sister was pissed. At least I have back up coming. Growling next to me was my potential mate. I moved to put my hand possessively on him. Digging my fingers into his fur. And smiled sweetly. “I remember it as well. Your son rejected me in a very public manner.” I said then started to sweat because it’s been awhile since I had to face that reality. “True, but he wants you back. We found out what your real heritage is. Witch.” He snarled the other wolfs behind him snarled. As he is doing this. I was sending my sister the information. To only grab her daughter and leave. It’s not her or the packs fight.  “This child of the moon is mine.” The son snarled I laughed, “I was pregnant but the baby was lost. And this child is of my sister. She is only my niece.” “Lies! Lies! Lies!” The son shouted. That’s when that alpha realized what happened, and he backed off. “Son she was pregnant when you tossed her aside and put that type of stress on her body?!” He asked and shouted at the same time. “Sir can I get my niece away, so her pack can come and take her to the healer?” I asked softly “Yes you can. I have some things to discuss with my pup.” He said. I looked over at the mystery wolf to give him a signal to get my niece away. Once away I released my full power. “May I have a chat with your pup?” I asked with a deep power filled voice. The alpha looked up shocked that I had this much power leashed. He nodded and grabbed his son by the head and threw him at my feet. “Beg for mercy pup.” He said and walked away. “I want you and your pack to stay here and listen to this.” I said and they stopped so I started talking, “To the false moon pack and to the ones that beat me and r***d me. Justice is coming and it will have no mercy. You all that participated in the festivities that hurt my family friends and my personal life. I decree that if any of you step foot on my land again. I will kill you in the most enjoyable way I can provide.” With that said my hair caught fire my eyes glowed bright green as lighting strikes the ground around me. Someone turned and ran and one screamed that I was a freak. As they all left me alone in the woods.  All the while the wolf that was by my side didn’t doubt me or look at me as a freak. But a look I have never seen in my life so I started in the direction of home. “Make sure Ash get the healing that she needs.” With that I left him and Ash alone.   
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