Chapter one

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The flashing blue and red lights blinded my eyes, as the rain pounded on my shoulders like tiny fingers of the dead.  Water droplets dripping off my cold fingers as I fumbled with a smoke and my lighter. “Hey, need a light?” a rough voice said behind me. Turning around, I became aware of a patrol officer. “That bad?” I ask as I let him light my smoke. His eyes are wide in shock. Those haunted blue eyes saw something horrible. The only other thing I’ve seen that told me this is bad, is the fact that the officers were standing around not wanting to be near the scene. Slick back roads, combined with a building storm just screams wreck, lovely. The officer’s were drinking coffee and downing smokes like they were shots all around me. The thing that got me was the silence; no sirens, rain and flashing lights. I begin walking to the scene and as I reach the yellow tape, I walk under it to see why everyone is on edge. As I approached the start of it, the big yellow bus is on its side. Some of the bodies are hanging out of the side. As I got closer the smell of death got stronger. That’s when I see the marks that was made by a large animal. The worst was seeing the whole football team ripped apart. The poor kids were slaughtered and didn’t have a chance. While shaking my head as I got closer to try to smell any sent, any at all. The rain was making my job difficult.  I couldn’t smell anything but heard a faint heartbeat. A faint beat that was slowly turning into a thrum of life. Curious. “Hey, I got a breather here!” I yelled over the rain. When an ambulance driver came near me, I realized that he and I are pack members, he gave me a knowing look. “Give me a hand Shonna?” he asked even if it was more of an order. I shrugged and help dig for the breather. After a few minutes of removing severed body parts out of the way, we found the source of the heartbeat. It was the alpha’s human daughter.  I looked at Gannon and he looked sick. As he began to back away, I stood up and offered my hand, she was awake, thank goddess. “Ash are you okay? Are you hurt?” I asked quietly. She shook her head as she winced while taking my hand as I help pull her out of the rubble. “Where is my dad?” she asked in a strong tone. “At home waiting on your phone call to pick you up. Would you mind if Gannon looked you over to make sure you’re not hurt?” I asked. “No. The thing was a wolf that attacked us. He said he was looking for the alpha. He announced that he would not stop till he had his head. So, I hid among the dead to hide who I am.” She said as she tried to smooth her hair back in place.  With that, I kept her near me so we wouldn’t get separated. I grabbed a blanket from the ambulance and walked her to my car. Thank god I got to her and not the others. The looks from the other cops had questions, but since they’re on the payroll for the Alpha, no one tried stopped us.   Once I got her in my car, I locked the doors and tinted my windows. I took out my cell and called my twin. “Hey sis your daughter is fine. Yes. I have her. She is as strong willed as you are, and has nerves of steel like Brother. Ash was on the bus that got attacked. Yeah, it was a wolf group.  She said that they are after your husband. They killed everyone on the bus except Ash. She hid under the c*****e. Gannon and I dug her out. She said they won’t stop till they have his head. Would you please reinforce the wards and I’ll get her home.” I said and closed the phone, then started the car to leave when something slammed the car. To my surprise Ash did not scream but growled. I pressed a button to engage the all-wheel drive and started up the mountain. Driving up a mountain with something trying to slam me off course. “So, are you getting your wolf?” I asked interested. She nodded her head then said yes in a low voice. Damn I got to get her home. She started to look out the window as I came up to the cliff. I pressed down on the accelerator to fly off the cliff, while I chanted for the wind to help my car over the crossing and safely back down the other side. Once done, I cloaked the car. My route home took us a good hour to get back to the pack house. The minute we stopped, the change took her. She ripped the door off to get out and on to the grass.                 “Damn it! Alpha get your furry ass out here now. Your daughter is changing into a wolf!” I yelled out into the darkness. If it were just anyone else, I would just leave and go home. Rolling my eyes, I used my gift to make the change hurt less for her. It was the most I could do. I may have pack status, but most of the pack does not like me being around. It hurts but my wolf does not like just anyone, and she has yet to pick a mate, if there is one. So, she decided to go to sleep or not show up. Which I am fine for the most part, but I am worried that nothing will excite her. The howl of the alpha and his mate split the night air. Then, once I sensed them, I left them alone with their daughter. But before I got to my car I was slammed on the ground by another wolf, teeth bared and holding my neck down. Then I heard the phrase mate, before I had time to react to this news. My niece was on him, nearly tearing him apart. Thankfully the alpha got here in time to separate the two wolfs before they tore each other up.                 As the fight ended, I found that my body was not responding at all. That’s when I felt her rise and sniff, then howled mate, then whimper. I also found that my niece was standing over me, bearing down on the new wolf and her parents.  “Alpha, this is Ash over me. Don’t attack her. She was protecting me because I was using a spell to ease her first change.” Panting because my body hurt a lot. I heard the huff of irritation as I realized the wolf that hit me broke bones. f**k, he hit me hard. Damn I can’t be left alone, can I. When a low voice growled in frustration. Don’t think that. He was only trying to protect your niece. He is new and has not met you. My sister thought to me Is he my replacement so I can leave? I thought back. No. He is a new pack member to be trained by you. I don’t want you to leave us, neither does your brother in-law. She said with a pleading note. I will talk with you both on this issue later. I can’t move. He kind of broke things, and it’s hard to breathe. So can you please take me home so I can go heal? Away form others, please.  As soon as that thought went to my sister everything went black with a small voice telling me mate, mate, mate. 
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