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He lowered his head and angrily placed a kiss on my lips, I had felt the passion, love and compassion in his previous kisses but right now he was venting out all his anger. He bit my lower lip hard until it was completely swollen and began to bleed, I wanted to cry in pain but he didn't give me a chance and his tongue pried my mouth open and with the help of it he pulled my tongue into his mouth and then bit my tongue.

At this moment he was completely consumed by anger and out of his senses, I wanted to use my magic to get rid of him but I could not do that too as he had one of my wrists twisted which was now turning numb with pain and the other was pinned above my head against the wall. Soon his fangs pierced my tongue and this time finally a sharp painful shout left my throat and hit his lips. My lips were now trembling and I just wanted to push him away but as much as I tried that, he kept pushing his body against mine making me loose my mind completely.

My painful voice brought him back to his senses and his lips and teeth finally left my mouth, tears flowed through my eyes due to the pain and I looked at him angrily that was when he finally spoke "I told you to be careful but you do every possible thing to rile me up. Your scent is completely different from every person on this earth, it is so appealing and inviting that anyone can find you and that means that no matter how hard you try, you can't escape from me."

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One Strange Trip
It all seems strange when I think about the day we met and the way we spent our days. Before that how my life had totally changed one day, in a really strange and fantastic way. I was just 15, became a perfectionist at 22. Before I tell you about my life I would like to tell you how we met. It was a really pleasant day. Everything was set and everyone was ready. It was the perfect day to give my wild thoughts a chance to come alive. I checked my car thrice so that it should not break down in the way. My excitement did not let me sleep all night; it seemed as if the time had stopped. In some corner of my heart I was scared to face my thoughts but made a firm decision to do so. I spend the night thinking of what to do. At 4:00, I was finally up and got ready, packed the left over stuff. It was seven; I still had 2 hrs to go so I preferred to listen to music. I was asleep within few minutes waiting for my friends. “Isabel, you are yet sleeping!” Jessica said waking me up. I trembled and got up “Oh!  No I am ready, was just waiting for you. Let’s go.” “Yeah I am so excited” all four of them shouted together. “Wait just let me bring my bag” saying this I rushed inside, took my bag and kissed mom goodbye and then came back out. In few minutes we all were in the car and started the trip “Bel, where are we going, at least tell it now.” Selena asked sarcastically. “O just shut up. We are going for mountain climbing” What! All shouted at me “How can you do this” Ashlie shouted at me “this is not a surprise it is a shock. It is not possible, you know we don’t like all this.” “Stop the car! I think you owe us an explanation for lying” Betty demanded. “Listen guys, please stop freaking out, had I told you, you would never have accompanied me and moreover we will have the experts with us for our safety. It will be fun so please don’t say no.” “But… “Come on jess if you people don’t like it you can come back” I cut her sentence. “It can be dangerous.” “Come on, Ash you can’t be scared. Please…” After some argument everybody agreed and we continued our trip. I put on the music to cheer them up. “We will keep it low.” Jess almost shouted. “Hmm…” Four of them were so scared that the literary did not talk all the way. We stopped near a park, had our lunch and talked about our camping and climbing. “We will be there by six.” “Please let me drive. Your driving is pathetic.” Selena warned “O come on” “No means no. you are not driving” “Ok” Selena drove the rest of the tip. We entered the forest area at five. “This place is s..s..o..o.. s…c…a…r…y” Ash stumbled. “Sel, stop the car. What’s that blocking the way” “Let’s see” “Ok, come with me” We went ahead and noticed that somebody’s car had broken down in the way but soon we later realized that those people were eve teasers when they ran behind us teasing. As I turned back to fight Sel held my head and stopped me. They followed us to the car which angered me and scared Selena. “In the car, Selena” I went back to settle everything. “Ooooo, wanna go for a ride…….” One of them was about to tease that I punched in his face. “Ouch!” he gave me a wild look with his bleeding nose “So you will tease me, enjoy the consequences.” They all came together to attack. Everyone in the car was scared and I stood there confidently but inside, my heart was beating so hard that it could come out. “This was the first and the last mistake you have done. Be ready to bear the consequences” I had already excited them and I stood numb over there realizing that I had put my hand in tiger’s cage and now I could not escape as I was surrounded by them. One of them held me by my waist and touched me all over. I kicked him and escaped. All the girls came out of the car and saw me beat everyone which literally shocked them. Their boss went to my friends and fired in the sky then put the g*n on Jessica’s head and asked me to stop beating. He called his fellow to take the charge of the g*n so that he could come to me. “One move and your friend dies” he warned me holding me and pulling me towards him. I tried to save myself but stopped seeing him move the revolver. It scared me and now my heart was beating at it’s fastest speed and it felt like it would soon come out. I knew that either I would be in danger or Jess would die. He started misbehaving with me but I could not move as Jess’s life was already in danger. “Please beat him. Don’t worry I will handle this” Jess shouted which mad them laugh. I took the opportunity of their evil laughter and threw a stone at g*n. “Run…..fast…..run…..” I shouted at them and then started beating them again but suddenly someone pushed me, I rolled down the slanting area and hit myself on head followed by a noise of gunshot. Before falling unconscious I could see someone beating them. “Come fast! She’s awake” Selena almost shouted when I opened my eyes. My head was hurting and I found myself in a strange place. “That’s good, feel comfortable” he addressed me “Hello, I am Dr. Lukas Black, How do you feel now?” “Where are we” I asked Jess. Ash came forward and spoke excitedly “Let me explain.” “Do u see that handsome guy, he saved your life” she pointed to a really handsome gentleman, who was standing far away and but Ash still lowered her voice so that only I could hear her but that person was smiling as if he could hear everything. I silently observed the family and felt that they were strange maybe very different from normal people. “Bel are you listening.” Ash waked me up “Sorry, will you please repeat it. I feel dizzy” “Ok he is James, Lukas’s son. He was the one who pushed you away because that person teasing you, was about to shoot you. He came in pushed you and fought with them and the bullet shot his arm, look. I called the police till he fought with them. By the time police came in they all were unconscious so they were easily arrested. We were helping the inspector and he picked you up with his injured arm and brought you here and as you already know his father is a doctor who treated you.” “He is so strong I think I am in love with him” Sel almost blushed and I could see James smile too as if he heard what she said and suddenly he looked at me as if he was trying to find out something about me but he could not. “Hello” a beautiful lady came out with a bowl of soup. I am Emily, Lukas’s wife.” She helped me get up and served me with the soup. “Thank you, Mrs. Black, will you please introduce me to your family” “Sure, he is Will my son.” she pointed out to a man who was standing with another beautiful lady. “and she is his wife Ella and this is my youngest son James” “Thanks for saving me, had your family not been there I would have been dead” “Credit goes to James; he was fortunately present there and saved you at the right time” “em.. Thank you” I turned to thank him only to hear his embarrassing reply. “Hmmm…” His strange reaction amazed me, it felt like he held his breath. My blank look made him conscious so he turned towards his dad, they had some silent talk and he went outside. “I must say you are a really strong and brave girl” his mom interrupted my thoughts “Please have your soup before it turns cold. It seemed as if she was trying to cover up for my doubts but it was not easy and she could see that in my eyes. My friends now had a new topic of discussion as they were overwhelmed by James’s charm. His family expected the same from me maybe because this was the only way this family hid their secret. They definitely felt insecure by my suspicious reactions so I tried to behave normal and come out of my thoughts. “Soup is too good, you are a really nice cook” “Come on, this was nothing” she said it with some relief thinking that my reaction was because of the trauma I had. “I think it’s too late so we should leave, we came here for camping and mountain climbing.” This statement made the whole family stare at me but I could not find the reason behind it. Suddenly Emily made some plan in her mind and told me to stay that night “You can stay here tonight and tomorrow we can go climbing together. We were planning this since a long time but were not able to execute the plan and you may be the reason we can go now.” Before I could say anything my friends shouted in excitement “Off course, why not it would be fun.” They were so excited by the thought that James would accompany them. This was exciting for me too as I could come to know the reason behind the strange behavior of the family. I smiled on my friends’ reaction so a reverse smile came from Emily and she went away leaving us alone. “Doesn’t this family appears strange to you” “Nothing’s like that. Just go to sleep and it will be normal for you too by tomorrow, it’s just the trauma that you are undergoing right now.” Jess said sleepily. I was sure something was wrong as I knew I was not in trauma. I knew it was useless to talk to them so I tried to sleep and wait for the morning that would be only if I were to sleep that night because when I finally drifted off to sleep, I felt the wind blow by my face so I got up to close the window but before I could do that I had totally stopped breathing at what I saw.

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