Grandfather's Words

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When Prince turned 15 years old his grandfather took him for a tour to the hills of West Bengal with the motive to tell him the history of his dynasty. In those four days what Prince heard changed his entire life. He said, look Prince I am getting old, I don't know how long will I survive, and you are also 15, so I believe you are matured enough to listen to the history of our dynasty and understand your work to do- for the family and the entire burden of protecting the property and lives of the family members and the poor peasants who are honest and loyal to our dynasty is on your shoulders. Thus your shoulders must be strong enough to do the work assigned by me. And you have to promise me to keep this a secret and no one else would know about this. I have kept all the previous wills prepared by our ancestors from time to time safely in different parts of the country and I've also prepared codes and signals which will take you to those wills and you have to produce those wills as and where required. All the Codes are chalked in this red diary and you will only open this diary when someone talks of selling the property. I and my three brothers will not be able to sell the property, but the next generation is the generation of your uncles, and aunts are too eager to sell the property to make quick money. But for us, this property is historic and is been build by our ancestors over a period of time so this should not go to the hands of the land-hungry promoters who buy properties at very small rates and sells them at high rates to rich people. In the next few days, I am going to tell you about the works of our ancestors and then your role in the entire process.      Now for a 15-year-old kid, it was quite difficult to understand all these things, but as you know heroes are always born with some extra merits and talent. And this hero is no less than a superhero, who is going to fulfill his grandfather's wish and God knows what is there in that Red diary. 
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