Indroduction of the Protagonist

182 Words
    Prince was born in present-day Kolkata, West Bengal to a middle-class mother and father. His grandfather Ramakant Roy was the one who gave up all the comforts of the luxuries available to the Zamindar family and left the Banaras Mansion before the independence and moved to Calcutta(now Kolkata) and settled down. Mr. Ramakant Ray had four sons and one daughter but none of them had a son except the last son. When the son was born finally there was a huge celebration in the house in Kolkata, but back in Banaras Mansion in Sripur of Hooghly district, there was a gloomy atmosphere, as the rest of the dynasty was not happy with the birth of the last zamindar. The newborn child was named prince as he was the only male member of his generation in the entire dynasty. Not only the members of the Banaras Mansion unhappy but some of the local people were also extremely unpleased with the birth of the male child in the Roy family. The reason for their grief will be understood as the story progresses.
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