383 Words

Blair's pov

"Viv for the last time I don't want to go to some fuckin party" 

she crosses her arms and says "you need a man Blair. The last one was a asshole. Maybe one to tame your crazy ass" 

I roll my hazel eyes at her and tell her "I'm done lettin some man dictate me and what I do" 

she pleads "then come out and just have some fun. Ricci misses ya" 

Ricci is her cousin. He's a wealthy ass fucker, owns some companies all over. 

I huff and give in "fine. When does the party start?" 

She informs "soon" 

I sigh going and taking a shower then dressing in a tight black cropped long sleeve shirt and a short leather skirt and black thigh high boots that are heeled. 

I walk out my room and Vivian asks "ready?" I nod.

We go out to the driver and we head to the club. 

Enzo's pov

Everything's been taken care of. I just need to see if that b***h comes through with my money. Which I already know he won't. More fun for me. We walk in the club going to the vip. I shake ricci's hand and we start on business. He's talking about the drugs and guns but I catch the glimpse of something else. 


Less taps my shoulder I continue concentrating on the deal. It's not bad. 

I wave Francesco over and inform "you have a deal Ricci. We'll take some of the shipment and you'll take some of the money as a sign of good faith" 

he nods waving one of his guys over and we exchange the items. I nod to Francesco and he leaves putting the fraction we have in the car. Gangs run this entire state of California. Mine runs most of it, a good 80%. People like Ricci is a supplier who wants in good with us. We got guns and drugs selling and coming in from here to Rome. Everybody wants in bed with us. Even the douches who run the other 10 and 10% of this state. I don't like em. 

Ricci says "help yourself to anything you want. If ya wanna f**k a bar tender go right ahead. A stripper? Go right ahead. Have fun fellas. Everything's on me tonight"

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