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Enzo's pov I wake up with two chicks in my bed. Last night was fun. I shake them awake and...I don't know their names. Then again I never do. The one on my right says "good morning daddy" sexy. But they've fulfilled what I brought them to one of my many hotels for. I f**k once and then I throw them away. With the kind of life I have there's no room for weaknesses. I say "get going. You've outlived your usefulness" I want my bed to myself.  They scoff and say "you're such a f*****g asshole!" I say "yada yada yada. Just go. We all know you want my c**k back in both your holes and your loud ass mouths." They scoff and get dressed and leave. Finally...peace. I huff when my prepaid phone rings. Whelp looks like I have business to attend to.  I answer it "what?" My right hand man Alessandro says "aye boss we got a meeting later tonight at Ricci's club. He wants to sell us some drugs and guns. It's looking real promising boss" I say "what time?" He says "10. They threw this party specifically for us." I say "alright fine. Anything else. He says "Rico. Boss" I say "did you catch that fucker who's been stealing our s**t?!" He says "yes. We got him surrounded. He has no idea what we got in store for him he thinks he's just coming into work" I say "good. Who was he selling our s**t to" he says "no one. He was taking our shit." I say "you're telling me that one of your men that you hired is a f*****g drug addict and smoked up and shot up all my f*****g s**t?!"  He says "boss I didn't hire Rico. Georgie did." I say "tell that f*****g i***t that he owes me $123,000 and I want that s**t within 2 days. If he doesn't pull through I'll feed his family to my f*****g piranhas in front of him and make him clean their fuckin blood up off my fuckin floor with his tongue. I know his dirty trick of a wife got aids and I'll leave him to fuckin suffer through that s**t"  There's no room for fuckin mistakes around here. I'm runnin a fuckin empire and idiots like Georgie doesn't have enough smarts to do a simple fuckin background check and routine drug tests. There ain't no room for fuckin junkies around here. Yeah we party and drink but that's it. We smoke bud and might sniff some coke here and there but none of us are fuckin junkies and that s**t doesn't fly when there's a fuckin job to do. Alessandro says "you want me to tell them that?" I huff and say "yeah you know i like to see em beg. After he contracts the illness lock him up somewhere." He says "what if he doesn't get it?" I say "then find some sick junkie of a w***e and make sure he does" he says "and Rico what are we doin with him?" I say "somethin....worse"  Our Italian accents thick. He says "I always knew you were f****d in the head boss" I chuckle. We grew up together, built this together. He's like a brother to me. My empire would be a measly ass kingdom without him here. He woulda gotten off easy if he did hire Rico. But he's just as twisted as I am. Sometimes more. Which is why we get along so fuckin well. He says "yknow havin a b***h to clean and cook for ya ain't that bad. Neither is havin little spawns to carry the name" I roll my eyes and say "you already know Less, there isn't a b***h on this planet that could make me put a fuckin rock on her finger and my sperm in her p***y. The day that that s**t happens will be the day hell freezes over" he says "you know I can't wait for the day some pretty ass, tough b***h walks her ass into your life and turns that s**t upside down and makes you her b***h. I can see it now." I scoff and say "there isn't a b***h on earth that'll make me stick to one p***y. That's your thing not mine less" he says "you say that like you don't want someone to carry your legacy" I say "that's what you're here for and those little spawns ya got yellin in the background" he chuckle and says "when whoever she is comes I'll be here to tell you I told you so. I gotta go and tame the zoo boss remember. 10 o clock" before hanging up.
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