Meeting the demon

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Isabella The window of the car rolled down before the passenger door opened; much to my dismay. I had no other option but to comply. I looked at the man sitting on the driver's seat. He wore black button up shirt and dark jeans. His dark hair were falling over his forehead, his jaw clenched, his eyes were trained ahead. I tensed at the impassive expression hooding his face. But again, he never depicted his emotions. Expressionless, as a stone. His eyes were inhumane, fire lurking into his forest green eyes with golden freckles. But again, he wasn't a human. He was a demon; unforgiving, barbaric and vicious.  I felt myself freezing into his beauty. He was too beautiful for a demon residing in Hell. I met him months ago. He saved me from an accident. His giant six feet, five inch frame engulfing my five feet, four inch figure. I never saw him before, neither in our residence, nor ever in the city. I still remember distinctly, when he told me he was a demon, protecting me from the danger.  "Guardian angel?" I remember myself asking him timidly. My mind mocking at me. A demon as a guardian angel?  "No. I'm a demon. Not any angel." His gruff yet strong and deep voice replied.  Since then I would bump into him occasionally. Or better, when I found myself in danger. Last time I met him was two weeks ago. I was returning back from my shift when the rain suddenly started pouring mercilessly along with storm. He suddenly appeared in front of me and flew me to my dorm. His existence sometimes sounds insane but he was real as the day. His daunting aura was suffocating me as much as it excited me.  I looked at him with my questioning gaze when he sat there idly, not starting his so expensive car.  "Seat belt." He demanded in vexation.  I almost rolled my eyes at his demanding tone but complied. His knuckles turned white with his tight grip on the steering wheel. His eyes were darker than usual. He was anything but calm, anything but happy. I rubbed my sweaty palms across my jeans. We had a surreptitious relationship; if I could even call it a relationship. No one knew about him, no one saw him. No one knew I had a demon on my trail, saving me from my supposed danger. I almost flinched when he took a sharp turn, increasing my heartbeat. I glared at the demon beside me. What made him so angry that he was risking our, or better my life with his rash driving? "Why are you so grumpy?"  He glowered at me. The fire lurking inside his eyes flared at my sharp tone. He absolutely hated disrespect. He was one respected and high designated demon. His lips pulled in a snarl when I pinned him with my own glare. His aversion for me was very clear on his face. "I was preparing for a war! But I had to cease it because a certain somebody couldn't keep themselves out of trouble." His deep voice growled at me. I looked away when guilt clouded my chest. But who gave him the right to snap at me? I never called him, nor did I ever asked for his help. I was living fine before he came and I certainly could live without him. "This time it wasn't my fault. The principal was being a jerk. Besides, I just got suspended, you didn't had to leave the Hell for me being suspended." I replied back pathetically. I massaged the back of neck while he clenched his jaw and took another sharp turn. My breath hitched as he drove insanely. I felt my temper flaring with my heartbeat. "I sensed danger." He replied gruffly. I looked out of the window as I watched my college passing by. The college had a big campus. "Oh."  I was still looking outside because sharing a space with him made me anxious. The fact that his unforgiving power could kill me within a second. Though he never gave me a reason to distrust him but then again nobody in my life ever gave me a reason to trust them. I felt his hand brushing against my knees when he placed something on my lap. I looked down at the two Kit-Kat bars, he placed, making me smile broadly at him.  "Thank you." I beamed at him and all he gave was a curt nod.  It was sort of our thing, even though we aren't a thing. He would always bring me two bars of Kit-Kat chocolate. Doesn't matter if he was as grumpy as now; or angry at me, he'll always brings chocolates with him. I happily unwrapped the chocolate before pushing the untouched bar towards him. But like always, he shook his head. I shrugged before munching on my chocolate. I silently ate both of my bars before sliding the wrapper into the side pocket of my satchel.   "Neron."  He visibly tensed when I called out his name but relaxed after a minute and two and grunted in response. I rolled my eyes at his lack of enthusiasm. I shifted towards him and looked at his sharp features. His tanned skin glowed under the sunlight. I blinked to get out of his trance.  "Why this chocolate?" I asked the question I asked every time I ate his chocolates. His eyes narrowed before the car came to the halt. His eyes never never met mine as he lowered his hand from the steering wheel.  "Your dorm's here." And like always none of my answers were answered. I sighed before nodding my head.   I looked at him one last time before opening the passenger door. He still wouldn't looked at me. His eyes trained on the road. "Thank you. For the ride." He nodded his head before I opened the door.  The car didn't move until I walked inside the dorm till my room. I looked out of the window and for the first time today our gaze met properly without any glare. He nodded his head asking silently if I was alright. With that his engine revived to life and the car was out of my sight.  - - - Jenna was back a little after three. Her cheeks were flushed as she plopped on the bed. She was sweating like crazy but then again, she must have walked till here. She rolled on her bed to face me.  "Screw that old man, Isabella." She cursed as she took the bottle kept at the bed stand and gulped the water greedily.  "Easy there, Jenna. And trust me you don't want to screw the old man. He isn't good." She chocked on the water before glaring at me. I laughed at her horrified expression.  "You screwed the old man?" The horror in her voice only increased my fits of giggle as I rolled down on the bed, still laughing.  "I may be a player, my dear Jenna. But I am definitely not into older men." She shook her head, her cheeks still flustered. I was still laughing at her horrified expression.  "Stop laughing." She mumbled as she leaned against her pillow.  "Okay, okay." I said raising my arms up in mock surrender.  - - - - Jenna had left with Justin on their night date. I slipped into one of my nightgowns before I plopped down on the bed. I had just taken a shower and was reading a book Jenna had recently purchased. I heard the door of my room being opened before I looked at the person gracing me with their presence. Jack was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. He flicked his damp hair airily. He looked handsome. He was handsome but he wasn't mature. He had almost abandoned himself to debauchery and carnal. Surely, I am no different but my life certainly doesn't just revolves around drugs and boys.  He scuttled towards me. His eyes bright as light as he looked at me with his lustful gaze. My inner needs were dwelling upon me as I drew the strings open of my nightgown allowing it to fall on ground softly. His eyes widened as he pulled me by my waist. We had bedded before, three times precisely but every time his expressions would excite me. He was always this excited to bed with me.  "I want to ravish you, so bad, Isabella." He murmured as he placed sloppy kisses all over my neck.  I started to unbutton his shirt as I pulled him on my bed. The night was roaring with lightening and thunder. I almost flinched at the intensity of it. He shushed me as he kept pleasuring himself. Nothing, not even the our bonking could calm my heart from the fear and anxiety of thunder.  "Your heart's beating like crazy. Must have enjoyed me, darling." He boasted. I rolled my eyes as I pushed him off me as I pulled the blanket over my naked self. Lightening had always scared me. Not that any of them knew but it still hurts when the nature cries loudly for you.  "Aren't you a conceited little thing?" I asked with a smirk as I watched the tip of his ears turning pink. His eyes narrowed as he decided to lay beside me.  "You aren't sleeping here, Jack." He sighed as he rolled off the bed with a frustrating sigh.  "You'd gladly have s*x with me but you won't sleep with me. Why?" I rose my brows at him as I slipped into my nightgown. His eyes wandering over my body before they settled on my eyes.  "That's how I am, Jack. You had your fun and now it's time for me to sleep." I spoke, pointing at the clock that read four in the morning.  "You're something else, Isabella." I don't remember how many times I heard the same cheesy lines, all my life. I smiled slyly at him pointing the door.  "Make sure to switch off the lights on your way, Jack."  I woke up with my alarm blaring. I shifted on my bed and looked at the clock that read eight in the morning. I was a little sore but nothing harsh. Jenna stood in front of the mirror dressed in a hoodie and a pair of shorts. I groaned as I rubbed my eyes to gain a clear vision.  "Good morning, roommate." She muttered as she zipped both of our bags. I rolled my eyes as I stood up from my bed. "You're too chirpy for the morning, Jenna. And remember, I'm on suspension." Her eyes widened as she pushed my bag, way too dramatically, on the chair.  "Damn you, Anderson. I am not sitting alone in the class." I laughed as I looked out of the window. Students were already leaving for the college and schools.  "Too bad. You've a detention to attend, my dear Jenna."  "I totally forgot about it. Damn it! I had a date with Justin after lectures. Seems like I've to postpone that too."  She grumbled all her way out of the room. I shook my head as I got changed into a pair of jeans and a blouse. I pulled my hair in a messy bun before I bent down to tie my old, almost withered shoes. I worked in the city library, four times in a week. But since I got suspended, I decided to work full time. I needed money. I had to consult the doctor for my respiratory problem, I had to buy Lily her birthday present. I had too much on my plate and so less time and money.  I took the bus since the Library was fairly forty minutes from the vehicle. I looked out of the window as the trees and buildings were passing by. Time is an unforgiving factor. I remember my childhood. I was one happy kid. Happy to have a loving and caring parents. A mother, who used to love me unconditionally. A father, who would work hard all day but would still play with me after dinner. A family that considered me as their own. A world that had a meaning. But one day everything had to fall apart. I lost my childhood. I lost my happiness. I still have a family but they no longer want me. I still have a mother, the very one who doesn't remember me. And well, a sister, who cried every time I left her alone.  I got down the bus when a familiar City Library came into my sight. Ancient yet a beautiful white building stood tall with pride with many trees surrounding the library. As I walked through the door, I met my co-worker, Jeremy. I waved at him as I set my bag down behind the counter and signed myself in. Jeremy was helping a kid to find a certain book when I saw an old lady walked through the 'Physics' section. I cleared my throat as I approached her. She immediately turned around looking at me in question. "How may I help you, Ma'am?" "I got at update that new books were arriving today. I was just checking for them." I nodded my head as I turned towards the computer placed on my desk and logged in. I looked into the new arrival column and immediately led her to the other side of the library. "Thank you so much...." "Isabella."  "Thank you so much, Isabella. Can you let me know where is the reading room?" I nodded my head as I pointed my finger towards the elevator.  "Third floor to the right, Ma'am. Have a nice day." "You too, sweetie."  I nodded my head with a small, polite smile before another person walked in.  My shift ended at seven sharp. I walked towards the last table before signing myself out. The bus ride was boring as usual until I felt my phone ringing. My eyes almost bulged out of the sockets when I read the name flashing on my screen. Dad. A sudden wave of jubilant and warmness hit me as I looked at my phone; my father had called me. He wanted to talk to me. I took a deep breath before answering the call. "Hi, Dad." My voice came out timid and shaky. Almost broken. I had missed him. My old man. "You called your mother, Isabella?" I flinched at his hostile voice. My heart cried pitifully at the lack of empathy in his voice. Did he not care about me? Did he not miss his princess? It's been long since we met. "I missed her. I wanted to ensure if she was alright."  "She doesn't remember you, damn it! Your existence in her life only reduces her life expectancy." My eyes burned with hot tears as I leaned back on my seat.  "Dad...." "What is that you need, Isabella? Money? I'll send it to you just don't try to ever contact my wife." I felt my breathing getting ragged, hearing the hatred in his voice. He really think so low of me? Did he really think, I needed money? I tried to control my breathing as I felt my Asthma making it worse for me to breathe.  Pain. It always triggered my Asthma.  "I need my family, Dad." I was sobbing. I didn't care about about the glances I got. I didn't even care that I was practically begging for their love. I just needed them. To have them by me, like any normal parents would. I heard him sighing before I heard his voice again. My chest ached at the incessant blow of loneliness and self-pity.  "Maybe your family doesn't need you anymore. Don't you ever call her again, Isabella. I won't lose her at the cost of a girl who isn't even my blood."  The line went dead. I sat their frozen. They didn't need me. But then again, they were in pain. Mom wasn't even doing well; almost on her deathbed. They were witnessing her death slowly everyday and maybe their anger was justified. People often tend to hurt others when they're hurt from inside. But that didn't mean, it hurt any less. I wasn't their blood. Just a girl begging for love from their foster parents. Just a girl, trying to prove the world that love weighs more than blood. Just a girl who one day barged in their lives. Just a girl they'll never want. I took out of my inhaler before taking three puffs of it. I felt my chest rising and falling harshly trying to control my breathing. The coughs that racked my body only made me more exhausted. Both physically and mentally. My chest ached with the constant blockage in breathing. I got down the bus and walked towards the dorm. Jenna had left with Justin on their date. I changed into a pair of sweats and t-shirt before plopping on my bed. But the conversation with my Dad still lingered in my mind. Was I really the reason of her bad health? They really wanted me to get out of their family? Did they even love me? The latter one hurt the most. Even though I convince myself every night that they love me, I knew otherwise. I deep down I knew the truth. I felt my eyes moistening at his harsh words. My father held me responsible for his wife's condition. My very mother doesn't remember me. My younger sister no longer cares. My family wasn't even mine. My happiness wasn't more than a fake smile that now seems like a grimace. For now, I was nothing but a wench. A woman who now sleeps around.  I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My brunette hair were lying messily over my chest. My dark gaze looked almost lifeless. There was nothing special about my eyes. They were dark as the midnight, dark as my life. My pale skin looked even more paler. The smile that often graced my lips in public was long gone. The very happy, flirtatious and bubbly Isabella Anderson was buried down by the broken, lonely and the real Isabella.  Your existence in her life only reduces her life expectancy. Maybe your family doesn't need you anymore.  I won't lose her at the cost of a girl who isn't even my blood. I cradled my own frame, lying on the mattress. One of my arm looped around my neck, patting my back. Everything will be alright, I kept on whispering. Mt face was ducked down, between the pillow and my elbow. Nothing seemed to calm me, I felt the sudden urge of breaking something. I felt rage inside me overpowering my sense. Rage, pain, anger overwhelmed me. I swung my fist before I heard a crack. The mirror shattered down into pieces. Dark red dripped down my fist. My hand stung like crazy due to the shards of mirror piercing my skin. A small smile graced my lips. It felt good. The pain felt good.
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