Cursed Demon's Love


Isabella Anderson is under the care of a demon named, Neron.

Twenty one years old, Isabella Anderson is a player and one of the most popular students in her college. Smile, jokes and, sarcasm never leaves her side or maybe this happiness is just an exterior?

Neron is one of the oldest demons residing in Hell. But a particular brunette catches his attention. The broken, timid but happy and snarky human reminds him of his younger self.

But what happens when they are f*******n to love? Neron is a cursed demon and Isabella is just a human. Isabella was never, and never will be the destiny of the cruel demon, but when did ever love begged for destiny and fate? When did ever love got affected by destiny? When did love ever fight for command?

Join the journey of Isabella Anderson and Neron to discover love.


"To fall in love, you need to love yourself first."

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Isabella in trouble yet again
Isabella  Mrs cooper was explaining something about neutrons while I was busy copying the assignment that was due yesterday; but since Mr Rogers is a sweetheart I'd be submitting it today. Jenna shook her head as a small smirk was playing on her face while she copied the notes. Jenna and I have been roommates for almost a year now. We are close, not too close for her to know my darkest and deepest secrets, but close enough to share things without a second thought.  Issac, one of my classmates had been gawking over me from the start of the lecture. He was cute with short blonde hair and average height. He was one of the sweetest guys in the college always helping others selflessly. One of the biggest reasons, I don't want him to be associated with me. I am messed up; I am not into relationships. All I do is an one nightstand for satisfying my gratification. And Issac is too pure to get into this sin. I don't want to break his heart when he is definitely head over heels for me.  "You should give him a chance, Isabella." Jenna murmured, her attention on her book. I sighed, shaking my head. I am not normal. Nothing in my life was normal.  "He'd end up heartbroken, Jenna. I don't love." It was true. I never loved. Because whom I loved never returned my feeling. I'd been begging for love since childhood and all I ever got was ignorance.  "I don't get it, Isabella. Half of the college wants you and yet you don't want any of them." And I f****d half of the college, nevermind.  "Love is not for all of us, my dear Jenna. Love doesn't always mend you." Silence prevailed amid us for the rest of the lecture.  I directed my attention towards my assignment. Mrs Cooper was too busy to even notice me disobeying her direct command of paying attention to her class. She didn't even care. I stapled the papers once I completed the assignment and pushed Jenna's assignment towards her side while mumbling her a quick and grateful 'thank you'.  The lecture soon ended and we all stood up to walk towards cafeteria. I was almost out of the class with Jenna by my side when I heard my name being called out. I turned my head and looked over the very blonde guy. A sigh escaped from Jenna as if she already knew what was going to happen.  "Yes, Issac?" "I wanted to speak with you, Bella. Alone." He added 'alone' eyeing Jenna. She rushed out of the classroom leaving us alone to talk. I stiffened at the nickname he gave me. I didn't like it when people referred me as Bella, Isa, Bell or any other nickname. I was never closer to anyone before to give them the privilege to call me by any other endearment.  "Isabella." I corrected. His eyes widened before he nodded quickly. I smiled at him, letting him know it was alright.  "Right. So, Isabella. I-I-" He stammered as he was tapping his foot anxiously over the floor, allowing a small smirk to form over my face. I had an impact over people.  "I'm listening." I encouraged him. I already had an idea about his topic of discussion but I still wanted to hear it out from his mouth. I needed to sort this matter before he gets deep in my mess.  "Would you like to go out with me tonight or-or, tomorrow? Whenever you're free." He added the last part in a rush.  I sighed, he was too innocent for his own good and I am nothing but a heart breaker.  "Issac. You like me, right?" I asked softly as I leaned against my desk. I twirled my strand around that was lying freely over my shoulder. His pale cheeks reddened as a blush erupted on his face. I felt sorry for breaking his bubble. He was too pure for someone messed up like me.  "Ye-yeah."  "Look, Issac. I can't go out with you. I am not what you're looking for." His big doe eyes looked up at my dark gaze. He frowned when I denied his request to go out with him.  "But why? You went out with Jack too. Even Elijah. And I genuinely like you, Isabella." I sighed as annoyance started to bubble inside me. I go out with half of the population. But they were like me; player, wanting just one thing. s*x.  "Yes, Issac. I went out with half of the college's male and I f****d them all. Your point?" He flinched back at my straight forwardness. He swallowed nervously before he looked at me again. "But I really like you, Isabella."  "I'm not looking for a relationship, Issac. You know I am a player." He sighed before slinging his bag over one of his shoulders and sulked out. I shook my head, walking out of the classroom to find Jenna sitting on one of chairs, outside. The disappointment on her face told me that she heard our conversation.  We headed to cafeteria and grabbed a sandwich and sat over the table in the end. We never sat among popular because Jenna didn't felt comfortable and nobody in this college ever stood mighty than her to me. She was the priority even after we fought or I'd found her disappointed in me again. I was used to the disappointment. We talked about random things, about her boyfriend, Justin. I wasn't really fond of him but he was fine. Okay.  "Miss Isabella Anderson and Jenna Scott are requested in Principal's cabin right now. I repeat, Miss Isabella Anderson and Jenna Scott are to report in Principal's cabin right now. Thank you."  I smirked and Jenna laughed out loud while the rest of the students looked at us. Another mess, another prank, another trip to principal's office and this time the target was none other than Principal's daughter, Lucia. She thought it would be fine to challenge and disrespect me. I took my bag and stood up to leave the cafeteria with Jenna adjusting her skirt.  "Ay, troublemaker." I looked around to see Jack sitting with his group, waving at me. I winked at him as he stood up from his table and headed towards me.  "I see, you invited another trouble." I laughed, nodding my head and Jenna stood quietly beside me. She is a big troublemaker like me, it's just that she hates the attention. Jack grabbed me by my waist as he pulled me against his chest.  "A big trouble. Principal's daughter's pants of fire!" The cafeteria cracked up in laughter as I pulled myself away from his grasp.  "So, tonight's offer still stands?" He asked, wriggling my eyebrows in suggestive manner. I rolled my eyes, hitting him on the shoulder. "Of course. Tonight. My place." I looked at Jenna asking if she was alright with it. She nodded her head as Jack air pumped his fist in excitement. I waved at him before exiting the cafeteria.  We entered the office after knocking the door twice. A giggle escaped from me as I looked at Lucia covered in glitter and the scowl on her pretty face. Her back hair glittered making her look even more hilarious. Jenna wasn't even holding back her loud laughter, enraging the father and daughter, duo.  "That's enough now, Miss Anderson and Miss Scott! This type of  bullying is not allowed in our college campus." I rose my eyebrows at his absurd and fake words. His own daughter is the biggest bully in the college and he is teaching us about bullying? "We didn't bully her, Sir. There are no marks on her body and neither of us called her names or anything. How is it even bullying, then?" I asked as Mr Carter looked at me with his red, angry eyes.  "You threw glitter at her, Isabella!" He boomed, a vein was popping out from his neck. Lucia however stood behind silently. "I did? I never threw glitter at her, Sir." Lucia narrowed her eyes, taking a step forward threateningly. Like she could ever scare me. "You did, you b***h! You messed with my car too. You threatened me in the hallways when I-" I rose my eyebrows with an amusing look over my face. She was going to confess her crime. Sweet.  "When you what, Lucia? And Mr Carter she is verbally abusing me. Seems like now you're now witnessing a verbal abuse." I pointed out as Mr Carter glared at me darkly. If looks could kill, I would have been nine feet beneath the ground.  "Do not provoke my daughter, Miss Anderson."  "She isn't your daughter in the college premises, Mr Carter. She is just another student of the college, you can't treat differently. And Lucia just verbally abused my friend here." Jenna retorted back, making me snicker at the duo of the father and daughter.  "Please keep quiet, Miss Scott. You're a very bright and smart student. However, Miss Anderson, here has a record of her pranks and disrespect." I cursed under my breath. Damn it! "You can't-" "Enough for now, Miss Scott. Oh, and Miss Anderson, you're suspended for four days since this is your fifth time in my office, this semester. And Miss Scott since you're involved with Miss Anderson but this is your first offence, I'm not suspending you, but a detention after college for a week would suffice." My eyes widened. Detention in College? Who even gives detention in college? "You can't be serious, Mr Carter." Jenna grunted embarrassingly. "I am, Miss Scott. You're dismissed now." I walked out of the office with a sulking Jenna. She didn't even had to involve in my mess but here we are. One suspended while the other with detention. I rubbed her arm when she looked at me with angry eyes.  "A detention, Isabella! Nothing is more embarrassing than getting a detention in college! Even a suspension would've been better."  "It's okay, Jenna. This won't go on your record, at least." She frowned as she leaned to hug me but I just took a step back. She pouted but threw her arm around her side as she sighed.  "I'll see you after detention, I guess?" I nodded, waving her goodbye before walking out of the college. I tied my hair in a ponytail as I exited the college. I didn't had any vehicle nor did Jenna. I looked down at my old, almost withered shoes with a sigh. I didn't even had enough money to take the bus. I was saving up. I sighed as I removed my phone from my back pocket and dialed the number that was on my speed dial. The phone rang three times before she picked up the call. My heart raced inside my chest as I heard her voice for the first time in three months.  "Hi, Mom." I mumbled breathlessly.  "Lily?" My heart shattered into pieces, but I didn't let my voice break. Lily was her daughter too. I shouldn't let that hurt me. She is my sister. I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat as I tried to smile. This was okay. It was normal.  "No, Mom. This is me, Isabella."  "Isabella?" She asked and my eyes watered hearing my name from her mouth. I missed her, I missed my father and I missed my younger sister. I shook my head and blinked back my tears. I was stronger than this.  "I think you dialed the wrong number, child. I don't know any Isabella." I felt a throbbing pain in my chest as she denied my existence again.  "You do, Mom. I am your eldest daughter. Isabella." I muttered pathetically. I bit my lips to stop them from quivering. What did I even do to deserve this?  "Are you drunk? I only have one daughter and she definitely isn't named Isabella." With that the line went dead. My heart shattered into pieces and each piece embedded deep in my chest, deep, bleeding and scaring my soul.  What did I ever do to lose my own family? What did I even do to live such a life?  I shook my head and slipped my phone back into my pocket before I left the campus and started to walk towards the dorm until I saw a familiar car parking in front of me. And for the umpteenth time today I knew, I messed up big. Have a good day. Like and Comment. Thank you!

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