hell on Earth

289 Words
"mom!mom!" a small tiny voices from three small girls shouting,their Mom was being tied on the ground bleeding so badly, she looked at her daughters who was held by two big men,one of the man came to her and punched her on the stomach making her to fall on the ground "mom!!!" the small girls ran to their mom who was almost unconscious, she was crying then a man came wearing a black suit, the small Abigail ran to the man,she fell on her knees "please forgive my mom... please she won't do it again... please" she begged crying, the man bend down to her level and cupped her chin "if I to forgive your mom, what will you give me in return" he said,the small girl was quiet for some time as if thinking what she should say then she looked at the man and spoke "I...I will do anything... just please don't hurt my mom" she didn't know that she has said what she shouldn't have said,the man smiled dangerously "well you will be good for my little Alex,ok what are about this?, when you grow up,you will marry my friend's son and live in my house,huh?" the small girl didn't hesitated and said "ok" she only cared for her mom but she didn't know that she has made the biggest mistake.Olivia and Kelly who were the daughter of the woman went to live in the man's house while Abigail travelled to US under the fear of her being killed and has to follow the man's order as she has promised to do what he wanted her to do not knowing of the painful future coming.
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