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In the biggest America's show,in a big hall filled with dozens of people, a man in his late thirties spoke in the mic "ladies and gentlemen,how are you tonight?" the huge crowd screamed in respond,the man chuckled and said "ok I know y'all wants to see tonight's show sooo... welcome the QUEENS!" he backed away,the curtains behind him opened into two ways, the huge crowd screamed in excitement,a group of girls wearing black came out and started dancing in sync suddenly a beautiful voice was heard which made the crowd go wild "I see like a star soooo dance dance dance..." . at the same time in the airport,a girl came out from the airport while at same time too,in a big Field filled with crazy fans,a girl came out from the huge Villa making the fans to scream This girls are... Abigail, Kelly and Olivia. And they are... triplets and it's time for the presence to succeed it's painful future *** Abigail came out from the airport, she wore a plaid red jacket with blue jeans and a black shirt boot with a white shirt, she wore a medicated glasses, she held her traveling bag on her right hand, she looked at her wrist watch she was waiting for her friend suddenly a Bentley horned, she looked at it and walked to it, she looked at her friend Lisa who was wearing a short white, v neckline dress and wore a black shed Her friend was smiling revealing her beauty, she shook her head and entered inside the car , she looked at her and "what are you wearing?" she sounded irritated, her friend looked at her and slyly said "I just came back from Ken's place, what did you expect?" Abigail rolled her eyes, she didn't wanted to ask any further as she knew what was going to come then her friend said "we gotta satisfy our man, you know?" Abigail glared at her friend making her to laugh oh my miserable life; she thought

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