Episode 1

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Sade waited until she was in the famous corridors of Oakmere Prep, on a sunny Tuesday morning, to send the blast that would ruin the lives of the two people who have decided to stand in her way. For better context, Sade had a massive crush on Michael Sailer, a sturdy handsome jock, who was adored by everyone and their moms.  He was the ideal son and the perfect boyfriend.  But it wasn't until she found out he had a secret girlfriend that Sade's puppy love for Michael turned into full-on rage. It took her a full week of stalking and browsing his online interactions to find out that the girl was none other than Molly Denver. Sade considered Molly as an oblivious piece of trash that needed to be taught a lesson.  Molly was always quiet and minded her business most of the time until she became friends with Michael. They began partnering for class projects and began meeting secretly in one of the study rooms meant for quiet group studies. Sade had already been following Michael when she caught them slipping into one of the rooms in the middle of their study period.  She was in the right place at the right time.  Usually, Molly and Michael would spend their time kissing and talking about their lives, but that fateful Morning afternoon, Molly dragged Michael into the room to finally get rid of something that she's been dreading about: their first time together.  After Michael had defended Molly against his idiotic friends, who found it weird that their best friend was hanging out with such a 'loser', Molly knew Michael was the one for her and the only one she would want to have s*x with.  Molly thought they would not be caught. Although the study rooms are spacious and comfortable and have all the resources necessary to help students study, students would just opt to spend time at the library or out at the courtyard. No one knows who started it, but apparently in Oakmere, if you go to a study room, you are a nerd.  Hence why Molly thought they were safe. She pulled Michael into the room, unaware that Sade was watching over them a few steps away. Molly didn't take long before undressing herself and Michael, making sure to drag him towards the beanbags at the corner of the room.  She sat him down, before straddling on his lap, her legs wrapped around him. Both consumed by their hormones, as they have been curious how it felt to have s*x with one another. Their secret relationship was about to take the next step and both of them were fully ready.  But they couldn't have imagined the consequences.  Sade had pushed the door slightly open, while Molly rode Michael in the windowless room. All Sade needed to be the perfect angle, where everyone could recognize both Michael and Molly doing the deed. Sade did feel sick while recording it, but not because of guilt. She rarely feels that.  It was a sickness caused by seeing the guy she likes, thrusting in and out of some random girl she didn't even care about, until last week. Once she had a good 2 minutes of Molly and Michael going at it, she closed the door and allowed them to finish off.  After spending the night, editing the video and enhancing the audio, Sade waited until the next day to expose Molly and Michael. She knew no repercussions would hit Michael, but Molly was sure to get a lot of hell and that's exactly what Sade wanted.  When Sade arrived at school on the fateful Tuesday, she knew just when to send everyone, through a burner account, the video that would lead to the untimely downfall of Molly Denver.  People's phones began buzzing, ringing and calling out for their attention. It also was great timing, because Molly had just arrived, walking in with her best friend, some guy named TJ, a nerdy boy that Sade doesn't care about.  Sade put her phone away and gathered her books, waiting for her friends to come running to her about the s*x tape. "Sade! You won't believe who Michael has been sleeping with!" As if it was timed, Sade's friends had finally arrived. Quinn, Vera and Nadine have been Sade's posse since day 1 and she can count on them to help her with her devious schemes, but this one she stayed quiet about.  Her friends would have just stopped her. They had better morals than she and Sade knew they wouldn't talk to her for at least a day if they found out what she's done.  "Who would have thought, Molly Denver to be a rider." Vera joked and all of them laughed. Molly and TJ passed by them and Molly did glance when she heard her name, but she turned her attention back to her best friend, who was going on about the latest film he watched.  "Can you believe Michael chose her, instead of you? It makes no sense." Quinn commented and Sade shot her a glare, that made the girl cough as if something was stuck inside her throat. She didn't need to remind Sade of the rejection she got from Michael a few weeks ago.  "Lemme see this video. How do you even know it's Michael?" Sade questioned them, acting as coy as ever. She was shameless and very self-aware, which made her the perfect person to pull stunts like this. Sade grabbed Nadine's phone and watched the video, internally sporting a huge smile.  "Wow, this is horrible. I can't believe someone like her actually got the chance to be with a GOD like Michael. What a f*****g slut." Sade spat and returned the phone to Nadine, who was nodding along what her friends were saying.  "This video is for sure gonna ruin her life. And Michael may be in trouble as well." Sade looked at Nadine and raised an eyebrow at what she's just said.  "Why would Michael get in trouble? She's clearly the one doing the most." Sade stated and Nadine shrugged.  "I'm guessing the room they were in was within the campus, which could lead them to a suspension or expulsion." Nadine guessed and Sade shook her head.  "She should deffo get punished but not Michael." Sade protested as she got annoyed at herself for not even thinking about it this further.  "Well, It's clear in the video that the girl is Molly, but Michael is still not as visible, although we know his body from head to toes. Maybe if some other guy claimed it to be him, Michael would be alright." Quinn suggested and Sade felt a lightbulb in her head light up.  "Let's see how this plays out first. We can worry about Michael's well-being afterwards." Sade teased and her friends giggled while they hang around her locker still, waiting for the bell to ring.  Molly, on the other hand, has been feeling like everyone has been watching her since the moment she came into the school. TJ was still on about whatever movie he was talking about, but she could only focus on the glares she's been receiving. It also didn't help when she overheard Sade and her gang mention her name a couple of times.  "Do you ever get a feeling that everyone knows something you don't?" Molly asked TJ as the two were standing in front of her locker. TJ looked at her confused as ever.  "What do you mean? I guess my answer would be yes. Sometimes I wonder if I'm adopted and that everyone knows it but me." TJ rumbled on but Molly shook her head, not wanting him to keep insisting with the same story, just because his parents were popular when they were younger, but TJ isn't now.  "I mean right now people have been watching us and Sade did mention my name when we walked past them. f**k, did I forget to do something important? Am I wearing the wrong outfit?" Molly began questioning herself and TJ gasped.  "How dare you? You look amazing, you always wear the perfect outfits. It would make no sense for anyone to think otherwise-" TJ was saying, slowly getting lost in Molly's eyes, before she cut him off.  "Then what is it? People have been snickering and I just know it is about me." Molly said but TJ still disagreed. In his eyes, Molly could never do any wrong and he hoped she was just overthinking as always.  "I doubt it, Molly, you're the sweetest girl to ever roam these halls. I doubt people are talking about you at all." TJ reassured her and she smiled at him. She got out her phone and quickly texted Michael to know when he was coming into school. She appreciates TJ trying to help her ease her mind, but only Michael could do it properly.  "Nice rack Molls." Some guy, a senior, commented as he passed by Molly and TJ with his friends. Molly frowned while he blew a kiss at her and then went on about his way, with his friends laughing all the way through.  "Alright, do you still believe no one is talking about me?" Molly questioned TJ and he looked down. That comment made him angry, and although he is 6'4 and quite lean, those guys were jocks and ripped from shoulder to shoulder. TJ just didn't have the guts to stand up for Molly, in fear of getting beaten like last time he opened his mouth.    "C'mon, let's head towards homeroom, maybe once we're there we will find out what the hell is going on!" He said and liked arms with Molly, while she was still shocked by that guy's comment. Guys rarely look at Molly, but for this to happen, a day after she finally had s*x with Michael, things were definitely not adding up.  And it sucks that she hasn't told TJ about Michael and her. Although she just ignores it, Molly is very much aware of TJ's feelings for her. And if she tells him about Michael, their friendship will never be the same.  As soon as Molly and TJ walked into their homeroom, some students started clapping, while others gave them a standing ovation. Molly was very taken back while TJ was frightened by the reason for the attention they were receiving from people who rarely care about them.  "Ignore them, let's just sit down," TJ whispered to her and the two made their way towards their sits in the middle row. People were still clapping and right by the last row was Sade, enjoying every single second of Molly's embarrassment.  "Poor girl." Sade heard some girl whisper to her friend but she couldn't help but smile. Yes, poor girl, who gets to be Michael's one and only. Must be tough to be her, Sade thought sarcastically.  Molly sat down, with TJ watching her every move. "Whatever it is, ignore it," TJ spoke to his best friend, trying to speak over the loud claps echoing around the room. Molly felt sick to her stomach and she just wanted to put her head down and stay there forever.    When Mr Harris walked into the room, people finally settled down. He looked discombobulated and uncomfortable, and it took him 5 minutes to organize his desk for the next period. It wasn't until a student reminded him that he needed to do the attendance as the homeroom teacher first, that Mr Harris finally got his things sorted.  "Uh, before we begin, Miss Denver, would you please make your way to counsellor Felicity's room, please." Mr Harris said and people began whistling. Mr Harris shushed everyone, saying, "Enough now, please Miss Denver."  Molly grabbed her stuff and nearly jogged out of the room. She knew something had happened but she couldn't possibly imagine what exactly. When she got to the counsellor's room, she opened the door, only to stand still when she came face to face with Michael.  "I'm sorry," He whispered to her, before walking right past her. Molly looked back at him and she wanted to call him out but it was against their secret relationship rules. Molly sighed out of frustration and made her way inside Ms Felicity's room,  "Hi, Miss Denver. Can I call you Molly?" Ms Felicity asked and Molly nodded her head, not being able to speak at the moment. "Sit down please."  "What's going on?" Molly questioned her and Ms Felicity looked down for a second, before crossing her arms on the table.  "Well Molly, before things out of my hands, Principal Jenkins asked me to speak to you first. I don't know if you are aware, but a video has been published on the school's community forum." Ms Felicty started talking and Molly's chest was tightening hard. She had a deep feeling what the video was about, but she wanted to hear it from Ms Felicty's mouth. "A video of you and a boy having s****l intercourse in study room C."  Molly felt dizzy and incredibly nauseous at the moment. Without saying anything, she quickly stood up and rushed towards the bin by the opposite side of her and hurled out her breakfast. She felt her stomach do twists and turns, and then she was once again puking her guts out.  "Are you alright?" Ms Felicity asked, handing her a box of tissues. She turned her chair around and reached for the mini-fridge behind her. She took out a water bottle and handed it over to Molly, who made her way back to her chair.  "I don't know...I don't know what to say." Molly looked down, her thumb rubbing her fingernails back and forth.  "Well first, we will find out who the boy is in the video. We heard students mention Michael but he has denied it since the boy isn't as visible as you. You need to let us know who the boy is and then Principal Jenkins will see what punishment fits. I'm also here to help you with whatever you are going through." Molly felt sick again.  The fact that Michael denied it was him, explained why he apologized to her outside the room. All she wanted was a little fun. She wasn't the first person to have s*x on campus, but clearly no one had been filmed before.  "How about we find out who filmed this first? I can't believe I have to deal with people seeing my naked body for the rest of my life but the person who filmed it won't even suffer any consequences?" Molly cried out and Ms Felicity eyed her with sympathy.  "The person who uploaded the video used an untraceable IP and you guys were caught having s*x in a room meant for studying. Principal Jenkins simply wants the boy's name, so he can begin contacting your parents about this. Molly, I need you to understand the severity of this video. You were being considered as a potential candidate for student council president and I'm afraid this video ruins things for you. With you give us the name of the boy, maybe Principal Jenkins will find a way to make this go away with a minimal sentence. If you don't, you will be punished and take all the blame." Ms Felicity explained, but Molly still couldn't believe this was happening.  She's been safe for the entirety of her life. Never out of line. And now that she finally got her first boyfriend at 17, and decided to have s*x, she will forever be known as reckless and most likely a slut. And in her heart, she knew it would be best to point the finger back at Michael, but he denied it, which means she will have to take the fall.  If only she wasn't in love with him, things could have been different.  "I can't wrap my mind around all of this. We were just giving in to our urges, how was I supposed to know someone was going to film it. Everyone has s*x in classrooms all the time!" Molly whined and Ms Felicity raised an eyebrow. "Can you give me the names of those people?" She questioned and Molly stayed quiet. She is never been a snitch and those people were not in trial right now, she was. "Exactly. Listen, the issue here is that you shouldn't be having s*x in the study room in the first place, and now that everyone, parents included, will have seen the video, Principal Jenkins needs to do something that shows them something like this will never happen again. I'm just here to help you do the right thing."  "You guys are making me your teen martyr, aren't you?" Molly asked but Ms Felicity ignored her question.  "Principal Jenkins is giving you until tomorrow to come up with your partner's name. For now, just keep your head held high and have a conversation with the boy, for your own sake. Tomorrow is when the real struggle begins." Ms Felicity advised and Molly nodded.  She grabbed her bag and stepped out of the room, running towards the bathroom. She locked herself inside one of the toilet stalls and bawled her eyes out. Molly felt ashamed, and now everyone has seen her body and will be making comments.  "Oh God, TJ..." She cried out knowing how heartbroken he will become when he sees the video. And now Molly was thinking about her own parents seeing the video. How can she go home after going through such embarrassment? When Ms Felicity said that she might not be nominated for student council president hurt her soul and future resume.  The fact that someone preyed on her and Michael and filmed them having s*x made Molly's head spin. She felt betrayed by someone she doesn't even know who. The whole school was already talking about her and how she sounded. The way her breasts covered Michael's face and how firmly his hands gripped her ass. People were analysing her second time ever having s*x and now it will mark her forever.  She knew she had to find out who sent out the video and make them pay.  But first, she needs to talk to Michael and find out why he lied instead of defending her like he always did. Molly was disappointed, but as much as she wishes to hate Michael, she is more disappointed at herself. 
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