Episode 2

2699 Words
Molly adjusted herself and left the bathroom stalls a brand new woman. As if things were playing in slow motion, she walked down the hallway after the bell rang, keeping in mind what Ms Felicity said about keeping her head held high.  People kept eying her up and down and whispering things to one another. The whispers continued down the corridor but she knew it would be best to ignore everyone else. Molly felt like it was best she minded her business, although everyone was all over hers. As she made her way towards Maths class, she crossed paths with Michael, who was on his way towards Biology with friends.  She walked past, not bothering to look at him, but he did glance back at her, feeling guilty for lying about the video to Ms Felicity. He knew he hurt her and he didn't have the guts to explain himself to her.  But he had his reasons, as unfair as it sounds. Michael was the captain of the basketball team and they were close to qualifying for the state tournament. He needed to be on his best behaviour and avoid any bad press. If their coach and his parents found out about the video, it would all be over for him. He would rather sacrifice his relationship with Molly than his future career.  "Molly." Molly heard someone call out her name when she entered the Maths classroom. It was empty for now, with only another student sitting far back while playing on their phone. Molly hasn't gained the courage to look directly at the person who called her, but she already knew who it was. "Molls..."  "TJ..." Molly whispered and he approached her, wrapping his arms around her to comfort her. He was dealing with his own feelings in the matter, but right now it was important for him to be there for her. Be the shoulder for Molly to cry on, because TJ doubts Molly will get to do that with the guy in the video.  They hugged for what felt like forever, but Molly was the first one to let go. "I really don't wanna be here anymore..." She murmured to TJ as if she was letting him into her darkest secret. She wants to be strong but she rarely has to fake it to TJ. He is her absolute best friend and that is what she needs right now.  "Molly talk to me. How did that video come about? Some kid had to show it to me because I had no data. The school's online forum? How demented is the person that uploaded that?!" TJ's questions kept going over Molly's head while both of them settled by their seats at the back of the classroom.  "I don't know TJ. I just know that I have until tomorrow to let them know who the guy in the video is." Molly explained while she ran her fingers through her hair. She needed to think clearly about tomorrow. She doesn't know if she is willing to give a false name or just take the full blame.  "Molly...who was it?" TJ questioned her, swallowing hard as he was scared of the answer. For weeks Molly has been moving weird and mysterious, and TJ never asked her anything because her happiness mattered more to him than the truth. But now, he is more confused than ever. All he wanted to know was who was the guy in the video.  "I can't...I can't tell you, not yet TJ. I have to talk to him first before doing anything else." Molly told him since she wasn't in the mood to reveal everything right now.  "You said you have until tomorrow, which means they gave you an ultimatum no? What did Ms Felicity say?" TJ's questions were starting to annoy Molly, who slammed her head on the desk and wrapped her arms around it. She didn't want to be interrogated again, so ignoring TJ right now would be the best option.  "I don't know TJ. Right now I just want to get through this day." Molly told him and he left it at that. The last thing TJ would want, is to upset Molly even more.                                                                                  ✲══ ★ ══✲                     "I still can't believe Michael wasn't the guy in the video. Molly is in serious trouble if she doesn't spit out the name of the guy." Vera commented as they sat together during their free period. They sat outside in the courtyard since people were not allowed into the study rooms until the situation was sorted.  "Serves her right. How tacky must you be to have s*x in school? Anyway, Friday night I'm thinking of having a little get together at my place. Maybe I might invite Michael and his friends, make it a little bit co-ed." Sade suggested and her friends got excited. Sade was always good at organizing small parties with the inner circle.  "I'm down for that. I've been eyeing Jake for a while now, and your place would be the perfect spot to 'bump' into him. He needs to start facing the fact that he is my next victim." Quinn joked and Nadine eyed her for a second. She couldn't believe her friend was still on about getting with Jake, who ignores her all the time.  "Maybe you should focus on getting with someone a bit more accessible. Jake has unreasonably high standards, girls like us don't cut it out for him." Nadine stated and Quinn rolled her eyes. All she wants is to be Jake's girlfriend and not even common sense will be in the way of her getting what she wants.  "Why do we always settle for guys who want nothing to do with us?" Sade asked and her friends simply looked down. All of them were interested in people who didn't like them back.  Their squad was known around Oakmere Prep as The Vixens. Boys and girls just had the tendency to keep away from there, and they would usually play dirty when trying to get what they want, but none of them came close to how vicious Sade is. The queen of their group and the meanest among them, Sade was partially the biggest reason why people steered clear from the vixens path.  "Anyway, I need Friday night to come through. I need to get closer to Michael and maybe change his mind once and for all. Maybe he will humble himself after the video scare and give me another consideration." Sade teased and her friends laughed along with her.  "I wonder what will happen to Molly. Last time someone had a similar thing happen to them, they had to leave school. That was 2006, this is 2019. Things go viral much faster and this video will follow Molly for the rest of her life, regardless who the boy is." Vera said and Sade looked down smirking at herself. It was impossible not to feel like her plan actually worked.  "It's what she deserves..." Sade told them. "Now, let's discuss the plans for Friday. What are we gonna wear?"                                                                                 ✲══ ★ ══✲                      Molly walked out of the building after the final bell rang and rushed towards the parking lot. People were starting to drive their car out of the park when Molly found herself opening the door to Michael's car. He parked it out back, to make sure no one could see the two of them together. In a text he sent to Molly before their last period, he said: these are sensitive times, let's be careful.  "What am I supposed to do Michael?" Molly questioned him as he sat on the driving seat. She kept biting around her nails, pissed at herself for letting the video bring her stress. She couldn't stop biting down the skin, because she spent far too long trying to grow her nails.  "For now don't worry, I will find a way to fix this," Michael reassured her and he reached out to grab her hand but Molly moved it away. There was no way she has the patience to be all lovey-dovey with him, after everything she went through today.  "How Michael?! You left me alone! You lied and now I have to find ways to throw someone innocent under the bus or take full blame! I can't believe this..." Molly could feel the tears creeping up again and she just didn't have the strength to stop herself.  "Molls, trust me. I will find a way to help you. I just couldn't...I just couldn't deal with another setback. I worked my ass off to finally being captain and if people found out it was me, my life would be ruined." Michael cried out and Molly scoffed at him.  "What about me Michael?! I decide to have s*x, be young and free and now this video will follow me for the rest of my life. My parents have probably seen this video or they will see this video. I have to go home tonight and face my dad Michael, you know how he is and he will never forgive me." Molly said, running her fingers through her hair. She had one of the most gorgeous hairs in the school, long, wavy and dark brown. A source of envy from other girls.  "I'm sorry Molly. I wish I could have done more, but I had no choice. But I will help you. I will help you fix it." Michael kept telling her but Molly couldn't believe him. She was scared of going home and dealing with her parents.  "Let's just say, the next time we speak to one another, you will sort this situation out and it shall be the last time we ever interact. I can't keep doing this Michael. I should have never gotten together with you. Ever." Molly told him and with that, she stepped out of the car. Michael hit the driving wheel cover and cursed under his breath, having hoped the conversation would end on their reconciliation and not a breakup.  Although they did what was possible not to be seen, they could have never imagined that Sade was watching from afar. She crossed her arms and smiled to herself when she watched Molly slam the car door and an angry Michael throw a mini tantrum in the car.  This is what she exactly wanted.                                                                               ✲══ ★ ══✲                      Molly unlocked the door and stepped inside her house, fearing being confronted by her parents right away. She needed at least a hot shower and a nap before dealing with the lectures.  As she made her way towards the stairway, she heard her mother call out her name. "Molly, can you come here for a second?" She started walking into the kitchen when her mother approached her and pulled her into the marquize.  "Yes, mom?" Molly asked, trying to pretend she's done nothing to be called over.  "Can you explain this video to us please?" Molly's father asked as he came out of the dark corner in the kitchen. Molly turned around and she looked down, as she noticed a phone on her father's hand. It was clear that they knew about the video.  "Yes, dad?" Molly asked him and he shook his head.  "No, don't play with us right now! What the hell is wrong with you?!" He screamed in her face and Molly stepped back frightened. She rarely did anything to upset her very strict parents, but she doubts a video like this would only make them a little mad. It was obvious it has pissed off Molly's father. "What the f**k do you think you're doing?!" "Molly, we never thought you could do something so vulgar." Molly saw tears forming around her mother's eyes. "You have disappointed us so deeply my daughter. How could you sleep with a boy in school grounds? You didn't even tell me you've had your first time! You let that boy deflower you and now there's a video of you two going at it like animals!" Her mother shouted at her back, in disbelief that her precious daughter would have done something so disgusting.  "You are a vile little brat! You have never done us wrong, never! How could you let this happen? Who the hell is this boy?! We are meeting with his family as soon as possible! How f*****g dare he touch you?! My daughter!" Molly's dad screamed pacing back and forth. "We gave you too much freedom! Too much freedom and now you're fooling around with those rich boys."  "I'm sorry dad. I'm sorry mom." Molly apologized looking at both of her parents, who avoided looking straight at her. She started crying and her father began clapping as if she was putting on a show.  "Great, you think tears will solve this issue?! Other parents have probably seen this! You have humiliated us! What, you think you're special?!! All these years people complimenting your beauty has gotten over your head and now you think you can run around sleeping with random boys!" Her parents' assumptions were hurting her deeply but she didn't have the guts to say anything.  "I think it's time for us to start punishing you more Molly. You have too much freedom!" Her mother yelled and her father agreed.  "Yes, and it's time we put you in line." Her father screeched and walked over the drawers on the other side of the kitchen. He opened the top one and took out a pair of big scissors and made his way back to his daughter. "Sit her down Samantha." Her father said to her mom, who held onto Molly's shoulders and pushed her to sit down on the nearest chair.  "Mom, please...dad, please don't do it. Please..." Molly pleaded since she knew her parents were very much aware of her love for her hair. She even wakes up earlier to take care of it, but without it, she wouldn't survive.  "It's time you start behaving like our daughter. Your freedom stops here, from no onwards you will have a strict curfew and you won't socialize much anymore. The fun is over." Her dad spat out and grabbed a big chunk of her hair and held it up. Molly kept trying to stand up and pull away but her mother kept her in place.  Tears ran down her face as she grew desperate.  "Do it, Patrick." Her mother encouraged and just like that, Molly watched long strands of her hair fall to the floor. She closed her eyes not bear the thought of what was happening right now.  Molly's parents were the reason why she was always quiet and minding her own. Michael was the first risk she's ever taken in her life and now he is her biggest regret. Just like that, her parents' trust has been wiped out and there will be no way of return from this.  After what felt like forever, Molly opened her eyes and raised her hands to grab her hair, but when tried to run her fingers through her hair, she realized they would come to an abrupt stop right above her ears. Molly stood up and ran upstairs and locked her bedroom door, not caring what else her parents had to say or do. They have already done enough.  Molly entered her bathroom and turned on the lights while looking down. She could see the tears falling into the sink and going down the drain.  "Please...please...please..." Molly pleaded while biting her bottom lip. She didn't have the courage to look up but she wanted to know how much damage was done.  When she finally worked up the courage, a loud screeching noise came out of her mouth. Her hair was cut down to a boy's hairdo length. Her once long and luscious hair was chopped down and right now she didn't even look like a girl.  Whoever was out to get her with this video, surely has ruined her life. And as Molly stared at what was her new reflection, she swore under her breath that she was going to find out who is responsible for the video. 

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