☠️Chapter 1☠️

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It had been another day for him, the same old same old, taking the souls of idiots that think they have the right to take others...and he loved it nonetheless. It was his job after all. The last of his target, he finally arrived. It was such a ‘long time’ to teleport to the obese bastard’s house. ‘Being awesome is so stressful’ The fat bastard spun around due to the noise of things cluttering at the entrance of his ‘home’. When he got a good look of the ‘Awesome’ dude in front of him, he visibly paled, but due to his non-existent pride, tried to cover it up. He started yelling and pointing at him. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE???? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM, YOU INSOLENT BRAT!!! HOW DARE YOU SET FOOT INSI-” Suddenly, the storm outside decided to show its anger and making the buff man look more intimidating than he actually is, showed its lightning, nearly striking the stupid man on his bald head. “Shut up, old man.” The man nearly peed his pants, but kept it together as soon as he realized who he was dealing with; the self-proclaimed grim reaper. Grim reaper was the name he wanted to give himself, since his job was to get rid of people, just bad people obviously. Bad people he liked to call rotten fruits, since he saw the human world as juicy fruits and candy. Who knows what stupidity goes on in his empty yet perfect head. He scrambles to his feet like the pathetic dumpling he is, and aims for the reaper’s head with a knife, as if that simple tool would end him forever. But instead, he made his situation worse; he cut the reaper’s hair. The most prized possession of every prosecutor, something this bald bastard would never understand whether or not he was alive. “I guessed you missed huh, but how are you going to fix my hair you fat bastard?” Of course he knew that he was going to kill him anyways, but he wanted compensation for his gorgeous shining black hair. “I-I have a wife, if you want her you c-can-” The reaper snapped his fingers, lightning going through the old man’s legs while he struggled to keep his pathetic scream in. “What do you take me for? don’t pair me with the likes of you.” When he was about to shred the piece of crap to pieces, he bent down and started begging like the stupid pig he is. ‘Even saying that is insulting a pig’ “M-Mr. reaper I beg y-you I’ll change!! Don’t take m-my life, I have a w-wife and kids-” pew. His head flew off with a flick of the dudes finger, and he erased from everyone the scumbag knew, memories of the now dead i***t. ‘I’ll change I’ll change, yet they never do.’ What kind of bastard sells his 6 year old to a gangster, sells his wife’s body and hits her every chance he gets. He is lucky that the gangster was an undercover cop. He was glad that he was placed in charge of killing bad guys while his subordinates clean up his mess, quite a fun job for the young lad...if being a 1,246 year old immortal is considered young. He was casually strolling around in his combat boots, too dark of an outfit, and his, as usual, long and silky black hair which ended at his torso. He had always admired his hair, which was accidentally ‘chopped off’, and had changed its color from black to blonde unfortunately, by his victim of the night and that put him in a sour mood. While strolling around the neighborhood, but suddenly changed his course towards fine light that sparked his interest, curious as to what it could be. The man knew that he was clearly making an excuse to look there because of the sweet smell he had caught. A lot of scents had been caught by him, a lot of them were also as sweet as this little munchkin’s, but it was sure as heck not as tempting as his frustration to look at one of the owners of this scent... He crept towards the backyard of the mansion-looking house, following the sweet scent. He had, after all been waiting for a time when he would settle down, considering the hopeless romantic he was. So he advanced towards the little light like a creep, totally not because he was drawn to it, and he most certainly wasn’t bothered by the scent that kept clouding his mind as he kept inching closer. When he got close enough, he was surprised to see a mortal, in the night’s dark cloak, chewing candy and watering plants. This was the first time he had been this surprised, and the fact that she didn’t notice his cold aura while he was behind her was very strange. Usually, when the Grim-reaper’s encountered a mortal of some sort, the natural feeling is to turn around due to the intense atmosphere and have a pale expression. But she, she just looked out of it. It was like all the cliché books he had read had came to life. One where the girl had exceptional reactions to the male, and this stupid reaper loved every bit of it. Grinning like an i***t, he spaced out and started forming scenarios in his perfectly shaped head, and kept imagining how the girl would turn around, smile a him, tell him that she lo- He was caught off-guard when she spun around, most likely to retrieve the yellow seeds behind her, when she saw a shadow at the corner of the house. Obviously the girl wouldn’t have smiled if she thought the shadow was that of an unfamiliar individual, but the girl thought it was her brother, who was almost as buff as the reaper. He smiled back unknowingly yet nervously, wondering if she caught him staring at the back of her head like a professional stalker taking photos and hogging them as if anyone would want any part of his/her property. “B-Brother, what are you doing out here?” He realized that she had mistaken him for someone else. ‘Stupid, of course she wouldn’t smile at some creep. So full of yourself’ He just waved, not trusting that his voice wouldn’t come out sounding like a mouse’s. Now, he couldn’t bring himself to come out of his hiding spot, being insecure about his now blonde hair and his over-tallness, and the fact that she would run away from him if she saw him. She looked at the man weirdly, then noticed that he wasn’t her brother. Obviously she was scared, and wasn’t stupid enough to walk over to him, but her decision wasn’t any less dumb: She dropped on the floor and decided to play dead. He has to cover his entire mouth to keep himself from cackling and rolling on the roof. He managed to stay alive, and decided to wait there, hiding himself even more so she wouldn’t know that he was watching her; to watch over her in case some creep passed by and decided to do something stupid. He heard creaking of a door, which distracted the girl, and he blended into the shadows; taking one last look before vanishing in the air.
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