☠️Chapter 2☠️

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December 4th, *The newborn baby girl* They peeked at the newborn with gleaming eyes, surprised to find a cute black bundle of joy; a new addition to their crazy, yet happy family. “It’s a boy again” spoke the disappointed yet elated 8-year-old. “Of course not Michael, mama said it’s a girl” spoke another young lad of the age of 9. “R-really??? have a sister?! W-we need to protect her at all costs b-brothers!” Spoke the 5 year old. The two older brothers laughed at their little brother’s cuteness. “Yes, you’re right Aaron,” Aiden moved closer to the kid. “We’ll protect her forever.” “Move over boys, she’s mine. I’m a girl like she is” Shouted the 10-year-old girl. “You don’t need to push Mia” Their parents gushed over the baby and their born kids, loving the fact that their new addition to the family was loved by them. “What did you name her sweetheart?” “I named her Fawn” Said the smiling mother of 4. January 6th, *The 1 year old chica* The 10 year old played with his little sister, extra happy due to his birthday presents he got during the day. He suddenly heard a delightful noise coming from the little girl: a giggle. Quickly trying to recall what he did, he ran to the other room to call everyone, “She, she laughed. Papa she laughed, and, and I made her laugh” They snapped their necks to the side so hard, one would be afraid that they would get a dislocation. Quickly dashing past the birthday boy, they barged into the little chica’s room, and the mother frantically told the boy to repeat what he did exactly. He walked towards the crib and stared at the big doe eyes that belonged to the little girl, and proceeded to tickle under her chin. The sound was heard for the second time by Aiden, and the first time by the rest of the family. Awws and cries came from the maids and the mother, while the siblings babbled on about how cute the little girl’s giggle was. The father stared. He stared at his ten-year-old son, intensely. The son looked down, trying to figure out his misdeeds of the day. “Look at me my child”. The boy raised his head to his father, not knowing how much of a doting parent he was to all of his kids, since the young man didn’t express it often, and walked closer. “So, what do you want to be gifted?” This very much confused Aiden. He had already received a lot of affection from his parents and had gotten gifts from them, but didn’t understand what his father meant. “What do you mean daddy?” He lifted his son and kissed his forehead, “Surely,” he hugged the son, “I must gift you for succeeding in giving your sister joy,” and proceeded to tickle him. After a while, they calmed down, and the son looked at the father, ready to faithfully convey his feelings like he had been wanting to for a long time; which his shyness didn’t allow. “I-I would like you to play with me...an-and tell me you love me and my siblings forever, and you’ll read us bedtime stories and....” He continued with a lot of demands to which his father smiled. “I love you very much son, and I promise to try and express so, alright?” Aiden nodded and hugged his father, they headed to each of the kids’ bedrooms and his to wish them a good night. April 1st *4 years old* “Miky I did it! I drew it for you!” The 14-year-old looked at his dressed up sister, waiting for him to take her to school. “You did?!!! You’re such a talented little girl bambi, hm?” She nodded and smiled, then hopped into the car and put on her seatbelt. “See? I’m a big girl now! I put on my seatbelt”. She looked into his eyes, waiting to be praised by her dear brother. Her sister showed up and kissed her forehead, gushing over the little girl. “Good big girl, now sit quiet and wait for mom and dad, OK?” “Ok Mimi” 5 minutes later, she got to school while bouncing in her seat due to both nerves and excitement. “Now, you have to listen to your teachers, take care of yourself and your friends when you make one or many, and tell me if someone bullies you when school time’s over, OK?” “Ok mama. I lowe you.” The grown mother blushed and smiled, ” I love you too sweetie.” The little girl waddled into her classroom, suddenly sweating due to the amount of eyes staring at her. She hid behind her teacher’s dress and blushed furiously. The teacher asked her, “Sweetie, don’t you want to introduce yourself?” While the teacher spoke, she was calm, no one knew the amount of blood boiling inside her, ready to squish the little girl’s cheeks and hug her forever; exactly how she felt for every student in the class. “Hello, my name is Fawn and I am 1, 2,3,4...four years old!!!” A boy raised his hand, “Yes, Joseph?” “Fawn is very pretty” The whole class agreed with the curly-haired boy. “She has pretty eyes.” “Can I touch your hair?” “She’s so small and cute” “Please be my friend Fawn”, a girl standing beside the chair mentioned. Fawn peeked from behind her teacher and nodded at the girl, and the girl smiled widely in return.
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