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"Kathryn tapped his shoulder all troubled. Still, there was no reaction from him. Kathryn kept on calling him out continuously before he finally places the hand down, and open his eyes.

She saw a flicker of his eyes that was red for a second immediately he opened them.

'Geeez what was that?' Kathryn mumbled inwardly as fear absorbed her whole body.

"Good night!" Desmond hastily hopped into his car and drove away when he saw the look on her face and sense that, something is not right.

After he left, she stood there for a couple of minutes fretting about what she saw a while ago."


After a thousand years, during the fifth red full moon, a pregnant woman gave birth to the number one most powerful red werewolf (Alpha) with a mark of the crown on his left shoulder for identification. His reign would bring unification to all descendants of werewolves and put an end to the evil one all over.

He was born alongside his guardian angel in a different city on that exact day.

They grew up to meet as sworn enemies working in the same Establishment.

According to Prophecy, the guardian would be the one to guide and direct him in his quest and also form a part of his destruction as he became very comfortable in the hands of the enemy...

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Episode 1: The Packs

"Why you? What have I ever done wrong to you? I have already corrected my mistakes by loving and trusting you only. But why did you choose to hurt me badly?"

Slimy dog saliva-like substance oozed out along with blood from his snapping joint and all the full-on hair that had sprouted from every inch of his body started going in gradually.

His mangled skin peels away like a banana and the dangerously clawed hands of a beast returned to a normal human form.

The entire body that was in a werewolf shape moulded back into place as he continued to spit out blood from his mouth profusely.

"Because that's what you deserve. I never loved you for once. Seeking revenge on you is what I always yearned for. Luckily, I got that today. Go to hell!!"

She stops talking immediately when she sees that he no longer moves. She leaves him alone on the street naked and heads back to where she came from...


In the city of Oregon, there are two werewolf families named: The Morgan's and Josh's families. They're entirely different in everything from each other. Except for the fact that they're werewolves.

The Morgan family are the descendants of Omega (Blue werewolves) and the most powerful werewolf in the century. They reside in Bend. Whilst, The Josh family are the descendants of Beta (Yellow werewolves). They stay in Corvallis.

Both families are not always on good terms because of the superiority between them; And they're from different packs. But they've never for once attacked or gone for each other.

The current head of the house in Morgan's family, Peter Morgan, is forty-five years old, and he is an engineer who deals with the construction of buildings. He has a beautiful wife, Helen Alfred, who is about thirty-eight years old. She's five months pregnant and expecting to give birth to the number one most powerful red werewolf (Alpha), according to the prophecy being told by their forefathers.

Helen is being worshipped as a goddess throughout the whole family due to the prophecy. Everything she needs is always intact without her asking for it. Her husband spends most of his time with her and usually skips work at times just to be with her. Helen always goes out every night according to the prophecy.

The Josh family (Yellow wolves) knew about the prophecy due to the old book they normally read about werewolves. But they don't believe it because they weren't told by their forefathers. They only see the prophecy as a fairy tale that can never happen in their lifetime.


In the city of Hillsboro, there were a great couple, Harrison and Miranda George. Harrison is a successful businessman who is about forty years old. He owns the number one most profitable company in the city "Harry Group of the company (HGC).

Miranda, Harrison's wife, is thirty-five years old and a junior college teacher. She ventures into teaching because she loves being surrounded by kids. Unfortunately, she couldn't get one for almost seven years of marriage. She's already five months pregnant but hasn't stopped teaching.

Miranda is a history teacher. She loves reading all the fairy tale history to her students during their extra classes. Ever since she got pregnant, she has been having issues with her husband concerning her job.

Harrison has warned her to stop working since she's pregnant already, in order not to stress her and the baby. Miranda insisted on not quitting her job yet, because of how much she loves the kids. The issue has been going on between them for the past three months, without any changes from her.

There's this particular history book that she normally reads for her pupils. It talks about human wolves and their categories... After four months, they got to the last chapter of the history book. She was so excited to read it to her students during the extra class.

That very morning, before her husband left for work, they both had a misunderstanding concerning her job issue because she was already nine months gone. Harrison leaves for work angrily, and Miranda heads to work too, in a sad mood. When she got to college, during the extra class, she picked up the history book and headed to class...

"Good afternoon class," she greeted the pupils with a smile as she entered and walked slowly to go and sit at the centre of the classroom.

"Good afternoon ma'am" they'll answer in chorus.

"I'm sure we are all excited that we are rounding up our history book today, right?" She said while opening the book to the last chapter.

"We are ma'am..." They answered with smiles all written on their faces. She made a quiet signal to them all as she placed the book on her lap to start reading it;

"After a thousand years, during the fifth red full moon, a pregnant woman will stand directly to the full moon and give birth to the number one most powerful red Wolf (Alpha) with a mark of the crown on his left shoulder for identification. The child would be the one to unite all the descendants of the werewolves, and put an end to the evil ones, by becoming the king of them all.

He will be extraordinarily powerful and becomes the successor of all Wolf's kingdoms. He shall be born alongside his guardian angel on that exact day. The guardian would be the one to guide and direct him in his ways and also be part of his destruction in the future.

We will all cross paths again; I am the forefather and founder of all werewolves!! THE END... Wao!!! We all enjoyed ourselves, right?" Miranda asked with a smile as she closed the book and placed it on the table.

In chorus with excitement; "Yes, we did". A student suddenly stood up and asked her a question: "Is this still going to happen, ma'am?" All the students remained silent and anxious to hear her answer:

*clears throat*

"Well, Fred, none of this is going to happen. It's just a fairy tale. And as you can see, this is just an ordinary book written by someone like us. So, it has no connection with real human wolves because they don't exist in this century. Moreover, the book is just for fun!!"

She answered him as she stood up gently from the chair and moved closer to the door. All the students burst into laughter at the way she was walking and holding her back.

Miranda bids farewell to them as the extra class comes to an end and makes them understand why she won't be coming back again. Because she's due to give birth any moment from now.

She heads back home immediately after she leaves the class. It was already past 6 pm when she finally got home after encountering some issues on her way home with the private taxi she boarded.

*At Bend City*

Peter called Helen to inform her that there was an emergency at work and he wouldn't be coming back home that evening. He told her of her daily routine and reminded her to stay late outside the house that night since she was due already...

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