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Amanda’s POV:   I stood in fear as those men snapped the neck of Dylan’s guard just like a piece of soft wood. The cracking sound disgusted me. I could feel that my daughter tried to peek, so I covered her eyes tighter. Please breathe slowly, Honey. “Shall I take them too, Your Highness?” I heard someone came over. Your Highness?! “As you wish, Your Highness,” he spoke again, almost like whispering rather than talking. I closed my eyes, trying to calm myself. “Come down, Humans. I promise we won’t hurt you two,” he spoke. Humans? I opened my eyes in panic. Did he see us up here? But It was so dark in the attic and the hole was too small. I tightened up my hands over my daughter’s mouth and hugged her while trying to calm my fright. a familiar voice roared in my head. I was stunned in horror. Nicholas Mircea. Before I moved an inch, suddenly the wooden attic floor was collapsed. I could hear my daughter’s scream before several cold hands grabbed us below. “Anabel!” I tried to hold my daughter, but a dark man with long locks snatched her from my hug. A familiar figure stopped me as his cold fingers held my chin up. He is a vampire. They all are! Nicholas stared at me and suddenly everything turned blank white even when I tried to resist.   Nicholas’s POV:   I ducked into the stupid stuffed animal puppy and took out the diamond pavé watch inside. I tossed out the doll Anabella gave me. She’s going to marry a human, but my dead brother still owns her heart. I held the watch in anger, reading my dead brother feeling engraved into the watch. inima mea îți aparține, K.J.V. Suddenly there was an odd feeling kicking inside. It’s not sadness, but more like loneliness. He’s already dead! I put the watch into my pocket, feeling mixed up, and turned around looking at the bed whereas Kimberly has been laying down motionless for nearly eighteen hours before our flight to French Polynesia. She is still so beautiful even in a smeared blood wedding gown. I sat down and ran my fingers around her beautiful face. Every men left her untouched, including me. How can I tame her this time? Break her stubbornness? I smirked and bowed down to kiss her lips, knowing that she will have no choice but accepting her destiny. To be mine. Forever.   Patrick’s POV:   I put back the window’s barricade on its place and turned my back against it, holding my breath as the curfew siren was roaring loud from every direction. “Pat, are you alright?” I nodded. But what about everyone out there? “It’s been a week since they cut off the power supply and it’s a miracle my babies could survive without incubator. I’m just glad that we all in this together,” my sister Emily spoke as feeding one of her twin babies with ankle cast as she broke it during that day. The most chaotic day when they started to take control on all satellites and power. The fall of the human race and the rise of the vampires.        I sighed. “How long we should be locked ourselves up here? Until we’re running out of food?” I tried to peek outside, but of course I couldn’t see anything except trees and our high fence. “As long as it will take, Pat. You heard it yourself. They have marked this house and instructed us to stay inside until further notice. It’s for our own’s safety. We should be grateful, Pat,” she spoke again. Oh, yeah. I’m standing here proud as traitor of my race. “They must have killed the president and others,” I mumbled, pinching my eyes as I thought I saw the main sliding gate was moving. It is! My heart was pounding as this will be the first time I meet them in person in this sinister situation. “Em, they’re here. Don’t move and stay quiet, I’ll go get the others,” I whispered and quickly went out to get her kids and my parents. I could hear some cars were entering our property as I ran into Deon, Emily’s husband who was carrying Tanya and holding Tony. “They’re coming, right?” he lowly asked, with obvious tension in his face. I nodded and patted my six-year old nephew, “Emily is still in the nursery, I’ll tell mother and father to get ready and hide the others in the basement,” I told him. Deon nodded and silently proceeded to his walk passing me to gather with his wife and twins. Surprisingly, my parents couldn’t be found inside their bedroom, but gracefully standing in the grand foyer, waiting for our uninvited guests.        
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