Chapter 1: Bloodlust

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Nicholas’s POV:


I tried to convince myself that her existence would only bring humiliation and hurt, but I kept listening to hear heartrate and when she was on the verge of unconsciousness, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

She’s my mate!

“f**k!” I jumped into the water, seeing her beautifully floated yet suffocated.

I quickly held her waist and brought her up onto the canoe to resuscitate her. I turned her head to the side, allowing any water to drain from her mouth and nose. I could hear that her heart was almost stopped and it brought me fear.

Don’t f*****g die on me.

After checking her heart was barely beating, put my mouth on hers and gently sucked the water out. When there was no more salty water getting through my throat, I pinched her nose and strongly breathed four times into her mouth to get the air getting past any remaining water that was clogging her breathing passageways and the lungs. As her heart started to beat faster, she coughed and vomited nothing but her own saliva.

“Kimmy,” I cupped her cheeks and she opened her beautiful eyes.

<Who are you?> she tried to say it, but she couldn’t.

<Try to move your hands> I lifted her wrist and released it.

She then dropped her hand, unable to control her movement.

She suffers from mild cerebral hypoxia.

I quickly placed my arm behind her back and the other around the bend of her knees, picked her up, then jumped high to get her back to the underwater villa I specially built for our supposedly honeymoon.



I fisted my hands, looking down on her beautiful naked body on the bed.

She made me weak.

I should just take nothing but ‘yes’ instead of letting her to get away with my order.

But what if I can eventually win her heart? Seeing her smiles again, instead of her cries? Women do change their hearts more often.

After having tasted her delicious body, I was craving for more and it was unbearably pain to endure. My mind kept thinking about how her warm and gushy p***y brought me up to hell as I had to hold myself so that I wouldn’t tear her apart.


I rubbed my hard c**k, trying to calm it down and decided to leave her for a while, making sure that everyone was doing their jobs, taking over the world.

<Prepare the jet. We’re leaving to DC first and then Berlin> I ordered Peter, as I heard that we had untamed riots in numerous parts of The States and Germany after we had their leaders killed and we’re running out of personnel that possess skilful hypnosis.

I temporarily pointed Frumos siblings, Sarah and Adrian to handle my brother’s territory, but Countess Martel privately has requested to share some parts of the territory for her to control. I never liked her, but she could be one good ally.

“Christian, now give me Berlin update,” I asked him through my phone, on my way up to the ground.

The moon was shining bright when I reached outside.

It’s super blood wolf moon.


Kimberly’s POV:


“Alex?” I asked, holding his cold hand.

I weakly released his hand after recognising his cold eyes.

<Do you like my new hair, Baby?> Nicholas grabbed my hand.

I closed my eyes, trying to remember the last moments.

I should be died by now.

“Why did you save me?” I bit my lower lip, trying to hold my tears, also the fear of his presence.

<Kimmy, you are my mate. I didn’t lie telling you about my feeling. I love you. I was just jealous because you kept thinking about my brother>

I laughed and turned to him, then spitted on his face. He just sat and stared at me.

“You’re just a sad sadistic animal. You’re nowhere close with Alexander,”

He smirked and wiped out my spit and licked it.


<I like the energy. I will let you rest until dinner and get you moved to our underwater bedroom below>

“Don’t you dare touching me again!” I pulled out the IV needle in my wrist, took the rose vase on the bedside, and threw it away in his direction.

<Baby, like it or not, you’re mine> he chuckled and the door was closed behind him.

I screamed out, feeling hopeless and angry. He never mentioned about my family.

Did he kill them too?

I burst out in tears and then vomited, thinking about the horror I will face tonight if I didn’t do something to stop the nightmare. I looked around and saw tropical fruits inside a big bowl across my bed. It wasn’t the colourful fresh fruits caught my attention, but the little knife. I got off the bed and carefully avoided the broken vase on the floor.

Shall I just use the sharp end of the broken vase?

I kept walking and reached for the bowl, then took the little knife. Recalling to my failed suicide attempt, it was so unbearably painful when I breathed the water.

Shall I just stab him with this? Cut off his balls?

Alexander said, they don’t sleep nor need any. Judging from his strength, the best way to stop him hurting me is by committing suicide. So, I sat on the white couch and started to make incision on my wrist.

<One more inch, I will let you watch everyone you know marching in front of you, including little Anabella, to watch you screaming out while I’m f*****g you and I will kill them all after I’m done> Nicholas stood in front of me, staring at me, <I will give them the gruesome death you never saw before> he made a threat.

I dropped the knife, crying. I got up from the chair and kneeled before him.

“Nicholas, please. Let them go, please have a little mercy on them,” I wrapped my arms around his ankles.

<You’re ruining my trouser> he stepped back.

I smeared his pants and shoes with the blood coming from my wounded wrist.

“I’m sorry,” I pressed my fingers on the wound to stop the blood.

He squatted and lowered his face.

<Be good, Baby. I promise I will treat you good> he smiled, <Otherwise, I will break you in many unimaginable ways> he added and cupped my cheeks, <Now, kiss me> he ordered.

My body was trembling in fear.

<I won’t repeat it twice. That’s the rule I won’t repeat myself> he coldly stared at me.

I got up, trembling, and kissed his cheek, but he suddenly carried me in his arms and threw me into the bed and pressed his body against mine.

<Look at me!> he ordered and I opened my eyes, staring into his cold green eyes, <I’m your king, Baby. You’ll be my queen after the turning. Until then, you can’t meet your family nor talk with them, but you can watch them living> he said and tried to kiss my lips.

I looked away and let him kiss me.

<But with this attitude, you won’t even be able to watch them> he added, pressing his hardness between my legs.

What kind of monster are you?

I stared at him with teary eyes.

<If I was the one, you’d be dead by now> he smirked, <The sooner you try to consider yourself to be vampire, the sooner this suffering will end for us. Your body is too weak against mine> he lightly bit my lower lip.

He took my wounded wrist and licked it, then he bit his inner lip and kissed me, transferring his blood. It made me nauseous and disgusted, but strangely the blood calmed me down.

<Be good, Baby. I’ve been waiting for three days, you should be healed by now> he got off the bed and left after sensually rubbing my pubic.

Three days? So, I passed out for three days and he expected me to get ready for another barbaric s*x?

I cried louder.

God, please save us!



“Nicholas asked you to say this, right?” I asked her, Alyona Botkin, who said that she’s the sister of Vladimir Kirillovich.

My Vladimir.

This red headed beauty came to supervise during visits of two doctors, an obgyn and dietitian. She told me that an advanced MRI scanner has been shipping from Minnesota to this island, for my sake.

She shook his head, “No, My lady. We all see the way he carried you himself and wouldn’t leave you a second since you’re here,” Alyona replied.

“You’re a vampire, you must defend him,” I closed my eyes, trying to figure out how to get away from here.

“No, My lady, I’m telling you the truth. He could be… harsh to everyone, but not to you. He never smiled to anyone but you,” she insisted.


I laughed, “I don’t care. Please, leave me alone when you’re done,” I rudely scolded her and closed my eyes.

I don’t want to hear any of bullshit about my rapist.

“Very well, My lady, but I will come again after lunch with the aesthetician,” she lowered his head and left.

I instantly felt a huge regret of being so rude with Vladimir’s sister.

Perhaps not every vampire is bad. Perhaps to survive this nightmare, I need to make friends with the right person.



<Remove your clothes. All of them,> he ordered.

I shakily removed my night gown and stood awkwardly covering my breasts and pubic.

<Come here> he patted the empty space next to him.

The memory of his rape suddenly flooded my mind and I broke down in tears, but I braced myself to walk slowly and climb up the bed. I laid my body a little far from his naked body, giving him my back.

<Baby, do you want me to f**k your ass?> he asked, <Turn around> he added.

I obediently turned around. He sighed and hugged me.

<Just sleep> he told me, holding me tight.

I could feel his huge hardness on my stomach, but his vanilla scent reminded me of Alexander, so I couldn’t stop sobbing.

<What do you like about him?> he suddenly asked.

“I… don’t know,” I stuttered.

<What was it that he had and I don’t?> he asked again.

“I don’t know,” I replied again.

<You’re dumb, Baby. You failed me when I was being so nice. Don’t do it again or you’ll bear the consequence hard way> he told, kissing my hair and rubbing my breasts.

His hands moved to my lower body parts, gently stroking and rubbing.

I thought he asked me to sleep?

“Please,” I whispered.

<Please, what? You knew you’re cumming when I was inside of you > he reminded me, <Now, please me> then he calmly lied in supine position.

Is this the life that I have to live in?

“I’m sorry, but I’m still sore and tired,” I begged, couldn’t stop my tears rolling down my cheeks.

He scoffed, <Do you want me to get down on you first?>

Do I have to endure this every night?

<If it’s up to me, I will f**k you twenty four hours, seven days a week> he told me.

“Please, that’s not what I meant. I’m just still sore and tired right now,” I said, feeling scared that he will hurt me again.

 My body was trembling, but I quickly hugged him.

“Please,” I begged him again.

<Only because you asked me nicely> he hugged me back.

Does it mean I can just sleep?

He knew what I was thinking, yet he didn’t say anything and I was too afraid to ask, so I just closed my eyes, trying to calm myself by counting the sheep.



“Who are you?” I asked, feeling scared.

“Alexander,” he replied, luring his hand on me.

I could see that he has mole above his lips.

But they both have it.

“But, you look… a lot younger,” I whispered.

Is he really him?

“I am Alexander, Kimberly,” he said.

“Can I touch your back first?” I asked, testing him.

He raised his eyebrow, but then removed his shirt and turned around. I lightly touched the back of his shoulder.

“You’re cleared,” I told him.

He turned around and smirked, “Can we go now?” he asked.

“To where? Nicholas will find me and kill my family,” I sat down and started to cry.

He hugged me.

“Kimberly, I love you. I will do anything to set you and family free of my brother,” he lowered his face.

“Alex, he tainted me. I’m no longer Kimberly you knew,” I cried.

“You’re still Kimberly I love and always will,” he kissed me and I kissed him back, passionately, “Make love to me, before he’s coming back,” I pushed him away and removed my clothes.

“I come here to get you out, not for this,” he told, obviously confused.

Or disgusted?

I pouted, “You don’t want me anymore?” I held my breath, feeling hurtful.

“No! Of course I want you, but let’s just get out of here first,” he said, holding my hands and suddenly I moved into a bright room with glass windows to the ceiling, showing snowy and frozen forest at the outside.

“This is…” I walked up to the glass window, admiring the scenic view.

“Now, where were we?” suddenly I could feel something hard pressing my back.

I turned around, facing naked Alexander with his huge arousal and took his hands to cup my breasts. I closed my eyes.

“Alex, I love you,” I whispered, but when I opened my eyes, I was lying alone on the bed with two giant manta rays swimming around above my head.

I sat up and covered myself with the quilt.

It’s just a dream!

I felt an instant relief noticing that Nicholas was nowhere to be seen. I checked the time on the bedside table, it was just before midnight.

I sighed, “Alex, are you up there watching on me?” I whispered, luring my hands up to the glass ceiling.

As the sadness was sliding into my mind, I got up and took my silk robe to cover my body and went up.

I want to watch the night sky.

When I stepped out of the elevator, the strong wind blew my hair, but the big and round moon on the sky caught my attention.

Such a beautiful moonlight.

“Do you need something, My lady?” suddenly Alyona came behind me.

I turned around, “I just want to walk around the beach alone. May I do that?” I asked.

She nodded, “Yes, of course, My lady. I will be here anytime you need. Just call out my name, please,” she lowered her head.

“Okay,” I turned back on her and quickly went straight up to the beach.


Alyona’s POV:


She kept crying, even when I finished to change his dress.

She is a stunning beauty with intoxicating scent.

No wonder the crown prince, King Nicholas, even my brother were so into her.

“My lady, do you want something else?” I softly asked.

She must have endured horrible things as the result of her runaway with the crown prince. I’ve seen her picture before, but she’s way more beautiful in person.

With tasty blood.

“My lady, if I may to speak. King Nicholas was holding a meeting now,” I informed her.  

Tell me, did they really kill Alexander?” she asked with teary and swollen eyes.

“I’m sorry, I do not know about it, My lady, but so I heard. The former king killed the crown prince and King Nicholas killed the former king,” I whispered.

I don’t know the reason, but most likely because of this human.

She turned around and cried louder, calling out the crown prince’s name.

She seeks for trouble.

“My lady, please. Stop crying. He will be angry,” I told her.

And I will get punished too.

She looked at me and miserably sobbed.

She really is in love with the crown prince, but why she is claimed to be the mate of King Nicholas?

<Stop thinking s**t, Woman!> I could hear King Nicholas scolded me, <Shut her up> he ordered.


Thomas’s POV:


<So, he will not remember any of us?> my wife asked, <Not even the human he loves?> she asked again.

I shrugged, <I’ve never done this before, Love. And I just made assumption because the brain is newly formed> I replied.

<Why couldn’t you use his body? His brain?> she curiously asked.

<Because Marian asked me to. I think, she knows about this long before us> I touched the glass tank connected to my old equipment I never thought I would use it again.

Marian probably wanted her son to have new memories.

<How long until he can open his eyes?> she asked, <And start questioning who he is?>

I smiled and hugged her, <My love, you have so many questions. Let’s just leave it to Marian> I told.

Marian asked me to take the crown prince’s heart and use my healing ability to resurrect him as she was perfectly aware that I could heal nearly dead animals and humans. Usually it would take months for big animals and years for adult humans, but seeing how fast the heart of my nephew was covered in flesh and skin.

He’s a three year old toddler within twenty two days, floating inside a glass tank of his mother’s and my blood.

I looked up to the glass ceiling that lightened up the dimly-lit lab, shining up the glass tank.

It’s a full wolf moon.

“Look, he’s dreaming,” my wife pointed at Alexander’s face behind the glass.

<You know we-pure bloods don’t sleep nor dream> I reminded her.

“Sort of,” she chuckled and I looked closely at the crown prince’s face.

His eyelashes did twitch, but I couldn’t read his mind.


Vladimir’s POV:


I quietly scratched the container wall with my claw and let myself out, then sealed back the hole, then jumped down from the piled up containers. After sailing for over two weeks from Malaysian port, I finally arrived at the nearly abandoned Port of Papeete. Mother said that most likely Kimberly would be in Bora Bora.

It means, I have to steal a boat because hitch-hiking the ferry would be impossible during current situation.  

I saw the humans, from the captain until the cook, were obediently marching to the harbour’s office. I looked up to the moonlight, trying to hold the urge to howl. Suddenly I heard a scream from the office building.

“Fool! You better clean that up!” a woman shouted out.

“I’m sorry, My lady. I’m just thirsty,” a man responded.

“Close the harbour, no more activity until further notice,” the woman said.

“The humans?” someone else asked.

“Let them out. They’re harmless. Just put everyone under our control. Kill the resistant ones,” she ordered.

So, that’s how they managed to control humans.

























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