Krasnaya Armiya

207 Words
(COMPLETED SHORT STORY) Only Mother Russia and her Red Army will be the ones to come in between the Nazi's and their victory over the world. So after the Zombies were released to try and weaken the population to the point of surrendering, they sent in the Krasnaya Armiya to deal with it and clean up the Nazi's mess once and for all. But their time is as limited as their ammo and it is something they are running through like water in a sieve. (This short story was something I wrote in school years ago and I seem to have kept it up along with the other sites I have uploaded it to. As you can tell there are a lot of things that point to my C.O.D Black Ops obsession when writing this as well as my interest in WWII, and what would I think it would be like back then if we had that type of technology alongside an actual zombie outbreak. But if you aren't interested I have a heap of other stuff to choose from along with keeping an eye out for new books in the making. So sit back and relax, and I hope to hear from you all soon xx.)
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