Rossiya Moy Dom (A Short Love Series)

273 Words


Snow, all Alice can see is snow when she moves to St Petersburg Russia.

Only eighteen and still trying to make friends no matter where she goes, she finally meets someone to change her whole opinion on life.

With her mum and her new step-dad murdered, she can only think of one person it could be, the evidence he left behind to confirm her suspicions only coming after the thoughts.

So being torn between loving and hating him, her emotions eventually send her mental.

Will she escape with none of her sanity left, or will her Russian stalker do his best to keep her hostage and hidden from the rest of the world?

Yet time will tell and Alice's life clock only seems to be ticking faster.

(I wrote this originally about my best mate at the time. It was a parody about Stalin and my best mate at the time but we had a falling out and a few changed had to be made. So I made it a little more up the romance aisle along with changing the name of the story from 50 Shades of Joseph Stalin to Rossiya Moy Dom. On w*****d it has over 2k reads so it would be good to get more when I make this short series into actual books but hey, only time will tell when I'm able to actually get around to it... Love to those that take the time to read and give me their thoughts on my books, it keeps me going and gives me hope that I am not as bad as my brain convinces me at times xx.)

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