The attack of the diablos

371 Words
"It's college semester already! And a whole week of anxiety!" brag Eliana's brother the sister of the last heir of their family "hey don't brag while on the table mister" he got distracted the news on his phone "los diablos Mafia gang dominating the whole southern part of the America geez their scary" a minute with my brother is done his going back to college for the whole year semester and it's me again being alone, "call me when you need help" it's sad actually but I am proud and now me time again. "what's the next target boss? All of our vip list is already done" Stefano is not like other Mafia he is not the man who only finds his prey "I need another toy to play, find me tonight or this gun right here" he c****d up his gone and pulled the trigger up the sky, "will blow through your heads, now don't keep me waiting find me now this instant" I am carrying 4 bags of my necessary needs /*gunshot, gunshot makes me Remember of how our parents were killed Infront of us and it's getting near "please don't take my daughter I beg you" , "sir begging is not in our dictionary you have a month to save your daughter but you wast-" Oh shite, she dropped her bags causing them to look at her direction "should we take her instead?" She runs as fast as a lighting bolt blending in with the people, "Eliana prestige Scotland, the last bloodline of the Scotland family stefano must hear this", "I've lost my id and my information! They will come to find me", , '' who? Don't tell me its the gang- ok wait for me I'll pick you up I am only a mile away " they will come find me I am sure, Wallace if you see this I am looking for a place to lay low i will tell you the address but if you haven't received it yet call the police - e" "the last Blood heir of the Scotland hmmm I wonder if she's tasteful, s**t I am needy bring her to me now boys let's search the whole part of the city she's not getting out yet"
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