The attack of Los diablos 2

582 Words
"help me please!!" begging and knocking door, now tracking Eliana prestige Scotland, she's on the move I repeat she's on the move saint st. 8 blocks away The smirk from Stefano suddenly popped out, "I am coming for you kitten, hit it" what do I do? What do I do? thought Eliana suddenly a car stopped by at her direction "what are you doing here so late?", "some gangsters are hunting me please help me" "we Will get the-" it got cut off as they were attacked by the los diablos the old man is dead, "sorry old man, looks like you've stole my kitten" I finally met those dangerous green eyes of him locking into mine, he grabbed my arm towards his car following his Ally's behind me, "sleep now kitten, I don't want you to get tired" I smell drugs that made me fall asleep "goal!!! Give me your money Chico" I was awaken by the noise of the television, "welcome to the diablos's casa" my hands were both handcuffed "if I were you I won't escape, but if you have the audacity to escape well freedom it's not in my dictionary kitten", "what do you want for me" I spoke in a normal tone "as you saw some other restricted movies each villains has their slaves. You'll be my I don't know what time your prince charming will come but I'll bet he'll be rather dead in my feet" I gave him nothing but a slap on his Cheeks until he pinned me by the wall hardly "you can slap me whenever you like there's no escape now go take a shower you stink He watch as Eliana gets in, he shrugs at joining her rather than being a sweet lassy he sticks at being the savage boss, A minute later she came out striply naked but gladly they had a towel to cover her body, Stefano left her clothes with a note "off to buy your necessary needs" she thinks the boy is to feisty and flabbergasted to be kind to her, she turned up the music from the radio so much energy had been taken for her to enjoy the groove of the music as the door was clicking she turned it off quickly seeing Stefano carrying some bags "trying to be a boyfriend material aren't you" he was shock by her tone "are you kidding?, last night you were so scared at facing Me now your delighted?" she can't tell Stefano it was her plan at playing out She removes her clothes puts on a robe "care to join me?" their bodies sank together, "I wanna enjoy this day" a splendid kiss broke the silence as Eliana felt the pleasure a soft moan came into her mouth "Don't worry kitten daddy's gonna be gentle" until some of his people walked in sir csn we take a break? " " yes just come back by 5 pm short, let's continue at the bed " He carried the girl bridal style, the moans are getting louder but they didn't care His getting more crazy as she kissed him back for him it was a sexy way," do you want me to keep going huh", Eliana nodded "good girl" thrusting and slapping filled the room as eliana felt she was reaching the climax, she's almost out of breath, "my house my rules I won't pull it till we let out our climax together" Their tired both as they went to sleep together

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