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HIS SIDE MY GAZE fixed on the woman who is talking in front of me. “You need to destroy her...” she uttered while looking at the picture on the table. I can't do what she said, but she's a friend. A close friend of mine... Isinandal ko ang likod ko sa upuan 'tsaka nilaliman ang titig sa kaniya. “You called me because of this? This is bullshit—” “Then, don't do it... I'll call Nott for sure papayag 'yon.” She lifted his head and looked at me. “Call him, then...” I grinned then sip my coffee. Pinanood ko ang pag-ikot ng dalawang mata niya. “She'll know it.” She plastered a smile on her face. I smirked. “Shynne will never believe you—” “Duh? Your girlfriend is idiot. Mukha pang hilaw. And I have proof, a picture of you while kissing your ex—” “You can't do that—” “You know me, I can do what ever I want.” Anger filled my system. Damn this woman! “Ise-send ko na ba ang proof sa girlfriend mong pabida?” I stare at her face for a few seconds before I stood up and took the picture. I walked out of the café. While driving, my phone rang twice. Hindi ko sinagot. Alam kong si Nott 'yon. Damn that man! This is all his fault, kung hindi niya ako nilasing. I will never kissed my ex. Damn him! Damn his f*****g name! Nott Wright. I will never talk to that bastard, donkey, again! My car stopped in front of Bergstrom University. I waited for the woman in the picture to come out but she didn't. I stepped out of my car and search for her. Minutes has passed when I felt someone staring at me. I turned around and face the woman who's staring at me directly. She gave me a quick look-over. Napalunok ako. Dahan-dahang tinitigan ko ang mukha niya. She was naturally pretty but her long black hair isn't look good on her. As I look at her eyes, I forgot what I'm supposed to do. What the hell? Her gaze travelled to the picture I'm holding on, then looked back to my face. I stepped back. Patay-malisya akong sumakay ng kotse ko. The hell with that woman? While driving, I remembered the two choices that Floryce told me earlier but I chose this one. “Takutin mo. And tell her to leave her house. Make sure na matatakot ang bruhang 'yon... Oh—if you have some great idea, then do it. Make her cry before she leaves...” I took a deep breath and let out a big sigh. Should I... continue what Floryce told me to?
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