First Day

565 Words
I woke up early knowing I had to get my workout in before school. I changed into my favorites black sports bra and black high-waisted leggings. I decided to wear my grey hoodie over my sports bra because I wasn't really sure what the weather here would be like. I made my way downstairs and found a folder on the table next to car keys and another set of keys on top of a sticky note. "Here are the keys to the Jeep you'll be using this year , It's black don't worry! The other set of keys are for the outside gym I rigged it with everything you might need, your workout program is already on the table inside the gym. Be good. Uncle D" I peaked inside the file and saw all the transcripts and paperwork I needed for school. Grabbing the gym keys I went out to the back yard and noticed for the first time since we got here how big it truly was. I spotted the gym and let me tell you it was enormous, my uncle really did always go all out. I made my way over to the gym and as soon as I entered I was floored by how big it truely was it had everything from a dressing room to an entire swimming pool. I found the tablet and followed the instructions for todays workout which consisted out of cardio ,boxing and pilates a weird combination but it worked after two hours in the gym I locked up and went back to the house to take a shower and change. I sprayed my special perfume that helps to hide my true scent and packed an extra bottle for school just incase of an emergency. I wasn't sure if there would be gym class so I packed an extra sent of training clothes into a sports bag and headed downstairs again. I made some coffee and got into my jeep and oh how I loved this jeep it was pitch black with black tinted windows so no one could see inside and the interior was decorated with a hint of mint and alot more black, my uncle really did know what I liked. I connected my Bluetooth to the radio and started my 1 hour drive to school. The drive down to town was truly incredible and the view was something out of a storybook. I pulled into the parking lot at around 8am.The parking lot was pretty much empty. I assume the students would probably only enter campus around 8:30am ,I saw a few cars lined up in the 2nd parking lot.It was probably mostly teachers and staff.I got out of my car and headed to the admissions office hoping they could help me before school started. I waited in the principles office like the administrator instructed and about 10 minutes later was greeted by the principal. Apparently she knew my uncle quite well and assured me that my identity will be kept safe and that of I ever found myself in trouble to come see her. She instructed me on everything I needed to know and handed me my schedule and a school map. As I left the office I saw students making their way to class. Some where giving me strange looks but I guess thats what you get when you're the new girl.

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