The Move

656 Words
My Uncle woke me up in the middle of the night again and I instantly knew it was time for us to move on again. Ever since I can remember we were constantly on the move, my uncle believed there were people after us but then again people in our career field had a tendency of making enemies wherever we went so his theory wasn't that far fetched to begin with. "Hermionè only pack the necessities and don't forget your password!" shouted my uncle from the kitchen. I did as I was told learning at a young age that arguments with the most ruthless man I know never really ended well. I used to lash out when I was younger but as the years passed I realized that his punishments in the gym where not worth the arguments. Walking down the stair passport in had I find that he's busy preparing a makeshift bomb. I guess the story this time would be that we died in a house fire. "Uncle Damien , why the extreme measures this time? Where are we headed?" I question knowing full well that I'll only be getting cryptic replies. "We're traveling to a place where we can hopefully be safe for a while, we'll be traveling separately the time. You'll have a single delay on your way there. Your flight leaves tonight. I'll be traveling in the complete opposite direction and then portal in when its safe. All the details you need is located in that handbag, protect it with your life. I'll see you there." I nod my head and grab the handbag. It took us about 5 hours to get to the airport and we split up as soon a we got there. I boarded my plane with no problems and opened the handbag as soon as I got safely situated in my own first class cubicle. Inside I found a map and a note book with instructions written inside. Why the f**k are we going to Scotland ? 9 hours later I got off the plane and followed the instructions my uncle gave me and soon found myself in the middle of f*****g nowhere surrounded by a think forest much like forks where we were previously situated only this forest seemed a whole lot bigger.Just as I was beginning to think I was lost my uncle walked through a portal dragging me through it into a small house hidden by magic. "Hermionè I need to warn you not far from here is a small town hidden deep with the forest, you'll be attending school there to avoid suspicion but know this close by hidden in the mountains is one of the biggest packs in Scotland ,you need to be extra villigent . No one can ever know your true identity do you understand?" the urgency in my uncles voice was concerning, he's never been this worried about my true identity before so why now?" "Sure thing ,when do I start school?" I questioned not entirely hating the concept of being the new girl in a small town ,that was the nice thing about moving around a lot I could contatly be someone new as protecting my identity has always been my uncles biggest request I was constantly coming up with new and fake scenarios I could live out in every new town. " Tomorrow, you'll go my the name Melody here schools starts a 9am sharp don't be late. I've got to go take care of some things I'll be back by the weekend you know what to do if you need me. Be good" he gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead before heading out. Honestly I wonder whats gotten into him. I make my way to my new room and spend about an hour unpacking before deciding to take a shower and getting into bed. This truly has been one strange day.
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