Alpha as Usual

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    "Alpha! Alpha!" a young man with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair yelled, sprinting into a rather large house.     "What now, beta Grell?" another man with wavy dark brown hair to his shoulders sighed, closing his emerald green eyes in frustraion. His 6' 4" muscular frame slouched in his chair, the man raised his head to look at the less built blonde.     "There's a new vamp in town! And, Alpha Lukian," Grell paused for a moment, trying to catch his breath, "she is apparently the olf king and queen's daughter!"        "WHAT?!" Lukian growled, leaping to his size 13 feet. "When did she arrive? I thought the royal line had been extinguished nearly 400 years ago!"     "Last night Alpha," Grell huffed out, leaning on kis knees, still breathing heavily from his run. Lukian walked over to his beta and placed a hand on his back, willing his best friend to calm down.     "Grell, calm," Lukian murmured in a friendly tone. "From the stories, the royals were a sociable, honorable, and diplomatic sort."     "But Alpha!" Grell protested, his deep blue eyes widening in fear.     "No buts, Grell!" Lucian warned in his Alpha Voice. "We will request a meeting with this 'queen', and try to find a way to live peacefully if she is truly here to stay. We haven't had a problem with the vampires here lately, and I don't want to start one."       "Yes, Alpha," Grell bowed his head in submission. "Shall I retireve gamma Silas?"     "No, I think you and I will be sufficient," Lukian chuckled, patting his friends shoulder. "Now go shower, you smell like s**t! We have to check on the town in an hour."     "Gotcha man," Grell snickered, turning to leave. "Oh, and Lukian..."     "What now Grell?" Lukian grumbled, annoyed at his childhood buddy.     "There's an unknown in town as well..." Grell warned, his eyes flashing dangerously.     "I'll figure it out friend," Lukian promised, clapping his friend on the shoulder. "After you shower, call for a meeting of all Alphas under me. Then we check on the town"     "Yes, Alpha," Grell nodded, then raced off to take a much needed shower. Lukian retreated to his private office, rubbing his temples. 'I'm Alpha of Alphas, I'm 26, I've been looking for my mate for 10 years, and now this s**t? If I don't find my mate soon, the other Alphas will challenge me.... I'm the strongest, and I know I can win, but I like most of those guys, and I don't wanna embarrass them like that...'  Lukian thought to himself, groaning.      Sighing again, Lukian leaned back in his comfy black office chair, closing his eyes for a moment, trying to clear his head before getting to the paperwork piled on his desk. There was a small knock on his door, almost too soft for a humans ears to hear.     "What now?" Lukian called out, glaring at the door, annoyed that he was being pestered so early in the morning.         "Alpha Lukian?" a little girls voice drifted through the crack as someone struggled to push open the heavy oak door. "A little helo please?"     "Mali!" Lukian rushed to open the door all the way for what appeared to be a 10 year old female version of Lukian himself. "What are you doing here, sis?"     Mali, whose dark brown wavy hair fell just short of her butt, sighed, and placed her small hand against Lukians cheek, her electric blue eyes concerned.     "I'm checking on my big brother, stupid!" Mali huffed, trying to push past the much larger Lukian, all while balancing a large platter of bacon, eggs, ham, toast, and two large glasses of orange juice with her other hand. "Now move, butthead!"        "Give me that, brat!" Lukian chuckled, taking the platter and setting it on his coffee table in the middle of his office. "How did you know I was hungry, brat?"     "I asked Dolly if you came to breakfast, since I didn't see you there," Mali replied, grimacing at her brother. "She said no, and handed me that. She says the next time you miss breakfast, she is coming for you herself."         "Yipe!" Lukian half-faked a fearful expression. "I better never skip breakfast again, Dolly is terrfying when she's mad at you..."     "Yeah," Mali shivered, remembering the last time she herself had missed a meal. "She's really scary. But at least she cares! Unlike Clarissa...."     Lukian grimaced and growled at the mention of that name, pulling his baby sister to him, seeing the tears in her little eyes.       "She can never touch you again, Mari, I promise," Lukian swore to end the b***h if he ever saw her again. "I will make sure of that."     "I know, Lukian," Mali whimpered, burying her head into her brothers black under-armor shirt. "I know, but the memories still hurt."     "I know sis. I should have ended her when I smelled the blood on her that night..." Lukian growled, remembering the stench on her that night so many years ago. "But she won't survive if she steps one foot near our lands again. That b***h will pay for hurting you, Malicinda."     "Thank you brother," Mali whispered, pulling away and wiping the tears from her small pale face.     "No need to thank me, Mali," Lukian repleid, smiling. "This is what big brothers are for! Now, let's eat before Grell comes back!"        Mali giggled as Lukian attacked the food she had brought, snagging a peice of bacon or ham here and there. They ate together in silence for about twenty minutes, Mali chuckling at her brothers voracious appetite, and silently thanking Dolly for making her eat something before sending her to Lukian with the platter.     Lukian swallowed the last bite of eggs, washing it down with one of the glasses of orange juice before leaning back and releasing a deafening belch.     "Gross!" Mali exclaimed, scrunching her face in disgust.     "What? It's a compliment to the chef!" Lukian defended his atrocious behavior, grinning.     "Yeah, in Asia!" Mali retorted, picking up the platter and sticking her tongue out at her brother before leaving the office.     "Still a compliment!" Lukian called after his baby sister as she took the dishes back to Dolly in the kitchen. He leaned back in his chair, pondering the vampire princess, and the unknown that had come to his territory.     "I guess I'll find out when I meet them..." he muttered to himself before signing some papers that were neatly stacked on the corner of his desk. Five minutes later, Grell knocked once, and entered the office.     "I'm ready, Alpha," Grell said, glancing at him. Lukian stood, picking up the papers he had signed and exited the office, Grell hot on his heels.      "Serena, get these to the proper people," Lukian ordered in a gruff voice, handing the papers to a raven-haired petite woman sitting at the secretary desk just outside his office. Her brown eyes traveled hungrily up his well-toned body as she took the paperwork from him.        "Yes, Alpha," Serena said in what she hoped was a sultry voice, batting her eyelashes at Lukian. Lukian, however, didn't spare her another glance as he left the house with Grell, who looked astonished.     "That was cold, man!" Grell cried out as he and Lukian approached a 1970 Chevy Impala. Lukian was already climbing into the drivers seat and starting the engine.         "What?" Lukian grunted, looking at Grell as he clambored into the passenger seat.         "Moon Goddess, you really are clueless, aren't you?" Grell said, shaking his head sadly. "Serena wants you, man!"        "What? No..." Lukian denied. "Besides, she's not my mate!"     "But you can still make her your Luna," Grell suggested. "You've been looking for ten years dude! Time to find someone to settle down with."     "No," Lukian growled. "I will settle for no one but my chosen mate, Grell. You know this. Don't push the subject my friend."          "Okay, okay!" Grell threw his hands up in defeat. "I'll drop it! But I hope you find her soon. You deserve your mate, pal."     "Me too, thanks Grell," Lukian's features softened at his friends sincere words. "Now let's go check on our town."     With that, Lukian sped down the long driveway, and down the road.
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