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Axel Time has passed and I am no longer the same wolf that arrived here years ago, I remember the first time I came to the lycan palace for training it felt like a very daunting task as lycans are superior to wolves. At first I wondered why I couldn't train at home, but now I have become a seasoned fighter, a killing machine and it is rumoured that I can fall a wolf by mere look. My Parents have been on me to come back and lead the pack but for some reasons I have never felt the serious urge to do so as I have been waiting for the other watchers to emerge, that is until now that my mate have been found and according to history she is another watcher who I will fight alongside, with two others to defeat a terrible evil. It is said that watchers only appear when gross evil arises. I will be twenty one soon and I have very strong feelings that everything is about to change and I hope am able to protect my kind when the time come as I have been sent to do. Thinking of the remaining two watchers and hoping they are prepared as well for what lies ahead I stepped into the training arena.
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